Assuring compliance with OECD quality standards and evaluation of preschool education in Kazakhstan

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<p>Republican August meeting of educators, forum of the leaders of preschool settings "Updating of preschool education content: new quality, new approaches"Assuring compliance with OECD quality standards and evaluation of preschool education in Kazakhstan Kyzylorda c., 2015 y. 12 August</p> <p>- </p> <p>2</p> <p> KZ</p> <p>Kazakhstan connects its entering the list of best 30 countries with the introduction of OECD standards countries-members OECDcountries-partners OECD</p> <p>Kazakhstan's way-2050</p> <p>100 Specific steps</p> <p>Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development </p> <p>As part of the 76-step in the field of early childhood care and education (FEB) is working to achieve the standards of the OECD</p> <p>Financing</p> <p>InfrastructureEducatorsContentIndicator (2014) OECD Kazakhstan</p> <p>GDP interest0,6%0,6%</p> <p>coverage of children at the age of 3-586,5%78,6%(36 )</p> <p>coverage of children at the age of 0-332,6%16,4%(13 )</p> <p>Formation of the group1426</p> <p>Care (education) programsSingle programSeveral programs</p> <p>Influence of ECEC on PISA (PISA-2012)66 point32 point </p> <p>Evaluation of children' achievementsNational monitoringRegional monitorings</p> <p>revenueexpenditure</p> <p>conditionresultexpenditureexpenditure3</p> <p>4In OECD countries with developed ECEC the classification system on the quality of pre-school settings is formedOECD Recommendation based on the research in 2014: "Kazakhstan needs to assess the quality of pre-school activities through the monitoring of results of children development"preparation for the school =+ ready parents + ready school + ready childA single monitoring (control,portfolio, etc.) is held indirectly or through testingThe monitoring results are processed with respect to quality and are used in the monitoring activitiesTesting skills: behavioral, socio-emotional, language and literacy, digital literacy, independence, creative skills, health, practical, research skills, ICTQualitative effectiveness of public financing, current actual level of the parents' organizations activity, awareness of pre-school organizations about competitivenessBasic principle:</p> <p>5Activities on assessment of the pre-school experience quality of preschool education graduates</p> <p>missionActivities on assessment of quality pre-school graduates preschoolsMain problems:Why is it necessary to improve the monitoring system of ECEC in Kazakhstan?Which specific mechanisms of improvements do exist?In order to solve the above mentioned problems:the literature about international and domestic experience was revieweda map of child's preschool preparation was developeda round table with the participation of 51 representatives from 14 regions was organizedthe field studies in 56 educational institutions of 5 regions (with the participation of 1 166 employees) have been conducted</p> <p>executor2015</p> <p>6Monitoring in preschool settings is basically focused on the main objective of this sphere. There is an experience of direct testing, but two opposite views on the need to use it were formed*What methods of assessment of children' pre-school preparation do you use?For what purpose do the preschool settings monitor in your area?Is it necessary to assess children through the direct testing?* 6-7 slides of IAC JSC research show the initial results</p> <p>7Based on the joint research of "Information-analytical center", the measures are being taken to achieve compliance with international standards by ECEC sectorStandardized assessment whether in your region?SKR, WKRkmola, Pavlodar, NR, c lmaty c, Astana c. Akmola, Aktobe, Almaty, Kostanay, Kyzylorda,Mangystau reagonsDo you assess the effectiveness of existing systems</p> <p>This monitoring results available?</p> <p>8- - - Activities on assessment of the pre-school experience quality of preschool education graduates (2015)OECD Research for the care and education of young children (since 2013)Preparing of the "Conceptual framework for the development of young children in the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2014)</p> <p>Starting strong IV(2015)Reviewing of National Education PolicyEarly Childhood Care and Education in Kazakhstan (2015)(2015)</p> <p> </p> <p>9Thank you for attention!- ,.,. ,- 18, Moskva -, 10-. . .: 57-86-30, 72-94-74 </p>