Building an online learning environment

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  • 1. Building an Online Learning Environment Donna Leahy October 2010

2. The Online Classroom I thought this part of the course helped me, as an educator, to really think about how technology will affect my job in the future. This course has allowed me to feel comfortable about change and how to successfully begin to implement that change in my classroom now. 3. My Online Classroom I found edmodo to be a very useful tool. It allows me to bring my third graders online in an appropriate and safe way. The site is private and the students do not need email addresses to sign up. Edmodo will provide my students with a great online learning experience. 4. Online Learning and Evaluation Tools Rubrics I liked looking at things from a different perspective. It was interesting to really focus on the desired outcome to create a rubric and then create the lesson. This is something that I will implement more often in the future. 5. Online Learning and Evaluation Tools I enjoyed exploring the different sites. The sites I found worked well for me were rubistar and rcampus. Both sites were easy to navigate and I was able to find rubrics for a wide range of curriculum. 6. Online Learning and Evaluation Tools Lesson Plans It was very useful to explore various sites where you could create you own lessons or use already create lessons. I found lessonplanpage to useful. The site was easy to navigate and completely free. 7. Online Assessment Tools Polls and Surveys This section I felt was extremely useful. I used obsurvey once I figured out how it worked, I found it to be very useful. This site allows me to create various types of polls and surveys that I can tailor to my curriculum. f508ba4dae9f 8. Online Assessment Tools Online Assessment: After trying out a few sites, I found that yacapaca really fit my needs. On this site I am able to preview online assessments quickly to determine if they are right for my students. Once I have chosen assessments for my class, I am able to assign them to my class As in edmodo, my students can sign up without email addresses. e/quiz/1707/ e/quiz/11746/ 9. Online & New Media Solutions For Differentiated Instruction I found new sites that can be incorporated into daily instruction on sites such as: glogster, linoit, and timetoast. These sites provide the ability to do some completely new things with lessons, but also the ability to enhance already existing lessons and tie in technology. 10. Reflection This course was extremely useful and worth while. I would definitely recommend this course others. Although some things I continue to fine tune, I have found many opportunities to integrate technology into the present classroom. This course has made the integration of technology into the classroom a realistic and attainable goal for me.