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  • 1. Building Connected Educators Jenny Nauman @PrincipalNauman Kristin Gray @MathMinds

2. Why Be Connected? Do You Want To Grow As a Leader? Do You Want To Grow As a Learner? Do You Want To Inspire Others Around You? Do You Want Share Your Wonderful Happenings? Dont We Owe It To The Students? 3. How we Connect? Twitter Facebook School Apps Remind 101 SchoolInfo Google Plus Blogs YouTube Skype 4. What Is Being Connected? Our JourneysTechnologyBuilding a PLNGlobal ReachCollaborating/SharingYou are NOT alone! 5. Administration www.TodaysMeet.Com/ConEdu Create a Vision Teacher Support Allow for Mistakes Build Capacity Instructional Leader 6. Teacher Leaders Todays Meet - What Are They? Support Vision Instructional Leader Build Capacity Impact Student Learning My Class & Beyond 7. What is a PLN? Personalized Learning NetworkEducational ToolSocial Media & TechnologyExpanded Network24 - 7 8. ur tO ha W as H LN P ... ay oS T 9. Global Reach - Twitter 10. Sharing & Collaborating - Twitter ResourcesFeedback 11. Professional DevelopmentPromoting Your School 12. Global Reach - Blogging 13. Sharing & Collaborating - Blogs 14. Communication: Classroom Class Twitter Class Facebook Smore Newsletters 15. Communication: School School Twitter School Facebook Mobile Apps 16. Twitter Things to Think About... What are your objectives? Who is your audience? What is your voice? What is your prole picture? What is your schools policy on Social Media? 17. Getting Started Go to Create a Handle Follow other Educators: @MathMinds @BurgessDave @NAESP @Ddmeyer @CybraryMan1 @DEDeptofEd @Mr_Stadel @TonySinasis @DaisyDyerDuerr @JoBoaler @Principal_El @Todd Whitaker @TrianglemanCSD @Joe_Mazza @NMHS_Principal @FawnPNguyen 18. The Me PageSuggests people based on other tweepsLets send a tweet @MathMinds or @PrincipalNaumanBe sure to have a Prole Pic & BioThis shows your activity 19. A Tweet Tweet not directed at a particular person Tweet directed at a particular person Be aware that ALL of your followers see every tweet you send. If you want to send privately, you will send a Direct Message (DM). Do not tweet anything you would not shout from the rooftops. 20. Interacting With a Tweet If you like a tweet you read, want to read it later, or keep it as a resource, Click Favorite If you read a tweet and think your followers would like to read or should read, Click RetweetIf you read a tweet and would like to write something back to the tweep, Click Reply 21. The Home PageThis is where you search for people(@) or topics(#) This shows the tweets of people you followThis is where you send a Direct Message (DM) 22. The Interactions PageThis will show where people tweet you, reply to you or interact with your tweets (favorite or retweet) 23. So, Now You Are A....? Tweep? Twitterer? Tweeter? Twerp? Twerson? 24. Next Steps.... Be a Lurker Expand Your Network Dont Feel Like You Need To Read Every Tweet Try Conversing With A Tweep You Know Search For Topics Of Interest With Hastag Participate in a Chat (#satchat) 25. Common Sense Disclaimer... 26. Thank You Jenny Nauman @PrincipalNaumanKristin Gray @MathMinds