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<p> 1. HEAR AND SAY HEAR AND SAY WORLDWIDE Listening and Speaking for the Children of Tomorrow Associate Professor Dimity Dornan AM www.hearandsaycentre.com.audimity@hearandsdaycentre.com.au 2. Introduction - : Hear and Say Hear and Say Hear and Say WorldWide - , , Order of Australia Founder and Managing Director of:Hear and Say Children and FamiliesHear and Say Research and InnovationHear and Say WorldWide (global professional training) Many Awards Doctorate research study involving a longitudinal controlled study comparing outcomes of children inan Auditory-Verbal Therapy program with children with normal hearing http://www.ihear.org.au/userfiles/file/Dimitys%20PhD%20thesis.pdfHear and Say-Centre for Deaf Children 2 Limited 2011 3. Auditory-Verbal Therapy (AVT) teaches parentssimultaneously with children !Hear and Say-Centre for Deaf Children 3Limited 2011 4. AVT teaches the brain to hear! !Hear and Say-Centre for Deaf Children 4Limited 2011 5. Research Interests of Hear and Say Research and Innovation Hear and Say - Neuroscience Innovation in hearing technologyand education techniques Medical Bionics E-Learning Hear and Say-Centre for Deaf Children5 Limited 2011 6. Synchronous Cyber Classroom - Distinguished ProfNian-ShingChenNSYSUTaiwan Hear and Say-Centre for Deaf Children6 Limited 2011 7. The children of tomorrow Hear and Say-Centre for Deaf Children7 Limited 2011</p>