GeoVisualization of My Home Neighborhood

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The movie will not work here because it is a pdf. In this description, I will include notes for the presentation. Slide 3: On the left is the DEM dataset. It is 30x30 meter resolution and everything was georeferenced to NAD 83 Illinois State Planar West Zone. The image on the right was used for digitizing the shapefiles. It is a image taken from Google Earth that was brought into ArcMap and then georeferenced. Slide 6: This is a very basic ranch style house model created in Google SketchUp. Using the ArcScene Symbology, this model could be imported as a point. All of the other 3D models that is symbolized in the neighborhood comes from the default ESRI database. Slide 9: This image is used to show the underground water pipes.


  • 1.GeoVisualization Project GEOG 421 Matthew Mittler

2. Objectives To create a realistic 3D virtual environment of the neighborhood I grew up in using ArcScene To make sure all layers are at the proper location in all 3 dimensions To create one architecturally sound building using Google SketchUp 3. Data Set 4. Methodology Digitizing 3D Symbology SketchUp Model 5. Shapefiles Power Lines (10) Mailboxes (15) Stop Signs (2) Vehicles (16) Houses (16) Fences (3) Water Lines Highway Sheds/Garages (7) Trees (55) Pools (8) Roads Driveways (16) Grass 6. SketchUp Model 7. Results Isometric View 8. Isometric View 2 9. Transparent View 10. Street View 11. Movie 12. The End Questions? Comments?