Iirregular Verbs

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  • 1. IRREGULARVERBS By KhwuanruenUrussamee Bodindecha 4 School

2. He hasbeenan engineer for 10 years. 1is amare 2waswere 3been -- Derek is an engineer. 3. Billhas becomea rich man . 1become 2became 3become 4. The meetingbeganat 10 yesterday. 1begin 2began 3begun 5. Ibetyou $2 thatPeters horse will win. 1bet 2bet 3bet 6. Bobwasbittenby a snake last week. 1bite 2bit 3bitten 7. The wind usuallyblowshard here. 1blow 2blew ( ) 3blown ( ) / 8. My sonbrokethe clock into pieces last week. 1break 2broke 3broken 9. Peter, pleasebringsome wine to the party. 1bring 2brought 3brought 10. The skyscraper will bebuilthere. 1build 2built 3built 11. Derekboughta new car last month. 1buy 2bought 3bought 12. A rat wascaughtby Bingo last night. 1catch 2caught 3caught 13. Rex has to choose one, a bike or motorbike. 1choose 2chose 3chosen 14. His wife has justcomefrom Australia. 1come 2came 3come 15. How much didyour computercost ? 1cost 2cost 3cost 16. You shouldcutit with the scissors. 1cut 2cut 3cut 17. Patrick has alreadydonehis homework.1does /do 2did 3done 18. Andrewlikesdrawingpictures. 1draw 2drew( ) 3drawn / 19. Idrinka cup of coffee every morning. But this morning Idranktea. 1drink 2drank 3drunk 20. Idrovemy car to Phuketlast month. 1drive 2drove 3driven 21. Iatea lot of fish at the party. 1eat 2ate 3eaten 22. The leavesfall off in the autumn. 1fall 2fell 3fallen / 23. Markfeltsick last week. 1feel 2felt 3felt 24. Mike has justfoundthe butterfly. 1find 2found 3found 25. Oh! The red dressfitsme! 1fit 2fit 3fit 26. The eagleflewsouth to the lake. 1fly 2flew ( ) 3flown( ) 27. Dontforgetto mail my letter. 1forget 2forgot 3forgotten 28. He made some mistakes,but the bossforgavehim. 1forgive 2forgave 3forgiven 29. The meat should befrozen .I dont want to use it right now. 1freeze 2froze 3frozen 30. Mr.Brown has justgottena gift. 1get 2got 3gotten 31. Tomgaveher a red rose this morning. 1give 2gave 3given 32. Shewentto France last January. 1go 2went 3gone 33. Igrewa lot of trees at the end of May. 1grow 2grew ( ) 3grown ( ) / 34. The hammer washungon the tree. 1hang 2hung 3hung 35. My unclehada sport car in 1980. 1has / have 2had 3had 36. I canthearwhat youre saying. 1hear 2heard ( ) 3heard 37. The rat hidbehind the present. 1hide 2hid 3hid 38. Donthitit! 1hit 2hit 3hit 39. Heheldan umbrella because it was raining hard. 1hold 2held 3held 40. He washurtby a mad man. 1hurt 2hurt 3hurt 41. Where did youkeepyour money? 1keep 2kept 3kept 42. Do youknoweach other?1know 2knew ( ) 3known / 43. Sheleftfor London last month. 1leave 2left 3left 44. Bill haslentJim some money. 1lend 2lent 3lent 45. Ilostmy umbrella. Have you seen it? 1lose ( ) 2lost( ) 3lost 46. He ismakinga trolley. 1make 2made 3made 47. What does that signmean ?ItmeansYou mustnt smoke here 1mean 2meant 3meant 48. Please come tomeetme next Thursday. 1meet 2met 3met 49. I havepaid a lot of money on new books. 1pay 2paid 3paid 50. My pens areputin the red cup. 1put 2put 3put 51. My daughter isreadinga short story written by Williams. 1read 2read ( ) 3read ( ) 52. Herodea motorbike to work last week. 1ride 2rode 3ridden 53. When the telephonerang , I was dancing. 1ring 2rang 3rung 54. Herunsevery day except Thursday. 1run 2ran 3run 55. HesaidIm proud of you 1say 2said 3said 56. Iveseenan enormous rat recently. 1see 2saw 3seen 57. Isenthim several letters. 1send 2sent 3sent 58. Take this medicine after meal. Shakewell before using. 1shake 2shook 3shaken 59. The sunshinesbrightly in the summer. 1shine 2shone 3shone 60. The windows must beshutwhen I leavetheoffice. 1shut 2shut 3shut 61. Hesangbeautifully at the party. 1sing 2sang 3sung 62. Hesathere yesterday. 1sit 2sat 3sat 63. Hesleptbadly last night. 1sleep 2slept 3slept 64. Billspokeabout his plan on TV last night. 1speak 2spoke 3spoken 65. Sallyspenta lot of money on her new dresses. 1spend 2spent 3spent / 66. Hestoodon the stage to make a speech.1stand 2stood 3stood 67. Her money wasstolenlast night. 1steal 2stole 3stolen 68. Sheswamin the sea last holiday. 1swim 2swam 3swum 69. His armsswungas he walked. 1swing 2swung 3swung 70. Doristookmy suitcase by mistake.1take 2took 3taken 71. Ajan Newpoonhas taughtEnglish forover 20 years at Bandung Wittaya School. 1teach 2taught 3taught 72. Roberttoldhim to come to the party. 1tell 2told 3told 73. Thoughhethoughtfor a long time , his answer was wrong. 27+58+6859 = ? 1think 2thought 3thought 74. Alexthrewthe ball to his friend . 1throw 2threw ( ) 3thrown 75. At last Johnunderstoodmy problem. 1understand 2understood 3understood 76. My mother doesntwakemeup . 1wake 2woke 3woken 77. Sheworethe blue dressyesterday. 1wear 2wore 3worn 78. Our teamwonthe first prize. 1win 2won ( ) 3won / 79. He wrote a letter to his parents last week. 1write 2wrote 3written( ) 80. THEEND