Linked Open Data & Semantic Web

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LOD introduction and benefits


  • 1. Linked Open Data
  • 2. Outline 1. Linked Open Data (LOD) LOD Background LOD Definition LOD Star Open Data 2. Semantic Web Semantic Web Purpose Semantic Web Difference 3. Conclusion 4. Reference
  • 3. 1. LOD - Background Name: Apple Name: Apple
  • 4. 1. LOD - Background Name: Apple Description: Notebook Name: Apple Description: Fruit
  • 5. LOD Definition URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) URL (locator) URN (name)
  • 6. LOD Definition Tim Berners Lees 4 Rules 1. Use URIs to denote things. 2. Use HTTP URIs so that these things can be referred to and looked up ("dereferenced") by people and user agents. 3. Provide useful information about the thing when its URI is dereferenced, leveraging standards such as RDF, SPARQL. 4. Include links to other related things (using their URIs) when publishing data on the Web.
  • 7. LOD Definition
  • 8. LOD Star Publish data on the Web in any format (e.g., PDF, JPEG) accompanied by an explicit Open License (expression of rights). Publish structured data on the Web in a machine-readable format (e.g., XML EXCEL). Publish structured data on the Web in a documented, non-proprietary data format (e.g., CSV, KML). Publish structured data on the Web as RDF (eg Turtle, RDFa, JSON-LD, SPARQL) In your RDF, have the identifiers be links (URLs) to useful data sources.
  • 9. LOD Star-1
  • 10. LOD Star-2
  • 11. LOD Star-3
  • 12. LOD Star-4
  • 13. LOD Star-5
  • 14. Open Data Without Permission Without License
  • 15. Open Data
  • 16. Open Data - I Culture
  • 17. Open Data - Taipei
  • 18. Open Data g0v
  • 19. Open Data - Extension
  • 20. 2. Semantic Web Tim Berners Lee
  • 21. Semantic Web - Purpose Find, Share, and Combine information more easily. The semantic web is a vision of information that can be readily interpreted by machines Machines can perform more of the tedious work involved in finding, combining, and acting upon information on the web
  • 22. Semantic Web - Difference
  • 23. 3. Conclusion Machine readable Links to your data and search engine indices can increase the visibility of your data Structured data can be interlinked and become more useful
  • 24. 4. References 1. Linked Open Data Wiki W3C 2. Open Data I Culture Taipei g0v
  • 25. Q&A
  • 26. THE END