Master of Arts in Tourism Management 2011 Teleconferences

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<ol><li> 1. Master of Arts inTourism ManagementSchool of Tourism and HospitalityManagement </li><li> 2. Royal Roads University Public institution Over 30 differentprograms Over 4,000 students Over 16,000 alumniglobally </li><li> 3. Why Students ChooseRoyal Roads University? Keep working, keeplearning, balance your life Convenient programdelivery Flexible admissions Faculty with globalexperience Commitment to teaching </li><li> 4. OurPrograms BA International Hotel ManagementBAInternationalHotelManagement MasterofArtsinTourismManagement Graduate Certificates in:GraduateCertificatesin: TourismLeadership DestinationDevelopment Destination Development SustainableTourism HospitalityManagement </li><li> 5. Whystudytourismandhospitalityata y y pygraduatelevel? Growing complexityGrowingcomplexityP f i Professionalprogressionl i Personalfulfillment </li><li> 6. Master of Arts Tourism Leadership TourismLeadershipin Tourism ManagementAppliedResearch Applied ResearchGraduateCertificateDestinationDevelopment Destination DevelopmentModules:2 required (blue) SustainableTourism2 of 3 electives 2 f l ti HospitalityManagement(red) </li><li> 7. GraduateCertificateinTourismLeadership (Required) (Ri d) TourismLeadership GlobalTourism TourismDeliverySystems </li><li> 8. AppliedResearchModule(Required)(R i d) ConsumersandProducersofResearch GraduateResearchPaperTakenonlyaftercompletingtwograduatecertificates </li><li> 9. GraduateCertificateinSustainableTourism (Elective) (El i ) SustainableTourismManagement StewardshipinaGlobalEconomy ManagingProtectedAreasandAssets </li><li> 10. GraduateCertificateinDestinationDevelopment(Elective) TransformingDestinations ProductandMarketInnovations StrategicTourismMarketing </li><li> 11. GraduateCertificateinHospitalityManagement (Elective) (El i ) TrendsandIssuesinHospitalityManagement FinanceforHotelManagement CorporateStrategy </li><li> 12. MAorMBA:Whichisrightforme? DurationDuration Focus Flexibility Cost </li><li> 13. UpcomingDatesforGraduateCertificates Upcoming Dates for Graduate CertificatesProgramDatesGC Destination Dev Sept 12, 2011 - Feb 24, 2012App Deadline Aug 12, 2011 Res: Sept 22-29, 2011GC Sustainable Tourism Nov 14, 2011 - June 8, 2012App deadline: Oct 14, 2011Res: Nov 28-Dec 3, 2011GC H Hospitality M i li Management Jan 23 J l 29, 2012 JJuly 29App deadline: Dec 15, 2011 Res: Feb 7-12, 2012GC Tourism Leadership Feb 20 Jul 18, 2012App deadline: Jan 20, 2012 Res: Mar 2-9, 2012 </li><li> 14. AdmissionCriteriaConsiderations: Academichistory Programprerequisites Professionalexperience E li hEnglishrequirementsi PersonalaccomplishmentsAssessment 1. Standardassessment 2. FlexibleassessmentIdealCandidates: Demonstratehighlevelofprogramspecificknowledgeandskills Possessstronginterpersonal,research,andcommunicationskills </li><li> 15. Application Requirements pp cat oequ e e ts Online application form Official transcripts Resume Two letters of reference Personal statement* Please allow yourself three yweeks to applywww.royalroads.ca1-877-778-6227 </li><li> 16. Bird geoffrey.2bird@royalroads.caGraduate Program Lead,School of Tourism &amp; Hospitality Management</li></ol>