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  • The Effects Of Deforestation On Mountain Gorillas By: Jade Howgate
  • Overview • What is deforestation? • Trees and Statistics • Mountain gorilla• Effects of deforestation and habitat loss • Threats to Mountain Gorillas
  • Deforestation And Forests • Covering the earth • Remaining forests • Amazon rainforest • Animal and plant species
  • Trees absorb pollutants like carbonmonoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide. Trees remove this air pollution by lowering air temperature through respiration and by retaining particles.
  • Approximately14 000 trees are cut down every minute 214 000 every day 2.4 acres every second 3-6 000 000 000 per year.
  • Mountain Gorilla• The Mountain Gorilla is mostly a herbivore.Their diet consists of leaves, shoots and stems. This makes up 85.8% of their diet. Adult males can eat up to 34kgs of vegetation per day and females can eat up to 18ks.
  • Mountain GorillasMountain Gorillas are one of the many animals effected by deforestation. The Mountain Gorillainhabits mostly the Virunga Mountains and Virunga National Park.Mountain Gorillas were discovered inthe Virunga Mountains on the 17th ofOctober 1902 by a German explorernamed Robert Van Beringe.
  • • Habitat loss and its effect on Mountain Gorillas • Clearing for agricultural means Deforestation in and other reasons. the amazon
  • • Other issues • Disease • Civil unrest • Poaching
  • Disease• Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever • Transmission
  • Civil unrest  War in Rwanda in the early 1990’s. Because of this, Virunga National Park is listed in the World Heritage Danger List.
  • Poaching• Why are they are killed?
  • Summary In summary, my research project highlights threats to Mountain Gorillas. The threats fromdisease and poaching I believe have a direct link back to deforestation. Deforestation for logging, mining or agriculture has reduced Gorilla habitat, plus it has bought humans intogorilla territory, to transfer disease and to have easier access for poaching.
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