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    Devils stones At construction of the small church on "Dorotka"

    What a hard work!!!

    On the next day....

    What has happened here???

    A priest put the guard at construction.. After a while...

    On the closest Sunday the priest set off from the church to the hill with the procession In the morning news spread all over the


    Did you know that the evil spirits were carrying stones?

    Another night... A few angels appeared and began to fight against Satan

    Ziemowit Bczewski, klasa 5a

    Its so scary!

  • 2.pdf

    Lets pray!!

    What has happened here? I have to put the guard!

    At last its quiet here!

    Whats going on here?

    Theres nobody here!

    Evil spirits are running away from the hill..

    Lets run away!

  • 3.pdf

    Go away and never come back!

    Dont destroy our temple!

    At last its over! Our temple is safe!

  • 4.pdf

    Im tired!

    Wait another hour... What happened with the church? I have no

    idea! Im going to

    destroy it... Be careful! Nobody can see us!

    Lets run away!

    Catch them!!!

    There is nobody here...

    Run away! The church is collapsing...

    Oh, God!

    Lets pray!

    Dont be afraid!

    Im terryfied!

    What is it?

    Leave it!


    The end!

    Katarzyna akwa, klasa 4c

  • 5.pdf

    The bricklayers are building the church...

    The church was destroyed last night..

    The guard was put

    At the first night nothing was seen..

    Another night the guards heard noise...

    The terrified guards run away...

    They saw stones falling down around the church..

    Klaudia Surgut, klasa 6b

  • 6.pdf

    The priest devoted the top of a mountain to the four directions of the


    In the evening the guard was put again

    Before midnight was quite, later something terribly whispered

    The evil spirits wants to destroy the church...

    Suddenly the angels turned up from the East...

    The angels extracted the stones from the devils' paws with such power that the rocks fell as far as in surroundings of Siemianowice

  • 7.pdf

    You can still find some stoned next to the wall of the small church

    Since that day the evil spirits have never came back ..