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Next Economy


<ul><li> 1. Whatwould bethenexteconomy Present By Atcharawan Kongpetch 5223030353 Muntana Ditwanakul5223030445 Manunya Chunhavuthiyanon 5223030544</li></ul> <p> 2. (Cultural lag) Technology and Social Change Popenoe 1993 : 542-544 3. KnowledgeEconomy OECD R&amp;D Interactive Learning (NSI)Lundvall (Denmark) 4. KnowledgeEconomyTechnology Push Demand Pull R&amp;D IntensityCustomer Need Quality Product Knowledge Driven 5. SocialChangeinKnowledgeEconomyGlobalization 6. CreativeEconomy Unctad 7. CreativeEconomyDesign Thinking Product Niche Market DemandPull TechnologyPush 8. SocialChangeinCreativeEconomy 9. Green Economy What s thenexteconomy ? Thailand Board of Investment 10. Green Economy Green Technology Clean Energy Renewable Resources Eco Product 11. CSR or BSR Social Change inGreen Economy Green Job Eco-Friendly / 12. TH A NK Y O U </p>