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  • The orange treeKindergarten of DouneikaGreece

  • , The orange tree is an Evergreen plant, which belongs to the class of Citrus .

  • 8 . Is small tree that reaches in height the 8 meters and story the outreach .The trunk of is smooth and straight

  • .The branches of Orange are cylindrical and have flexibility so they can withstand fairly large weight nuts

  • , , , . The leaves of is medium sized, wide, smooth, glossy and bear stalks with fins .

  • , , .The flowers of is white, quite large and fragrant, come out not the spring individually from the shoots .

  • . , Symbolize the fertility. For this the reason is ideal in a wedding ceremony as in decoration, but and for to make the wreaths that will wear the flower .

  • . The fruit of the Orange is the Orange or esperidio The festive days has the honour of in sweets and foods, but and in the decoration of House , while throughout the winter we sweeten with the flavor of, either as juice, either as juicy piece of fruit .

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  • , , , 1 C.In addition to but from the that is delicious, the oranges contain also much necessary for the body our nutritious ingredients, like vitamin a, b1 and C.

  • - - - We used the fruit of the Orange for the construction of us - Basket with oranges - Christmas wreath with sheets of Orange and dried slices of Orange - The candle of feasts

  • The treasures of our gardenetwinning 2016-17