RECODE Webinar - June 3, 2015

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<ol><li> 1. Creating the Conditions for Change: Lessons and Resources RECODE WEBINAR: JUNE 3, 2015 Noon to 1 pm EST </li><li> 2. McConnell Senior Fellows Allyson Hewitt, based at MaRS Centre in Toronto Cheryl Rose, based in Vancouver </li><li> 3. Some ways to think about CHANGE WHAT KIND OF CHANGE? AT WHAT SCALE? FOR WHAT IMPACT? </li><li> 4. Network or group level A change in conversation A change in routine A change in resource commitment or influence Institutional level A change in culture A change in laws/policies A change in resource distribution/availability Organizational level A change in strategies A change in procedures A change in resource distribution/availability Individual level A change of heart A change of habits A change of ambition Frances Westley, University of Waterloo </li><li> 5. 2015-06-11 DEFINING SOCIAL INNOVATION Social innovation is an initiative, product, process or program that profoundly changes a social system by changing one or more of: the basic routines (how we act; what we do) the resources flows (money, knowledge, people) the authority flows (laws, policies, rules) the beliefs (what we believe is true, right/wrong) </li><li> 6. Some ways to think about CHANGE AGENTS SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS and SYSTEM ENTREPRENEURS </li><li> 7. Agents for change in complex systems Social entrepreneurs goals are to create and introduce new ideas, processes, and products into an existing system allowing it to adapt and learn. The goal of system entrepreneurs, however, is to create change at the broadest system level. Their goal is not to help the system adapt, but to help the system transform. System change is more likely when BOTH these kinds of entrepreneurship exist within systems. </li><li> 8. LESSONS about working for change </li><li> 9. MaRS works with partners to catalyze, accelerate, scale and diffuse innovation. We help entrepreneurs start and grow successful global companies. Together, we help Canada prosper. Our Future Matters. Build the new economy. Improve society. </li><li> 10. Innovation Platform Levers Vector of change the Entrepreneur VENTURES Support high-impact ventures from startup to scale with advice &amp; mentorship, as well as access to capital, customers and talent. Acceleration INNOVATION PLATFORM &amp; PLACE Bolster our organization, brand and outcomes. Build our hub and capacity to strengthen our community. SYSTEMS Scale and diffuse innovation through collaborative initiatives that open markets for emerging companies and create new solutions in key sectors. Scale TALENT Equip Canadian innovators, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with the skills, tools, intelligence and networks they need to succeed. Capacity </li><li> 11. McConnell Ten: CSL across Canada GOALS: (national program launched in 2004) Create new, engaging, real world learning for students Support university-community partnerships for change Transform post-secondary systems to be relevant and active in leading on social and environmental challenges </li><li> 12. RESOURCES for working for change </li><li> 13. MaRS Entrepreneurs Toolkit </li><li> 14. September 2014 Canadas largest in-person and online entrepreneurship education centre </li><li> 15. SiG National Knowledge Hub </li><li> 16. Venture Programs connects entrepreneurs, organizations or funds seeking capital to potential investors or identifies available capital that will help launch or grow their initiative Capital Advisory Services works with clients (e.g., investors, non- for-profits, foundation, governments) to design, develop, and execute on impact investing strategies Education &amp; Researchprovides tailored seminar, public speaking and research in impact investing for governments, nonprofit organizations and private sector companies across Canada. The Center is a major convener of public forums and media on social finance. </li><li> 17. Embedding Social Innovation </li><li> 18. THREE ONLINE, OPEN-ACCESS MODULES: Complex Systems and Problems Seeing and Describing Systems Social Innovation &amp; System Entrepreneurship </li><li> 19. Inside or Outside? Learning on the Edge by Margo Fryer This website offers an in-depth description of the University of British Columbia (UBC) Learning Exchange as both an instance of community-university engagement and an example of social innovation. </li><li> 20. QUESTIONS? Contact us! Allyson Hewitt, Social Innovation at MaRS 1.416.673.8410 Twitter @AllysonHewitt Cheryl Rose, Social Innovation Generation (National) 1.604.428.3630 </li></ol>