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  • 1. Hi! my name is Ya-Chin LinYou can just call me Emily.Constellation: LibraBlood Type: B

2. I am a senior now in ProvidenceUniversity& my major is English 3. I live in a countryside with a big family. I love them so much! 4. I have a twin sisters.They looked exactlythe same when theywere kids.Now, do u think theirappearance aresimilar? 5. My personalities and few things about me I am a outgoing, friendly, and sensitive person. I like to make friends and hang out with them in myfree time. I am the kind of person who will do my best on thatsubject or thing if I am interested in. I like cleanness and all the beautiful things verymuch. I like to share anything Ive experienced every daywith my friends or family. I love animals, especially cats and dogs. 6. 1. Painting and designing Since the moment I was born, I am crazy about paintingand designing something when I got some inspiration. 7. My paintings by using Paint 8. 2. Singing 9. 3. Shopping4. Watching TV& Movies5. Listening to music6. Read novels &magazines7. Go on a dietand exercise8. Playingcomputer 10. I had studied abroad before in junior. Itwas an amazing experience 11. I am preparing for the civil service examinationsnow. Hopefully I can pass the exam and get astable job. Then I can learn whatever I want tolearn and do whatever I want to do, but actingresponsibly. No more restriction from my parents. Or I might be travelabroad again. 12. Changes during my college life Me in 2008 Me in 2012