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  1. 1. Deskripsi: Speaking Kompetensi Dasar: 4.2 Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks monolog sederhana dengan menggunakan ragam bahasa lisan secara akurat, lancar dan berterima dalam berbagai konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dalam teks berbentuk: recount, narrative, dan procedure STORY BOARD Unit 1 : I Love People around Me No KD Aktivitas Teks/ Presentasi Gambar Video Tes/Quiz/Tugas Silabus/ Kalender Link: URL Glossary Instructional Method 1 Introduce your self Teks pemaparan jati diri Orang yang sedang memaparkan jati. - Tugas 1 minggu Project Based Learning Materi pembelajaran : Observe the model of the text below. Hello, I want to introduce my friend My name is Lina. L - i - n - a I am a student. I go to SMP 1 in Palembang. I was born in Palembang on 30th December 2002. I live at Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 15. My phone number is 200001. I like jogging, bicycling, and listening to music. My Parents names are Mr. Helmi Yahya and Mrs. YoanaPataya. I have one brother and one sister. They are Dandi and Dinda.
  2. 2. My blood type is O. You can e-mail me at Observe the model of the text below. Hello, I want to introduce my father. This is my father. He is about forty years old. He is a doctor. He goes to Public Hospital. He drives his car to the hospital. He works everyday except Sunday. My Father is not very tall. He is about 170 cm tall. He has thick hair and a pointed nose. He wears glasses. My Father likes reading books and magazines. He always reads magazines after work and reads books when he is off from work. My father is a kind man. He always helps patients patiently and carefully. Im very proud of him. Exercise 1 Now choose the right picture based on the information from the text. Uncle. Brother