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Project PresentationCourse : CIS 600 HCIProfessor : Brett Winkelhake

Team Members Huijian Zhang, Pratik Kaluse, Biao Zhao, Karankumar Adep, Xieyu Zhang

AgendaHistory, Product and Deterioration Short and Long term GoalsUsers and User Interface DesignBest Practices

History1946Ibuka Masaru Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo(Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation)1955- sonus & sonny=sony

ProductTT-55-1956TV tech-trinitron-1968Walkman-1979Sony PlayStation-1994BLU-RAY-2002~2008

DeteriorationSony Shock-2003 4,000,000,000,000Charge-coupled Device failure-2002~2003Extended Copy Protection (XCP) 2006-$4,250,000 & $175Global recall of laptop lithium batteries-2006 960,000;510,000,000,000The Interview Movie hacking -2014

Short term GoalsReverse losslTV: develop 4K technologyCell Phone: become the third largest cell phone companyPlaystation: occupy the first in game industryIndustrial restructuringStrengthen competitiveness in core areasReduce business

Long term GoalsBecome the leader in core areasElectronicGame EntertainmentProvide more products and servicesFamily networkRobot

UsersPlayStation : Game and graphics card hardware developers, professional gamers, game designers, sportsperson, kids, youth.

Laptops : Companies, organizations, schools, hospitals, youth etc

Cameras : Professional photographers, youth, mid aged people.

Mobiles : Company employees and all age people.

TV : Companies, malls, shops, sport grounds, organizations, schools, family.

UsersMotion pictures : Movie productions units, entertainment companies, investors, graphics & animation designer, animation companies etc.

Music industry : Studios, movie production house, music directors, singers, instrument artists, headphone & speaker developer and all age people.

User Interface DesignPhilosophyDo what have never been done beforeAlways stay one step aheadUI design is the design of user experience

User Interface DesignPrinciples


Example - Sony Entertainment Network

Best Practices: Security HackDon't store passwords in the same place as password-protected documentsUse two-factor authentication for all essential servicesKeep financial and healthcare documents stored separately from other dataPaying for security is worth it

Best Practices : Company reputationBe prepared and transparent.Listen to critics and take action.Social media and Crisis Communication.Be quick and measured.

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