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<p>Common Thai Foods</p> <div><p>Holiday in Thailand(travel vocabulary review)</p></div> <div><p>Things to know before you go</p></div> <div><p>Currency = Thai Baht (THB)</p><p>20 thb = 15.000 vnd</p><p>50 thb = 30.000 vnd</p><p>100 thb = 70.00 vnd</p><p> 500 thb = 330.000 vnd</p><p> 1,000 thb= 670.000 vnd</p><p>*Try to memorize the bill colors + value to avoid making any money mistakes</p></div> <div><p>*knowing these / writing them down will save you time and trouble when shopping30 baht = 20,000vnd = $1150 baht = 100,000vnd = $5750 baht = 500,000vnd = $251,500 baht = 1million vnd = $503,000 baht = 2million vnd = $100</p><p>Quick Conversions:</p></div> <div><p>The Shangri-La Chiang Mai is</p><p>Only 10 minutes from the airport</p><p>Within walking distance to the Famous Night Bazaar </p><p> (market)</p><p>Shopping Tip:</p><p>The night bazaar has some excellent bargains but be careful. The night bazaar is great for t-shirts, fake designer clothes and watches but not handicrafts. Lacquer-ware and wood products purchased here will split and crack after a year or so.</p></div> <div><p>Airplanes &amp; Airport ReviewThe journey there</p></div> <div><p>You will be going to International Departures for your </p><p>trip.</p><p>The first step is to Check-in. </p></div> <div><p>Common Check-in Conversations</p><p>Where are you flying to today?</p><p> Were flying to Chiang Mai, with a connection in Bangkok. </p><p>Can you please make sure our seats are together?</p><p>Would you prefer a window or an aisle seat?</p><p> Id prefer a window seat please, if one is available.</p><p>4) How many checked bags do you have?</p><p> We each have 1 checked back and 1 carry-on</p><p>Do I need to pick-up my luggage and go through customs in Bangkok</p><p> or will the luggage go through to Chiang Mai?</p><p> *I dont think you have to collect your luggage you will go through some security in Chiang Mai once you pick up</p><p> your bags</p><p>Whats my gate number?</p><p>* You will most likely receive 2 boarding passes. 1) HCMC-BKK 2) BKK- CM</p></div> <div><p>On the flight</p></div> <div><p>The Flight Attendants can help you with any request or </p><p>question such as. </p></div> <div><p>What would you like to drink?</p><p> Id like some hot tea, please. Do you have orange juice?</p><p>Requests:</p><p>- Could I please have</p><p>a blanket</p><p>a pillow</p><p>a bottle of water</p><p>a sick bag</p><p>a snack / bag of nuts</p><p>a wet tissue / towel / napkin</p></div> <div><p>Issues</p><p>my tray table is broken/dirty</p><p>My seat wont recline / go back</p><p>Im feeling sick, can I sit next to </p><p>the bathroom.</p><p>Can we please change seats? Are there</p><p>free seats available?</p><p>* I dont feel comfortable sitting here</p></div> <div><p>Additional Plane Vocabulary: </p><p>the overhead bin</p><p>fasten your seat belt</p><p>Customs declaration form</p><p>save your boarding pass seat ticket to know your flight number</p><p>Will ask info on your passport (#, expiration date, etc.)</p><p>Can write that youll stay at the Shangri-La Chiang Mai hotel</p><p>Usually write 0 on all declaration questions</p><p>Keep this form; You will give it to Customs in BKK</p></div> <div><p>Standard Transfer Process in BKK airport to Chiang Mai:</p><p>= get off </p><p>the plane</p><p>You can find this info + process explained here: </p><p></p></div> <div><p>1) When you land in Bangkok, look for these signs for passengers flying to Chiang Mai, etc.</p><p>Transfer to Chiang Mai</p></div> <div><p>2) Continue to follow these signs, and they will lead you to </p><p>Passport Control&amp; Immigration </p><p>(Concourse building C on 2nd level) </p></div> <div><p>3) Here is Immigration, depending on the line it can take </p><p>20min 60min to get through, so try to get there quickly!</p></div> <div><p>4) Next, youll pass through customs. This is when </p><p>youll hand in your customs declaration form. </p></div> <div><p>5) After Customs, youll go through 1 more security</p><p>checkpoint (x-ray).</p></div> <div><p>6) Lastly, youll get to find your gate and wait for your connecting flight</p><p>to Chiang Mai. The Gate will either be on Concourse A or B</p><p>If you have some time, you can shop in a duty-free shop OR find an ATM / Money Changer</p><p> to get some Thai Baht. </p></div> <div><p>Remember, you can always double check the gate number on your boarding pass with the</p><p> Departure board. (its easiest to look for your flight number)</p></div> <div><p>Chiang Mai Airport</p><p>1) you should arrive here</p><p>2) pick up your</p><p> bags</p><p>3) This is where youll pass through customs</p><p>4) youll exit here, and your</p><p>driver should be waiting</p><p>*when you leave CM, </p><p>youll go through</p><p>intl departure</p><p>When you arrive, heres the procedure:</p></div> <div><p>Hotel Check-in/Check-out &amp; Services</p></div> <div><p>Upon Arriving, you will need to go to the Reception Desk to check into</p><p>your room. Heres a common Check-in Procedure:</p></div> <div><p>Front Desk Receptionist</p><p> What name is the reservation under?</p><p> May I see your passports</p><p> How long will you be staying?</p><p>Could I please see a credit card? Theres a 50% refundable deposit on the room.</p><p> Complimentary breakfast is served in the hotel Cafe between 7 and 10 am.</p><p> I'll give you two room keys.</p><p> The gym &amp; sauna are located on the top floor.</p><p> Just call the front desk if you need any extra towels or pillows.</p><p>Hotel Guest: </p><p>We have a reservation under _________.</p><p>What time is the pool/gym/business center open until?</p><p>What time is breakfast served?</p><p>Can we get a wake-up call at 6am please?</p><p>When is check-out time?</p><p>Check-IN</p></div> <div><p>Check Out</p><p>Reception</p><p>Are you ready to check out?</p><p>What room were you in?</p><p>How was your stay?</p><p>Was everything satisfactory?</p><p>Will you be putting this on your card?</p><p>And how will you be paying for this?</p><p>Would you like to speak to the hotel manager on duty?</p><p>I'll just need your room keys, please.</p><p>Enjoy the rest of your holiday.</p><p>Have a safe trip home.</p><p>We're checking out of room 401.</p><p>Sorry we're a bit late checking-out.</p><p>We really enjoyed our stay.</p><p>Thanks for everything, I hope to come back again.</p><p>Guest</p></div> <div><p>Your Hotel Room</p></div> <div><p>Amenities: Could we please have more/another :</p><p>shampoo / conditioner</p><p>Hand soap / body soap/ shower gel</p><p>Lotion</p><p>Towels</p></div> <div><p>Additional Requests:</p><p>Could you please send housekeeping to make up/clean up </p><p> the room (while were away)?</p><p>Id like to order room service please (to room 113)</p><p>I have a question about.(this location, how far is it, a tour, etc.)</p><p>Could you send someone to assist me with. (the safe, the</p><p> air-conditioning)</p><p>My wi-fi is slow / not working. Can you tell me the wi-fi</p><p> password?</p><p>- Could I borrow an Iron, hair dryer, etc.?</p><p>Our neighbors are loud / Room smells like smoke.. Could</p><p> we please change rooms?</p></div> <div><p>What to pack</p></div> <div><p>Business Attire (attire = outfits / clothing)</p><p>basically, the clothes you wear to work</p><p>Formal = usually darker colors, skirt-below-the-knee, ironed blouses, jackets, low-heeled </p><p> leather shoes (closed-toe)</p></div> <div><p>Business Casual</p><p>Can be more colorful; flat dress-shoes are okay, sweaters/cardigans, pants/loose skirt</p></div> <div><p>Casual</p><p>* for your tour</p></div> <div><p>Outdoor dinner / formal clothes</p><p>can bring light sweater (if it gets cool)</p><p>Footwear : heels, but beware of grass. Wedges are better</p></div> <div><p>Making Small Talk</p></div> <div><p>General Meeting Questions</p><p>Hi, my name is ___________. Whats yours? (heres my business card)</p><p> My name is _____, and this is my mother _________.</p><p>Where are you from? Is _________ where you grew up?</p><p> Im from Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon. Have you ever been there?</p><p>So, what do you do at ____? How long have you worked</p><p> for _____?</p><p>Ive worked there for about 4 years, and recently got promoted,</p><p> so Ive got a lot of new challenges, but Im excited. </p><p> Whats the pharma industry like where youre from? What are the</p><p> biggest challenges in your hospitals?</p><p> In my territories, the biggest challenge for me is.</p><p> Do you live near your family? Do you have children? (only ask if youre </p><p> sure they may have kids)</p><p>Im not sure what drink to get. Yours looks good what are you drinking?</p><p>Did you look around the hotel yet?</p></div> <div><p>Travel Questions</p><p>* easy to start with when you first meet</p><p>What time did you arrive in Chiang Mai? </p><p>Is this your first time to Thailand? Do you travel a lot?</p><p>How was your flight? How long is the flight from ______ to Bangkok?</p><p> We had a great flight there was very little turbulance and its only about</p><p> 3 and a half hours from HCMC.</p><p>Have you had time to explore the hotel yet? Hows your room? </p><p>Which tour did you choose?</p><p>So, whats the schedule for tomorrow? </p><p>Ive always wanted to visit (your country); Do you have any tips / advice?</p><p>Oh, Ive heard your country is beautiful. Whats the best thing about living </p><p> there?</p></div> <div><p>General Topics</p><p>So, how was your tour / activity?</p><p>The weather is so (nice, hot, cooler/hotter than I expected)</p><p>What do you like to do on the weekends? Do you like to play any sports?</p><p> I enjoy playing badminton when I have time Its really popular in Vietnam</p><p>My food is really good, how is yours? Ive never had this dish before</p><p>What are you planning to do after dinner / later?</p><p>Im not so familiar with Thai food. Can you recommend anything?</p><p>Are you a fan of.. (football, ____ tv show, )?</p><p>Did you plan on buying anything specific during this trip?</p><p>Want to join us to..(the night market, the mall, this tour)?</p><p>Would you like to get a drink (by the pool, in the lobby, etc)?</p></div> <div><p>Exiting Conversations</p><p>Well, I think Im going to go back to my room and rest. Ive had</p><p> such a long day.</p><p>Well, its been so great talking to/meeting you. Hope you have a </p><p> great day / evening.</p><p>Oh, will you excuse me? I need to speak with someone over there/</p><p> my mom. </p><p>I think Im going to walk around a bit; Ill talk to you later.</p><p>Well, It was nice talking to you Im going to keep moving around</p><p> (if youre standing / drinking). </p><p>Ill catch up with you later. (= Ill speak with you another time)</p></div> <div><p>Saying Good-bye</p><p>It was so great to meet you.</p><p>Lets keep in touch!</p><p>Safe travels!</p><p>Hope you have a good flight back.</p><p>If youre ever in Vietnam, please give me a call. I can show you</p><p> around.</p><p>I really enjoyed talking with you. Hopefully, we can meet </p><p> again one day.</p><p>Ill add you on Facebook * </p></div> <div><p>FOOD</p></div> <div><p>Hotels / tours may offer </p><p>western / international / continental</p><p>food options as well as Thai food. </p><p>Here are some popular Thai dishes.</p></div> <div><p>Tom Yam Goong</p><p>Lemongrass, chili, ginger, coconut milk spicy and a bit creamy. Usually made with seafood or</p><p>chicken</p></div> <div><p>Tom Kha Gai</p><p>Very similar to Tom Yam, just sweeter / mild</p></div> <div><p>Pad Thai</p><p>Noodles, Tofu, Onions, bean sprouts : sweet and spicy</p></div> <div><p>Kuay Tiew (Noodle Soup)</p><p>pork, chicken, beef, duck, and seafood + broth and noodles</p></div> <div><p>Som Tam</p><p>Spicy Papaya Salad</p></div> <div><p>Gai Med Ma Moung (Chicken Cashew Nuts)</p></div> <div><p>Geng Kheaw Wan Gai (Green Curry Chicken)</p></div> <div><p>Kao Phad (Fried Rice)</p></div> <div><p>Massaman Curry</p><p>coconut milk, potatoes, roasted peanuts, bay leaves, sugar, cinnamon, and tamarind sauce. The meat of choice is often beef or chicken</p></div> <div><p>Sticky rice with Mango + Coconut sauce</p></div> <div><p>Ice cream Sandwich (popular street food)</p></div> <div><p>Thai Pancake / Crepes </p><p>You can order anything on your crepe. Honey, chocolate, banana, peanut butter</p></div> <div><p>The End &amp; Safe Travels!</p></div>