Week 6 ruth - 2014-15

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week 6 - reading 1


  • 1. 8P202014-15Reading 1:Text Complexity &Reading Comprehension Strategies

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abN2aP_Dzd0 3. Reading Engagement 4. Group Task Locate the article Reading Choice is ReadingEngagement, p.16 Break up the reading into segments Each person reads the same segment silently(if you finish before others jot down notes) Group discusses the segment Go on to the next segment. Repeat processuntil finished 5. If your group finishes early Read: First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Education 101, p. 12OR Connect, Collaborate, and Create with Twitter inthe Classroom, p. 26 6. Forest of Reading Would you vote for your novel in the Forest ofReading contest? What did you love about your book? What were some drawbacks? On Nov. 4/5 your group will be giving a shortpromo for your novel. Begin to think how youcould promote your book creatively!! 7. Text Complexity Should teachers select the correct * book forstudents so that they will not experiencefrustration?*appropriate reading level 8. How is reading complex text like liftingweights? 9. Text ComplexityJust as its impossible to build muscle withoutweight or resistance, its impossible to buildrobust reading skills without reading challengingtext.Shanahan, Fisher, & Frey, 2012 10. The new standards propose thatteachers move studentspurposefully through increasinglycomplex text to build skill andstamina.Shanahan et al., 2012. 11. Text ComplexitySharon Murphy Reader & reading task Surface features Vocabulary, word length,sentence length, images Deeper features Ideas, organization, structure,representational modesLapp, Fisher, Grant Vocabulary Comprehension strategies Text structures Text features 12. Reading Comprehension Strategies A quick review: Notebook software Gallery Lesson Activity Toolkit Activities Keyword Match 13. Teaching for Reading Comprehension Harvey, S. & Goudvis, A. (2007). Strategiesthat Work: Teaching Comprehension forUnderstanding and Engagement. (LB 1573.7H37 2007 in SC IRC) Dorn, L. & Soffos, C. (2005). Teaching for DeepComprehension: A Reading WorkshopApproach. (in process LB 1573.7 D67 2005 ) 14. Table Discussion Engage in a discussion about thecomprehension strategies you used as readerswhen you read the novel How did monitoring your comprehension helpor hinder your reading? Would you ask your students to monitor theirown strategies as they read? 15. Task for Week 7 From the reading comprehension strategiesindicated in the next slide have each personchoose one Find 4 specific places in your novel where thisstrategy could be reinforced Complete the assignment sheet, including thesummary statement at the bottom Hand in (not Drop Box) on Oct. 21/22 16. Comprehension Strategies Activating prior knowledge Making connections: text-to-self; text-to-text;text-to-world Predicting Visualizing Questioning Drawing inferences Evaluating