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A unit for 4th grade art that features folk art traditions of paper cutting, quilting, and molas.


<ul><li> 1. Whats the Big Idea?Whats the Big Idea?</li></ul> <p> 2. Did you know that the new Texas EssentialKnowledge and Skills for Fine Arts encourage teachingthrough themes and big ideas? Students are expectedto explore and communicate ideas drawn from lifeexperience about self, peers, family, school, orcommunity and from the imagination as sources fororiginal works of art. They are also expected todevelop global awareness and respect for thetraditions and contributions of diverse cultures. 3. HUMAN COMMONALITIESAll humans share:A Search for MeaningThe Life Cycle of Birth, Growth, DeathThe Use of Symbols to Express thoughts and EmotionsThe Arts as a Universal LanguageThe Ability to Recall the Past and Anticipate the FutureA Need for BelongingA Need to Work and Be ProductiveConnections with the Natural World 4. Explorations in Art, 4th Grade, Unit 5, Davis Publications 5. A Tradition of QuiltingTraditions of Quilting 6. A Tradition of Paper CuttingTraditions 7. Molas: A Cloth Tradition 8. Student work, 4th grade. </p>