Why You Need a Life Insurance Cover

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  • 1. Why You Need a LifeInsurance CoverLife comes with risk. Are you protected?Powered by
2. • Anyone who has financialliabilities.• Anyone who does not haveenough assets to fund theirretirement adequately.• Anyone with life goals thatrequire them to take a loan.Who Needs a Life Cover? 3. Risks That You Face• Dying too early• Living too long• Becoming disabled/critically illand losing your earningcapacity 4. How Life Insurance Can Help - I• They cover the risk of dyingby paying a lump sum to thenominee (usually a familymember) on death of the policyholder.• This money is generally usedto honour your outstandingdebts, preventing the liquidationof family’s assets. 5. How Life Insurance Can Help – II•They channel your savings intovarious assets to create long-term returns.• The steady savings help youto finance your life goals.• Some plans give you a regularincome during retirement,ensuring that your lifestylestays the same. 6. Thank YouLife comes with risk. Are you protected?Powered by 7. This 2-Minute Learning series isbrought to you buyfacebook.com/jiyobefikartwitter.com/bajajallianzwww.bajajallianz.comyoutube.com/user/jiyobefikarPowered by
Life comes with risk. Unforeseen circumstances can upset all your plans and put your family's financial well-being in jeopardy. Life insurance is the best weapon you…