Global Wireless E-voting system with retinal scan

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E-voting proposed system with retinal scan


<ul><li> GLOBAL WIRELESS E-VOTING SYSYTEM PRESENTED By, Ishant Garg CS-A2 6th sem </li> <li> CONTENTS INTRODUCTION PRESENT SYSTEM PROPOSED SYDTEM VOTING MACHINE EYE RETINA SCANNING INTERFACE DEVICE </li> <li> CONTENTS WORKING OF WHOLE SYSTEM HURDLES IN PATH OF IMPLEMENTATION FUTURE ENHANCEMENT CONCLUSION </li> <li> INTRODUCTION Global Wireless E-Voting is an intelligent voting system which can determine the eligibility of the voter by scanning the eye pattern . Vote count is not kept into the same machine itself instead of it is stored in the remote server . More secure than conventional voting system </li> <li> PRESENT SYSTEM In present system each and every booth is given an electronic machine which stores the votes of the people. Control of present system is given to the incharge officer who checks the eligibility of the candidates for voting. Finally incharge collect all the voting machine at a place and go for counting. </li> <li> G.L ABHISHEK RGIT,BANGALORE </li> <li> DISADVANTAGES OF PRESENT SYSTEM The machine is not able to recognize the eligibility of a candidate, so the corrupted officers may misguide the people The corrupted officers may increase the count of the voting. After voting if any technical problems or damage occurs with the machines it may leads to the re election </li> <li> CONTINUED During transportation of the machines, the person in charge can change the status of machines and even may destroy. This system is not a cost effective one. Since we need security, in charge officers, secured place for counting and election place. The voting take place where the machine is located. </li> <li> PROPOSED SYSTEM In this system we trying to keep counting of votes in to a remote secured system. Our machine can check the eligibility of the candidate by itself, so there is no question of corruption. In this system we are using an electronic circuit which enable the voter to vote and transfer this vote to the remote system using mobile tower. </li> <li> CONTINUED.. A error in a vote does not affect the remaining system, there by reducing the risk of re-election. Cost for an election is comparatively less than current system </li> <li> EXPLANATION 1. Radio waves representing scanned retina pattern and vote to Mobile tower. 2. Radio waves representing scanned retina pattern and vote to remote server. 3. Acknowledgement (+ve or ve) from the server to mobile tower. </li> <li> CONTINUED.. 4. Acknowledgement (+ve or ve) from mobile tower to Interface device. 5. Ready signal if retina is scanned properly to voting machine. And if ve signal then alert alarm will be activated. 6. Accepted vote is made to flow to the interface device. </li> <li> VOTING MACHINE The voting machine is actually a device which generates the different voltages for different votes. These voltages are fed to the (ADC) which is then converted to digital bits then can be converted to radio waves. </li> <li> BLOCK DIAGRAM OF CLIENT SIDE CIRCUIT </li> <li> EYE RETINA SCANNING A biometric identifier known as a retinal scan is used to map the unique patterns of a person's retina. These eye retina machine can be a high quality web cam or device which can capture the images effectively. A retinal scan is performed by casting an unperceived beam of low-energy infrared light into a persons eye as they look through the scanner's eyepiece. </li> <li> CONTINUED </li> <li> INTERFACE DEVICE This is an electronic kit which converts the input digital signals such as (retina pattern + votes+ secure bits) to radio waves. </li> <li> WORKING OF THE WHOLE SYSTEM Whenever voters enter to voting booth then he will be instructed to directly look at retina scanning machine and the machine scans the retina. Once retina scanning properly confirmed then voter is made to vote Now the whole data including the retina pattern is sent to interfacing device which converts it into radio waves and these radio waves are sent to mobile tower And then to the remote server, where the authentication and voters identification is stored into a secured database. </li> <li> CONTINUED The received data is first converted into digital format from the radio waves through the interface device kept at the server side, and from the encrypted data retina pattern and vote separated. Next the retina pattern is matched against the existing database . If match is found then flag is checked which indicates its voting status i.e. +ve ack. This ack is recognized by the receiver kept at the voter side and machine is made to scan next retina pattern and vote, otherwise if ve ack then alert alarm is made to ring </li> <li> HURDLES IN THE PATH OF IMPLEMENTATION Security Efficiency Geographical problem </li> <li> SECURITY Uses Key Complex Encryption algorithm First it finds the length of the string Generate the random numbers equal to the length of the string Add the corresponding Characters from the given string and random values </li> <li> EXPLANATION E.g. ISHANT 8 12 34 4 11 9 The ASCII value for ISHANT are 73 83 72 65 78 84 Add corresponding A) and B) values as 8+73 12+83 34+72 4+65 11+78 9+84 </li> <li> CONTINUED. The corresponding ASCII characters for these are S _ j M _ R The corresponding characters for random values J q Finally encrypted data as S _J jq M _ R </li> <li> EFFICIENCY Applying compression Algorithms Using distributed Operating system environment with multiple servers. CDMA technique </li> <li> CONTINUED.. Example of CDMA </li> <li> GEOGRAPHICAL PROBLEMS It occurs where the technical facilities like mobile tower or Internet service is not present. In this case will have to store the vote and retina pattern in a external memory location And pass it when we reach the area where the technical facilities like internet or mobile tower is available. Here the eye scanner will be web cam. </li> <li> FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS </li> <li> CONCLUSION Provides high level of security, authentication, reliability, and corruption- free mechanism. By this we can get result with in minute after the completion of voting. Minimum manpower Utilization, hence mechanism is error free. </li> </ul>