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<p>Invest in Finland Presentation template</p> <p>CleantechEngineeringFinancial ServicesFoodTechnologyInformationTechnologyLife SciencesFind YOUR competent professionals from Finland!(Click to navigate this presentation)14.11.2014 Finpro3</p> <p>Source: Oxford Intelligence34.11.2014 Finpro4</p> <p>Source: Oxford Intelligence44.11.2014 Finpro5Back to navigation</p> <p>54.11.2014 Finpro7</p> <p>Source: Oxford Intelligence74.11.2014 Finpro8</p> <p>Source: Oxford Intelligence84.11.2014 Finpro9</p> <p>Source: Oxford Intelligence9</p> <p>Finland has a technically skilled talent pool of 99,000 cleantech &amp; renewable energy professionals.</p> <p>Significant talent pools are available in locations across the country with expertise across 12 different specialisms.</p> <p>Plenty of experience - 37% of the technical Cleantech pool have more than 5 years experience. Cleantech2Engineering</p> <p>Finland has an engineering talent pool of around 430,000 skilled people.</p> <p>The largest areas of expertise include electrical, mechanical, civil and industrial engineering. </p> <p>Great combination of academic and applied skills: 65 % have a bachelors degree or higher, and 31 % a vocational education.Engineering64.11.2014 Finpro12</p> <p>Source: Oxford Intelligence12</p> <p>Finland has around 208,000 skilled food science and technology professionals with technical/analytical expertise.</p> <p>Largest areas of expertise include e.g. food quality &amp; safety, packaging and functional foods.</p> <p>Almost one third of food technology professionals also have technical skills and experience in engineering.Food Technology15</p> <p>Finland has a technical IT talent pool of 335,000 skilled professionals.</p> <p>Expertise across all key specialisms, including over 250,000 with advanced programming skills.</p> <p>Significant talent pools are available in locations across the countrywith plenty of young up &amp; coming talent 36% are aged 18-34.Information Technology19</p> <p>Finland has a life sciences talent pool of around 81,000 skilled people.</p> <p>The largest areas of expertise include e.g. biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and microbiology.</p> <p>The majority are very highly educated: 71 % have either a masters degree or higher.</p> <p>Life Sciences24</p> <p>Source: Oxford Intelligence16</p> <p>Source: Oxford Intelligence174.11.2014 Finpro18Back to navigation</p> <p>184.11.2014 Finpro20</p> <p>Source: Oxford Intelligence20</p> <p>Source: Oxford Intelligence214.11.2014 Finpro22</p> <p>224.11.2014 Finpro23Back to navigation</p> <p>234.11.2014 Finpro25</p> <p>Source: Oxford Intelligence254.11.2014 Finpro26</p> <p>Source: Oxford Intelligence264.11.2014 Finpro27Back to navigation</p> <p>27</p>