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1. . . . Henry is fourteen. He comes from Liberia, in Africa. Henry lives with his family in a small town. Hes got four brothers and three sisters, and they all live at home with their parents. Theyve got a big house, but its very old and not very nice.

Henry doesnt go to school he works. His parents have a lot of animals and birds. Henry takes them to the shop and sells them, and then he buys fruit and vegetables for his family. He likes this shop. He can meet his friends there and have fun.

In the evenings he stays at home and helps his mother with his little brothers and sisters, and sometimes he reads. They havent got a television. Henry often plays football at the weekend with other boys from his town. A1. Henrys family has got a beautiful house. 1. True 2. FalseA2. Henry meets his friends at the shop and plays football.

1. True 2. FalseA3. Henry doesnt go out in the evening.

1. True 2. FalseA4. He never helps his mother in the house.

1. True 2. False B B1. There are children in Henrys family.1. 82. 73. 9 B2. In the evening Henry1. plays football.2. reads books.3. goes to the shop. B3. Henry sells1. books and letters.2. fruit and vegetables.3. animals and birds.2. . 0. Mary is 2 than Jane.

1. beautiful

2. more beautiful

3. the most beautifulA 5. They ________ bread every day.

1. buy

2. bought

3. will buy

A 6. Did he eat_______ chocolate yesterday?

1. many

2. a lot of

3. much

A 7. This pupil ________ a nice pencil-box.

1. have got

2. has got

3. is

A 8. My mother will buy flowers ____________.

1. tomorrow

2. yesterday

3. every week

A 9. Its _______ in winter than in autumn.

1. cold

2. colder

3. the coldest

A 10. February is _______shortest month of a year.

1. a

2. -

3. the

A 11. I must be at home _______ seven oclock.

1. at

2. in

3. on

A 12. I _______ in Britain last week.

1. am

2. was

3. were

A 13. My__________ car is nice.

1. father

2. fathers

3. fathers

A 14. _______ many interesting pictures in the book.

1. There is

2. There are

3. There was3. 1 . (50-60 ). .Dear Ann,

Thank you for your letter.

I want to tell you about my best friend. Her name is Betsy. She is 11. We study at school together. She is a good pupil. She also has many hobbies. She likes to draw, to read books and to skate in winter and ride a bike in summer. We often go for a walk together. I like Betsy a lot.Bye,



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