Bitcoin Gaming Made Easy For Bitcoin Non-believers

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  1. 1. bitcoin. CASINO 4. .. .. .777>. ':7I-?:3 Bntcom Gaming made easy LILE5;~. ll| W$I
  2. 2. Bitcoin casinos are slowly but surely expand- ing its reach outside of the technologically en- abled.BItCOI'1CaSIO4U, CO bitcoinu CASINO
  3. 3. However,there is still a signicant market that is Non still out of reach for the bitcoin casinos:thenon-believers.Benever BItCOIlWCaSIl10'H_J. COm bltcoln.CASINO
  4. 4. There are those who would rather gamble the 'traditional way,in front of the slot machine or the poker table,rather than the new online games that bitcoin casinos have introduced. I 1I 'BitcoInCasino4U. com bitcoin.CASINO
  5. 5. What are bitcoins? Bitcoins is a digital currency,meaning it is purely based online instead of being able to hold it like your cash,or credit card.I" 3-L7-mac GAMF- RT BitcoinCasino4U. com
  6. 6. Based online,bitcoins are housed either in a digital wallet which only the user can access,or stored ofine away from the prying hands of hackers.** E32EZz'? I'~2T BItcoinCasino4U. com bitcain.CASINO
  7. 7. How do you earn bitcoins? It is essentially a complex process of ledger entry and conrmation of all the bitcoin transactions using complex software and mathemati- cal formulas known as a hash. Bitcoin Foundation8 IOU/ a m I. I: :I III: I:IInIII(I '. iIIJk1RTe. :r, . -SI H 747:IJIJW . -*EItVL= eIrz(. .I-liar, HashBitcoinCasIno4U. Com bitcoin CASINO
  8. 8. Any time a miner completes a hash,he/ she is rewarded 25 bitcoins. Bft; ;>*"_}? .:: '4|. _I. :: :* bitcoin (I I II no I C/ ksmodu
  9. 9. Pa. yPaI VERIFIED If you neither have the equipment nor the patience or interest in earning through mining,there are other ways to secure your bitcoins - transact- ing in Ebay,or accepting Paypal payments in the form of bitcoins.III 77531 E3ItCoInCasino4U. Com bitcoin.CASINO
  10. 10. How do you enter the bitcoin casino? Since it is not currently subject to any nancialregulatory body,there are no strict require- ments,and the minimal information that maybe required is not subject to additional vetting. I/ VTERE3ItcoInCasInoIU. combitcoin CASINO
  11. 11. There are mostly no fees and no limita- tions on one's daily transactions.You can deal and play as long as you want, or for as long as your bitcoin wallet can allow you.E3itcoInCasIno4U. com bitcoin.CASINO
  12. 12. An enhanced casino experienceWhile it is still faithful to its gambling roots,bitcoin casino games are more interactive and interesting due to the software running bitcoin casinos (i. e. mini- mal to none human intervention),and is also more accessible compared to traditional casinos.E3ItCoInCasino4U. Combitcoin CASINO
  13. 13. The conventional casino games such as poker and blackjack also still exist but have been revamped for a better experience. BitcoinCasino4iU. com bitcoin.CASINO
  14. 14. Since bitcoins and bitcoin casinos are not linked to any regulatory body or local laws,players can enjoy the casino activities regardless of where they are domiciled. * E32EZz'? l'~2T BitcoinCasino4U. com bitcain.CASINO
  15. 15. C PORTS { V From casino games to lotteries "... },. .,, ,._; .-y T I.and sports based betting, g. - .21 _J 3":there are a number of choices J ,for the discerning player.? if , K ism /W59E3itcoI'1CasinoA; U,co* bitcoinu CASINO
  16. 16. It may seem extremely complex at rst,but simplifying our understanding of how bitcoin casinos work can help a non-believer dip his/ her toes into the game. I 3-u3iI'uon@; l:EtRT BitcoinCasino4U. com bitcigig.
  17. 17. Do you think non-believers can be convinced?Share with us your thoughts!Leave a commentBit.17.-:1 "4|. -l. _.: :"* bitcoin U I it in F CAslNO@u
  18. 18. CASINObitcoin.I g 5 Cf.' 1|lll"/IIP Ill 1 W i 0 sWelcomejbonus ifPrI I r_. .; _., .;; .;. ~, "'7'Q , _ .1'. ..: .;. l ' BltcoinCasino4U. com bitC0in.CASINO