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Screenplay for D/Generation Film, in spec script format.


D/GENERATION Written by Rohin Koshi 10822 Magnolia Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 91601 (213) 973-8531 EXT. CITY SCAPE - NIGHT SUPERIMPOSE TEXT FADE IN: THE FUTURE, 2500 Several people talk amongst each other amidst a pile of smoldering ruin in the middle of a destroyed road. Some vehicles can be seen hovering in the sky. CIVILIAN How did it ever get this bad? FADE TO BLACK. EXT. CITY SCAPE - DAY ESTABLISHING SHOT - CITY HORIZON Hover cars and high rise buildings line the horizon. CUT TO: A lot of space age technology visible, people are going about business as usual on a busy weekday. INT. PRESS ROOM - MOMENTS LATER SUPERIMPOSE TEXT FADE IN: INTERVAL 01, CONTAGION Several members of the press are huddled around a podium with display screens and a few microphones. At the podium, ARISTIDE is raising her arms and smiling at the reporters, beckoning them to silence. ARISTIDE We have never before experienced this kind of rise in shares in the last decade. With our stock price at its highest points, Genova Biotech remains a force to be reckoned with. The press is silent while listening, almost mesmerized. ARISTIDE We have always believed in the value of bioresearch to better serve humanity, and to that end, we will not stop in developing new technologies to benefit society and hamper the efforts of terrorist groups, by supplying our weapons to the military. As ARISTIDE stops talking, the reporters clamor, trying to get a question across. REPORTER # 1 Is it true that the weapons you manufacture have no fail-safe, and can be used by any faction, good or bad? ARISTIDE laughs at the reporter and raises her hand again to draw his point to a close. ARISTIDE’S LAWYER, well groomed and dressed in an expensive suit, stands up and approaches a second microphone while raising his hand. ARISTIDE’S LAWYER Our weapons are manufactured in accordance with international treaties and federal law. We are constantly working with the government to ensure that we benefit only ourselves. Any other questions? ARISTIDE Genova Biotech is always striving to do what’s best for all of us. We need our nation to be empowered by our technology, not hampered by it. I think the thought in itself is absolute hearsay. REPORTER # 2 Is it true that the financial investments of the company outweigh the companies profits? ARISTIDE We only invest in projects that our analysts predict will generate a positive return for us. There’s no reason to think so, no. In fact the investments will probably on serve to raise the net profit. 2. ARISTIDE scans the room, mostly quiet in a lull. ARISTIDE Thank you all. The reporters further clamor as ARISTIDE starts to walk away, before ARISTIDE and the rest of the Genova Biotech executive team leave the room. EXT. DESERT - LATER KOSHI holds an AK-47 rifle in his hand. KOSHI It is really hot out here. KOSHI quickly reloads the rifle using sleight of hand. INT. LAB - DAY KOSHI opens the door to the LAB and walks towards a table with lots of small spare parts. KOSHI How am I gonna sell this stuff? Are these really the keys to the kingdom? KOSHI looks around, in need of a conversation. KOSHI grabs his cell phone and calls BIGIEU. BIGIEU Hello? KOSHI It’s me. BIGIEU How’s it going? Need to talk? KOSHI Not really. I feel better already. BIGIEU (laughing) Oka-- Hanging up, KOSHI gets his keys the lab hurriedly. 3. EXT. KOSHI’S HOUSE - LATER KOSHI’S hovercar slowly drifts to a standstill outside the driveway patio adjacent to the house’s entrance. WIDE SHOT - HOUSE Tall pillars adjoin a high, vaulted roof. The houses exterior is painted a pastel vermillion, in stark contrast to the white pillars. In each window as seen from outside, the brightly colored silk curtains further exemplify the contrast. Outside the house, a long field of trimmed grass is inscribed by several ornate rectangular hedged islands, all carefully adorned with orchids and other assorted flowers coming out of a hothouse in urns and decorating the presentation further. The courtyard walls on each side, with alternating bricks of light red and grey, contain several elevated atrium areas for larger trees, carefully placed not to occlude the presentation of the entrance itself. The elevation of land adjacent to each wall mystifies the eye, as it serves almost as an optical illusion as to the true horizon line when viewed from afar. Each tree trimmed past the side walls are well-watered and do not diminish from the elegance of the flowers by the sheer size. The serene and inviting colors of the foliage that inscribe the house are only further bolstered by the location, far from any interruptions from the city or metropolis. Not a single car or droid not employed by the house is visible anywhere on the horizon, and well into the distance, high walls block the view of the inquisitive. Various worker droids buzz about quickly on the premises, ensuring fertility levels and grass heights, while simultaneously maintaining what used to be wrote labor for real workers. So as to maintain the pristine visual quality of the property, the droids are all cloaked with the exception of a small pastel colored led light to indicate their presence, and are all programmed to avoid and/or report to human presence in the event of any person wandering within 25 meters. Their maximum speed guarantees that there will never be an accidental collision with another person, further satisfying the obvious requirement of safety. KOSHI walks into the house tiredly. 4. INT. KOSHI’S HOUSE - MOMENTS LATER GIRL (excited) There you are! KOSHI Yeah. All right. Take it easy will ya? GIRL (pouting) Did you eat yet? Are you hun-- KOSHI Yeah. What are you doing? The GIRL looks down at her feet. GIRL Nothing. KOSHI Long day. I’m gonna go for a run. The GIRL walks over to the coat rack to get a running jacket, and starts walking towards KOSHI. KOSHI (CONT’D) Toss it over. The GIRL forcefully throws the jacket at KOSHI. KOSHI just manages to catch it. KOSHI (CONT’D) You are trouble, you know that? The GIRL smiles innocently. KOSHI puts the jacket on as he walks out of the door and jumps in the car. EXT. FIELD - AFTERNOON KOSHI exits his car and begins to run on a path in a small field. KOSHI This heat! Talk about a fucking beat that would sap anyone’s-- KOSHI sees a small blue object in the distance, amongst some brush close to the path and slowly walks towards it. 5. KOSHI (CONT’D) What in the...? KOSHI studies the creature. It has long, spindly arms and legs, and a small tuft of green hair on its head. It almost looks comical in its exaggerated appearance. NU (ailing) (Incoherent mumble) Suddenly, a small glowing orb of light flies out of the blue creature towards KOSHI. KOSHI lunges back, and the object permeates his arm. KOSHI (exclaims) What the hell?! KOSHI feels the point of impact on his arm, but does not notice anything out of the ordinary. He looks back at the creature. KOSHI (CONT’D) This is new. NU (Incoherent mumble) KOSHI Ok, you want to be called Nu. I get it. KOSHI runs back to his car to get a small burlap blanket, and slowly carries NU back to the car in the blanket. KOSHI (CONT’D) You’re a heavy little fucker, aren’t ya? KOSHI deposits NU in the trunk and drives back to the LAB. The camera fades to black to hint the progression of time. EXT. CITY SCAPE - EVENING Several hovercars can be seen flying around high-rise buildings, the cityscape riddled with bright lights. Vertically built, the aerial roads are teeming with buzzing hovercars, stopping and going at hovering red / green lit intersections. 6. Some people can be seen walking along the ground with high- tech gear / modifications. Androids accompany some people, and advertisements line the sky. INT. BLACK MESA LAB - EVENING Several scientists horde over research papers in a large lab room. Large glass canisters encase several living creatures, and small bubbles of air can be seen floating to the top of each canister. Dim, green lights fill the rooms and hallways, and dark grey metal grates and platforms line the perimeters. INT. BLACK MESA CORPORATE OFFICE - EVENING In a dark office, two figures converse. GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR is shown in a dark silhouette, barely visible. GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR A corporation lives on the knife’s edge. We begin to grow ever more engrossed in debt. We must begin the project. What of the prototype? Where do we stand? HIRSCH We did not get sanctioned yet by the -- GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR What are the alternatives? HIRSCH is silent. HIRSCH (after a momentary pause) There is one who can help us. GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR Who? HIRSCH A scientist. In MIT. He’s familiar with our research. He can finish the prototype. But will he go for it? The GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR looks down at his table slowly, silhouetted in darkness. GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR I expect he will go with us. 7. HIRSCH walks out of the room and the door automatically closes behind him, slowly. INT. LAB - DAY KOSHI walks out of a storage closet with a large padded bulkhead for the armature suit. NU Are you sure? Run the simulation now? Is it not dangerous? KOSHI Of course not. Should work. Gotta keep this place open. NU nods and presses a few buttons on a computer. The armature suit hatch opens. Koshi confidently steps in, and raises his arm in acknowledgement. NU Enabling suit power. Please stand by. NU presses another button on the computer and types a few keystrokes. A low hum begins to raise in volume and several lights appear on the armature suit. KOSHI looks onwards with hope. NU (CONT’D) There seems to be an anomaly. Several of the indicators are exceeding standard ranges for capacitance... however now the values are returning to acceptable levels. NU presses a red switch to enable the primary suit functions for mobility. Suddenly, a few sparks emit from the left shoulder of the armature suit and several warning lights go off. NU (CONT’D) (exclaims) There are several exceeded parameters! KOSHI (exclaims) Abort! Abort! NU presses a yellow abort button, and is thrown backwards from the console with a jolt of electricity, unconscious. 8. KOSHI slowly raises his arm and moves the leg of the suit towards the console, but is knocked backwards with several jolts of electricity. More sparks / thick smoke emanate from the suit. KOSHI falls on one knee, and the suit turns off. Thick black smoke engulfs the LAB. TIME CUT: INT. LAB - LATER NU, covered with electrical scars, slowly looks up from the ground. NU looks towards the console, then the armature suit. An organic, palpating mass engulfs the suit. NU gets up and walks towards the mass. NU picks up a small utility knife from the work bench and moves to cut into the mass. Plasma erupts from the point of impact and the entire mass slides to the floor like a womb. The suits metal components have been partially embedded in KOSHI’s skin. NU walks towards a medical cabinet and begins to apply gauze to itself, while slowly taking out more and more items from the cabinet. FADE TO: NU surgically removes some of the metal components from KOSHI. Attempts at removing embedded components result in a twitch. FADE TO: More and more shards are removed, until no more can be done. FADE TO BLACK. EXT. MIT BIOENGINEERING SCHOOL - DAY ESTABLISHING SHOT - SCHOOL STRUCTURE AND LOT SUPERIMPOSE TEXT: 1 YEAR LATER Hover cars fly around a large, metallic building with vaulted windows and fluorescent lights lining the sides. Students walk along the corridors. INT. MIT BIOENGINEERING SCHOOL - DAY DERRIDA Thank you for your consideration of my proposal. 9. WIDE SHOT - DERRIDA walks out of a conference room with several papers in a document folder, including several research awards and grants for a new research project. He smiles. A man is sitting in a black shuttle car with dark tinted windows outside the school. Using electronic zoom binoculars, he focuses on DERRIDA. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. LAB - EVENING The sun sets behind the lab, a few lights on. INT. LAB - EVENING KOSHI walks over to his old cell phone’s answering machine to check his messages and find that BIGIEU has left several messages in concern. He begins to play them back. BIGIEU Look. I know you’re alright over there whatever you’re doing. The tone beeps signalling the next message. BIGIEU (CONT’D) I just came to the lab, and it was locked. I guess you’ve moved on. I hope you’re all right whatever you’re doing! KOSHI looks down, surprised. He quickly grabs his new cell phone and calls BIGIEU. BIGIEU (CONT’D) Hello? KOSHI Hey.. I’m-- BIGIEU (exclaims) Koshi!! Oh my god! KOSHI Yeah. Something happened. And I kinda forgot to pick up. 10. (MORE) In fact I got a new cell and ignored the old one completely because my friend here took care of it. BIGIEU (jealously) A nice friend, right? Who?! KOSHI (laughs) It’s not a girl, although some things have happened. Come by. We should talk. BIGIEU I’m on my way! KOSHI hands NU a small welding kit. Plans for a particle accelerator are visible on the wall. NU lowers the welding arm to a turret on the suit, affixed to KOSHI’S arm. NU Temperature levels are nominal. KOSHI Luckily this can be removed. CLOSE SHOT - TURRET ARM KOSHI (CONT’D) It can be manufactured from the design and sold. We can build on that. NU Yes. KOSHI fires a projectile using the accelerator. It misfires and part of the encasing rod on the turret flies to the right. NU scrambles to intercept the rod before it destroys a console. KOSHI Oh boy. I think I’ve had enough for today. NU Enough for the moment but soon to continue. KOSHI looks at NU and smiles approvingly. 11. KOSHI (CONT'D) KOSHI walks out to the window to see BIGIEU, speeding along in her hoverbike. BIGIEU waves as she sees KOSHI through the window. KOSHI opens the door and waves. BIGIEU Koshi! Oh my -- what happened to you? KOSHI Quick.. come in. Don’t make a big thing about it will ya? BIGIEU walks into the LAB, unsure of what to expect. KOSHI (CONT’D) See, things have happened. To me, to my plans. I had an accident, sort of an irreversible one. BIGIEU notices something moving at the other side of the room. BIGIEU Argh! What is that?! BIGIEU immediately unholsters her firearm and points it at the creature. KOSHI Hey!! Relax will ya?! Put it down. BIGIEU lowers the weapon, eyeing NU cautiously. KOSHI (CONT’D) I found this little guy stranded on the side of the park path. I had to. And that was how it happened. And here I am. The weapon plans have worked out and since last year we’ve made a lot of new designs which we’ve sold. I have a new.. uh.. house by the way. BIGIEU (wonderment) I knew you would. KOSHI Yeah well, like I said, things have changed. With my life, everything. Anyway. KOSHI and BIGIEU talk wistfully about the past in a lapsed segment. 12. BIGIEU Is she everything you wanted? KOSHI She’s a good person. She makes me laugh. BIGIEU Does she makes you laugh? KOSHI Yeah. And I never make her cry, either. TIME CUT: BIGIEU You’ll be happy to know I’m working in a new lab position now. Researcher and loving it. Good work, good pay. Still easy though. KOSHI Easy? BIGIEU The work load. They never could keep me busy. KOSHI Oh gosh. TIME CUT: KOSHI (CONT’D) You’ll do all right in that place. And I’m sorry. I’m sorr-- BIGIEU Sorry? For what? KOSHI For.. I don’t know. My life. The things that happ-- BIGIEU Everyone goes through that. Or most people try to at least. You were just lucky enough to have it happen to you. KOSHI It’s not luck, I planned it. But thanks. 13. BIGIEU smirks. FADE TO: BIGIEU hugs KOSHI and leaves. KOSHI grabs keys from the table and exits the LAB to enter a hover car. The hover car slowly raises from the ground and speeds off. 14. EXT. MIT BIOENGINEERING SCHOOL - DAY ESTABLISHING SHOT - SCHOOL ENTRANCE Students briskly walk the corridors. One student gets on a hover bike and takes off from an adjacent platform into the distance. INT. MIT BIOENGINEERING SCHOOL - DAY DERRIDA sits amongst a panel of researchers. DERRIDA That theory is greater accomplished with this method. DERRIDA describes an alternate postulate for a theorem offered by another professor. SUPERIMPOSE TEXT FADE IN: INTERVAL 02, DERRIDA INT. BLACK MESA LAB - EVENING HIRSCH The plan is underway for a new project. BIGIEU What type of project? HIRSCH I think you just wandered a bit past your pay grade. BIGIEU The D/GENERATION? HIRSCH You’re aware of the weapon? BIGIEU I had heard rumors, but I wasn’t sure until just now. HIRSCH The rumors are false, and it’s just conjecture. It wasn’t so long ago that you were a test subject for our research. 15. HIRSCH briskly walks away. BIGIEU scoffs softly. After a few moments, BIGIEU is terrified of the possibility. BIGIEU takes her items and leaves the room. An electronic eye embedded in the wall tracks BIGIEU as she leaves the BLACK MESA LAB. BIGIEU begins to walk towards her hover bike. GUARD # 1 Get her! BIGIEU (exclaims) Huh? GUARD # 2 Kick that bike over! GUARD # 1 kicks over the bike and GUARD # 2 fires a pulse rifle at BIGIEU. BIGIEU Ahhgh! BIGIEU falls with a thud, unconscious. The keys for the hover bike fly into the air and on the floor. CLOSE UP - KEYS ON FLOOR Keys on the floor of entrance to the BLACK MESA LAB EXT. LAB - DAY KOSHI aims a welding laser at the connection of two encasing ports on the particle accelerator. The laser fires, bright red with a light display of metallic smoke. KOSHI hands NU the accelerator. NU Firing sequence initiated. A small spark is emitted before the accelerator hits a target 300 feet away. NU (CONT’D) The particle accelerator is functional. INT. BLACK MESA LAB - EVENING Two scientists in hazardous material suits stand adjacent to a small research table. A large mutant creature lies on the table, unconscious. 16. SCIENTIST # 1 Is the prototype mobile? SCIENTIST # 2 Yes. It responded to electrical stimulus. SCIENTIST # 2 tags the creature with the label “C/GENERATION” and begins removing several implants from the creatures side. EXT. BORDER - EVENING DERRIDA speeds to a science conference, looking down at the LED clock display on his car. DERRIDA I can’t miss this. DERRIDA briefly looks on to the rear view mirror and sees nothing. He slowly sips from a thermos of coffee. DERRIDA looks down at the thermos to put it back in the holder. DERRIDA (CONT’D) This coffee is too cold. Suddenly, lights appear from the back of the car. Two hover bikes speed towards DERRIDA’S car. GUARD # 1 fires an emp pulse at the car. DERRIDA suddenly looks up. DERRIDA (CONT’D) Huh?! DERRIDA’S car stalls and falls towards to ground. The car skids along the terrain leaving a long trial of dust before coming to a standstill. There is a brief detached silence. GUARD # 1 Move in. The GUARDS approach the downed car and open the door to get to DERRIDA. CUT TO: INT. BLACK MESA HOLDING CELL - MOMENTS LATER BIGIEU wakes up from a slumber and looks towards the door of her holding cell. The cell is a pale taupe color, dimly lit. There are brief echoes of chatter from other prisoners nearby. Two prison GUARDS are near the cell, talking. 17. PRISON GUARD # 1 We found this one on the roadside after she tried to run. PRISON GUARD # 2 Yeah, she used to work here. PRISON GUARD # 1 Really? PRISON GUARD # 2 Yeah. Pretty high up. She’s a suit, or something. Corporate. The GUARDS look at BIGIEU in her cell and guffaw with muffled laughter. The GUARDS begin to walk away from the cell down the corridor, while continuing to talk. The prison WARDEN suddenly appears from a door down the corridor and walks towards the GUARDS. WARDEN We may have a broken conduit in cell block b. One of you is an engineer right? PRISON GUARD # 2 Yeah, I can check it out. All walk out. INT. LAB - MOMENTS LATER KOSHI holds up a final prototype of the particle accelerator to the light in careful thought. KOSHI Looks good. NU Is it marketable? KOSHI Yes. INT. BLACK MESA LAB - MOMENTS LATER Several guards surround DERRIDA. HIRSCH opens a door and approaches slowly from a dimly lit corridor. HIRSCH You know why we’re treating you like this? 18. DERRIDA Put the guns down. HIRSCH I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to talk to you. We need some help. They haven’t explained everything to you. I can do that, son. HIRSCH momentarily looks at one of the guards standing nearby. The guard raises a weapon in an intimidating fashion. The guards gesture for DERRIDA to walk towards the door, and everyone leaves the room and heads down a long series of corridors to get to a test chamber. Through a glass pane on the door, DERRIDA sees the unconscious figure of a small girl. The door opens and everyone walks in. DERRIDA I didn’t volunteer for this. HIRSCH You didn’t pick us. We picked you. We need you to finish this project. This is it. Really give yourself to this program. DERRIDA looks at HIRSCH briefly before beginning to walk towards the door to the main hall. HIRSCH steps in front of DERRIDA and looks directly at him. HIRSCH (CONT’D) We need you to finish this project. Can you help us, son? INT. BLACK MESA HOLDING CELL - MOMENTS LATER BIGIEU slowly goes through a transformation into her other form. She notices that the guard is asleep outside, with a key in his holster. BIGIEU This will be quick work. BIGIEU poises herself to move her tail through the door grate to get the keys. She surveys the surrounding area, slowly opening the door. BIGIEU slowly walks towards the far wall away from the cell. BIGIEU looks up and sees a nearby ledge, with a large vent grate. BIGIEU (CONT’D) I can make that. 19. BIGIEU reels back and jumps up on the ledge stealthily. BIGIEU paws at the grate and eventually manages to jar one side open, and swings out onto an adjacent wall. BIGIEU (CONT’D) How will I get out of here? BIGIEU looks around at the horizon, and then down at a a few parked hover cars. BIGIEU (CONT’D) Maybe these keys will work. BIGIEU presses the unlock button on the keys she got from the GUARD. BIGIEU notices a nearby car signal with a light. BIGIEU begins to bound quickly towards the car under the cover of night. Looking back in the distance to the LAB, BIGIEU notices a red warning signal flare and a siren go off. BIGIEU (CONT’D) I need to move. As BIGIEU nears the car, she slows to a walk pace, and slowly transforms back into her human self, hiding behind the quarter panel of the car and looking up at the LAB. She can see some detachments headed for her location. BIGIEU (CONT’D) Nice car. At the car door, BIGIEU opens the hinge to enter the vehicle. BIGIEU (CONT’D) This nav should get me back. The hover car slowly raises from the ground and takes off into space with a burst of light, while being trailed by the detachments from the LAB. INT. BLACK MESA LAB - MOMENTS LATER GUARD # 1 Sir, a signal flare was set off. Looks like we have an escape. HIRSCH looks downwards in a brief moment of urgency, and looks back up at DERRIDA. HIRSCH We’ll talk later, son. 20. HIRSCH hurriedly walks out of the LAB into the main hall. 21. INT. KOSHI’S HOUSE - NIGHT WINTOUR’S EMPLOYEE walks up to the door of the house and rings the bell. KOSHI opens the door and smiles, as does the employee. SUPERIMPOSE TEXT FADE IN: INTERVAL 03, R&D WINTOUR’S EMPLOYEE Here they are. KOSHI Thank you. As the employee walks away, KOSHI closes the door. Right before the door closes, a hand pushes back on the door from the other side. KOSHI Hmm. KOSHI opens the door and sees WINTOUR. KOSHI Oh boy. What the hell are you doing here? Don’t you have things to do? WINTOUR laughs. WINTOUR How have you been? KOSHI Well. Come on in. WINTOUR looks at KOSHI’S arm. WINTOUR What happened?! KOSHI I’ll tell you about it. WINTOUR and KOSHI walk inside. WINTOUR sees a pink bra hung up on the top of a chair at the table and clears her throat. KOSHI runs up to the bra and throws it under the table, blushing. WINTOUR and KOSHI take a seat at the dining table. WINTOUR So what have you been up to? 22. KOSHI Things. Been doing some research. What you see now is the result of an experiment that went haywire, but I’m using it to make something that I can sell, hopefully in bulk. WINTOUR I think you’re going to do all right. And this thing your working on, I have a good feeling about it. Like maybe it’s going to help us out. KOSHI Yeah. WINTOUR smiles and looks around before getting up and starting back for the door. KOSHI opens the door and shakes WINTOUR’S hand. KOSHI Thanks for coming by. You sure knocked me for a loop coming all the way out here. As WINTOUR leaves, KOSHI notices a drunk man shouting expletives on the adjacent street. Not immediately sensing any threat, KOSHI walks up to the man. KOSHI (CONT’D) What are you doing? MIKE THE COWBOY Who the fuck are you? KOSHI Whoa there. Take it easy. MIKE THE COWBOY You wanna die? MIKE THE COWBOY brandishes a handgun and points it at KOSHI. KOSHI You got me. KOSHI walks at a normal pace up to MIKE THE COWBOY. MIKE THE COWBOY Don’t move! KOSHI continues walking and aims the gun downwards. MIKE THE COWBOY looks at KOSHI in surprise. 23. KOSHI The barrel on that thing’s a little long.. Between that and the wide gauge it’s gonna diminish your FPS. They both walk back to the house. They enter the house. KOSHI (CONT’D) What’s your name. MIKE THE COWBOY Mike. My friends call me Mike the cowboy. KOSHI Well I’ve never heard of you. MIKE THE COWBOY What about you? KOSHI Koshi. MIKE THE COWBOY That’s way cooler! KOSHI No it’s not. A GIRL walks in the main hall from another room and looks suspiciously at MIKE THE COWBOY. GIRL Who is that? KOSHI That’s nobody. Get some rest. The GIRL, in a long nightgown, walks up to the sink and quickly grabs a red plastic cup and fills it with water, cautiously eyeing MIKE THE COWBOY. She quickly scampers away to the same room she exited. MIKE THE COWBOY Nice girl. KOSHI Yeah, it happens to the best of us. MIKE THE COWBOY How come I can’t meet girls like that? 24. KOSHI Maybe never. Your Russian accent. Both laugh. INT. BLACK MESA LAB - THE NEXT DAY Several scientists approach the glass encasement of the test chamber. DERRIDA, performing tests on a console nearby, walks out. The gaunt, pale appearance of the D/GENERATION project, clamped to a upright metal platform becomes visible as the lights slowly raise. SCIENTIST # 1 We have to approach with caution. SCIENTIST # 2 Yes. SCIENTIST # 2 begins to apply a sedative to the D/GENERATION while performing various motor/reflex tests. The tests concluded, both wait for the sedative to dissipate. The D/GENERATION gains consciousness. D/GENERATION (disoriented, raspy) Aaaargh. SCIENTIST # 1 Are you with us? There is silence. SCIENTIST # 1 (CONT’D) Can you hear us? Further silence ensues while the D/GENERATION looks up at the SCIENTIST through the glass window. SCIENTIST # 1 (CONT’D) I repeat, Can you- D/GENERATION Yes. What would you have me do? SCIENTIST # 1 We have to run some tests, and then you will be tasked. D/GENERATION I understand. 25. INT. BLACK MESA LAB - MOMENTS LATER DERRIDA completes work on a small automated messenger robot that can successfully evacuate the holding area where he is being kept to send a message to the outside world to inform society of his capture. DERRIDA (in a soft voice) Now go forth! DERRIDA turns the droid on and a small red light emits from it, as it slowly raises from the ground, cloaking itself, and flying out of the window grate. INT. VINTAGE HOUSE - AFTERNOON SUPERIMPOSE TEXT: SEVERAL YEARS EARLIER ALMA Mommy! ALMA runs towards her mother ALICE and hugs her ecstatically. The force of her hug immediately hurts her. ALICE Alma! Don’t hug so hard! ALMA Sorry. ALMA backs away and smiles, still excited. ALMA scampers away to her room. MICHAEL We need to take her to Susie. She’ll figure out what’s with her. ALICE, ALMA and MICHAEL drive in their hover car to see a psychologist for evaluation of ALMA’S condition. They approach a pastel blue building with square glass windows, halfway closed with blinds. A wooden sign reads “Driscoll Counseling Services” outside in large white letters on a deep red background. INT. DRISCOLL COUNSELING SERVICES - MOMENTS LATER All walk in. SUSAN Hey guys! 26. ALMA Hi. MICHAEL Hey. CUT TO: INT. DRISCOLL COUNSELING SERVICES - MOMENTS LATER SUSAN eyes ALMA uncomfortably. SUSAN looks down at her watch and then back at ALMA. SUSAN Do you know why you’re here today? ALMA No. SUSAN laughs at the response. ALMA, instinctively triggered by the mocking laughter, suddenly becomes enraged. Small items begin to fly up into the air around them. SUSAN Oh my word! What is going on? ALMA No. The items fly towards SUSAN and she falls of her chair, shrieking. SUSAN Help! Police! ALMA looks at SUSAN and sits still in her chair, unaware of any danger of capture. SUSAN scrambles for her phone and dials the police. SUSAN retreats behind her mahogany table and sits there until they arrive. EXT. DRISCOLL COUNSELING SERVICES - LATER Police arrive on the scene in two metallic hover cars, red and blue diode lights flashing in the background. INT. DRISCOLL COUNSELING SERVICES - MOMENTS LATER The police enter the building. The office is a mess, papers strewn about and stationary lying on the floor. ALMA is still sitting in her chair, and SUSAN is cowering behind the mahogany table. SUSAN points her finger at ALMA. 27. ALMA Hi! POLICE OFFICER # 1 Whoa there! Having difficulty associating a threat with a child, the police officer does not immediately restrain her. POLICE OFFICER # 2 What happened? SUSAN She attacked me! POLICE OFFICER # 2 How? SUSAN I don’t know! She threw everything at me. EXT. DRISCOLL COUNSELING SERVICES - LATER One police car speeds away while ALMA is escorted to another. CLOSE UP - ALMA is walked to a car and shown inside, and looks back through the side window as the car travels slowly into the distance. FADE TO: INT. BLACK MESA LAB - PRIOR TO THE FLASHBACK ALMA, now the D/GENERATION, is shown unconscious clamped to a vertical metal plate. INT. A.U. MILITARY BASE - AFTERNOON Several military officers sit around a command center. Commander Valerian sits at the helm, in a idle, decadent pose. A dispatch light is enabled. OFFICER # 1 Sir, we have an incoming transmission. VALERIAN On screen. The main screen shows a transmission from DERRIDA. 28. DERRIDA If you are getting this, we are in grave danger. GENOVA BIOTECH, the company that is responsible for many of the weapons you already use, has now captured me. They plan on unleashing a new weapon into the world called the D/GENERATION, and I am under duress to help complete it. Once complete, it could be one of the most devastating terror weapons the world has ever seen. OFFICER # 1 What?! Everyone in the room looks at the screen in confusion and bewilderment. The screen then depicts several schematics to demonstrate the progress on the D/GENERATION. Finally, the screen fades to a video capture of the D/GENERATION itself, mutated and bloody. The transmission ends. VALERIAN Get Jim on the phone. OFFICER # 1 briefly looks at the COMMANDER in silence. VALERIAN (CONT’D) (yelling) Now! INT. LAB - MOMENTS LATER KOSHI sits on his chair looking at several different fuse reactors for the new prototype while slowly sipping an iced tea and eating papayas from a bowl. NU The prototype is ready. KOSHI gets out of his seat and walks out of the lab and looks into the sunset. In the distance, a red moon can be seen. INT. A.U. MILITARY BASE MAIN OFFICE - MOMENTS LATER VALERIAN, at his desk, is on the phone with JIM RAYNOR, a contractor he’s worked with in the past that specializes in covert operations, detective work, and black ops intel gathering. 29. VALERIAN We got a problem here, Jim. JIM RAYNOR Yeah? What are we talking about? VALERIAN A terror threat. Reported from a respected man out of MIT, who was taken prisoner not too long ago. JIM RAYNOR Who from MIT? VALERIAN Derrida, the bioscientist. Worked for us for some -- JIM RAYNOR Yeah, I’ve heard. What’s the target? VALERIAN Possibly everything. Possibly the next war. I need information. I need to know how to proceed on this. In a message he sent to us, he mentioned Genova Biotech is behind it, likely and a man named Hirsch is likely at the helm of that group. JIM RAYNOR (after a brief silence) Yeah.. well you need to contact the people that worked for the group. They had private investment too, out of government subsidies, didn’t they? VALERIAN Yeah. And I want zip lock mouths on this until the threat is neutralized. We don’t want a widespread panic or rioting in the public. There is a brief silence. JIM RAYNOR Give me a minute. VALERIAN All-- 30. JIM RAYNOR hangs up on VALERIAN and looks through a database file containing a list of names linked to Genova Biotech, and finds a list of investors in an old spreadsheet file. At the top of the list, he sees the name JACOB HARGREAVE. Looking through a search engine he learns that JACOB HARGREAVE is a wealthy private investor who is himself a successful entrepreneur in bioresearch. JIM RAYNOR Suspicious? JIM RAYNOR dials JACOB HARGREAVE’S listed home phone number. JACOB HARGREAVE Hello? JIM RAYNOR Hello Mr. Hargreave, this is Jim Raynor, private investigator. May I have a moment of your time? JACOB HARGREAVE (quizzical) Sure, I’m not busy. May I ask what this is about? JIM RAYNOR Have you ever invested in the company Genova Biotech before? JACOB HARGREAVE Yes. Years ago, Private research fund. Going places, they had a good stage 2 bioresearch team developing a vaccine for tuberculosis. TB was a tough one, and they never finished it, but they made great strides. Why? JACOB HARGREAVE’S tone immediately allayed JIM RAYNOR’S fears about him, and JIM began to trust him immediately. JIM RAYNOR All right look. There’s been some kind of insurgency or plot in the company. They’ve gone rogue. They are currently developing or have already deployed a functioning biological weapon which apparently has some kind of sentient power. This is it. 31. JACOB HARGREAVE What?! JIM RAYNOR I’m telling you, it’s as bad as you’re thinking. JACOB HARGREAVE is briefly silent. JIM RAYNOR Can you give me something to go on here? I don’t have to say this, but we may be able to make this worth your while if you help us. I received a call from VALERIAN, heads the A.U. military branch. JACOB HARGREAVE Yeah. I believe we’ve met once long ago in a soiree being held somewhere in Los Angeles. A good man. JIM RAYNOR What can you do? JACOB HARGREAVE I know someone who used to work for Genova Biotech, and if what you are saying has happened already, she must have out of her own morality left her post. Let me call her, her name is BIGIEU. You’ll hear back soon. JIM RAYNOR Thanks. INT. JACOB HARGREAVE’S OFFICE - MOMENTS LATER JACOB HARGREAVE hurriedly dials BIGIEU’S number, hoping for a response. BIGIEU is asleep, still resting from the escape. In hiding, she is in a rented hotel going under a different alias. She hears her cell phone ring. Wearily opening her eyes and getting up, she walks towards the phone. BIGIEU (wearily, concealed voice) Who is this? 32. JACOB HARGREAVE May I speak to Bigieu please? Is this her? BIGIEU Jacob? JACOB HARGREAVE Yes. What happened? Did you hear about Genova’s plan yet? BIGIEU I suspected it and they captured me, I managed to escape and I’m in hiding now. JACOB HARGREAVE Oh my word, child. I hope you’re all right. BIGIEU I’m hanging in. JACOB HARGREAVE It’s worse. BIGIEU How? What are you talking about? BIGIEU looks down at her leg, noticing a long wound on her thigh that she had previously not seen because of the fur. BIGIEU hisses. JACOB HARGREAVE What was that? BIGIEU Nothing. JACOB HARGREAVE Their terror threat.. it’s likely functional. We’re all in danger. BIGIEU What?! They were not ready for deployment. It was too unstable.. JACOB HARGREAVE I got a call from a private contractor who works for the A.U... It has begun. 33. BIGIEU I know someone. I think he may be able to help. Give me their number and I will talk to you soon okay? JACOB HARGREAVE Hang in there child. You’ll be doing us all a favor. INT. BLACK MESA CORPORATE OFFICE - EVENING Darkness shrouds the office of the GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR. GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR They’ve been informed. HIRSCH Yes. GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR Who? HIRSCH momentarily pauses. HIRSCH It can’t have been one of ours. I would say-- The GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR slowly looks up at HIRSCH, his eyes glowing a dull red. His hand on the table, several objects around on the table begin to slowly levitate. GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR (impatiently) Who? HIRSCH BIGIEU. It was BIGIEU. The GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR releases the objects and turns away facing the opposing window. GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR Where is she? HIRSCH She used one of our patrol cars and dumped it once she reached the planet. She must be at the American Union base or hiding out. GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR I want her found. 34. HIRSCH Understood. INT. LAB - LATER KOSHI positions himself to run straight at the wall and begins to run, bounding upwards and performing a repeated wall jump until he reaches a higher ledge. Using a sleight of hand technique, KOSHI fires several charged bolts from the armature turret, aimed at several targets on the ground, hitting them all with precision. KOSHI lands on ground with one knee hitting the ground / one hand poised dramatically. NU It appears as though -- KOSHI Yes. The suit’s targeting system is functional. I get it. KOSHI stands up and walks towards the computer desk, performing a few more tests, while NU continues working on analyzing the suit’s integrity and propulsion systems by looking at several graph displays on a terminal screen. The phone rings momentarily at the desk. Seeing BIGIEU’S id, KOSHI has a puzzled look on his face. KOSHI picks up the phone. KOSHI (CONT’D) Look.. I’m -- BIGIEU Yeah drop it I know you’re seeing someone. KOSHI looks at BIGIEU in silence. BIGIEU This is a long story, but we are in a terrible plight. All of us. Listen to me. KOSHI (concerned) Are you all right? What happened? BIGIEU They got me too. I just hightailed it -- KOSHI Genova. 35. BIGIEU Yes. Suddenly, KOSHI begins to grow angry. His intuition guides him to assume what could have happened. KOSHI What did they do to you? BIGIEU They tried to keep me from talking. And now they’ve prepped a bio- weapon that can wipe us all out. You must help us. You’re our only hope. I’ve seen that bio-suit schematic. You surely must help us. KOSHI What’s the target? BIGIEU It’s called the D/GENERATION. It’s apparently been activated, and can unleash havoc on the city, or worse. KOSHI looks down and looks out at the window in hope. KOSHI Yes, we shall prevail. INT. BLACK MESA LAB - THE NEXT DAY The test chamber dark, the D/GENERATION gradually awakens and looks straight ahead, into the glass encasement. In a sudden burst of rage, she begins to raise several objects outside the chamber gradually, hurling them at the wall. A red siren goes off. Several scientists run into the bulkhead adjacent to the test chamber to look on at what’s happening. SCIENTIST # 1 Sedate the subject! Now! Before it goes critical. SCIENTIST # 2 Right away. SCIENTIST # 2 begins to tap controls into a panel to release a sedative gas into the chamber, while suddenly the metal on the door adjacent to the bulkhead begins to curl inwards. 36. Several metal plates underneath the SCIENTISTS bends upwards and causes them to fall, suffering a minor fracture. SCIENTIST # 3 Arrgh! SCIENTIST # 1 Move back! SCIENTISTS # 2 grabs SCIENTIST # 3 and pulls him back into safety in the adjacent door, and out of the room. SCIENTIST # 1 looks on into the camera view of the test chamber, seeing that the D/GENERATION is finally sedated, but still unstable. SCIENTIST # 1 (CONT’D) We have work to do. EXT. DESERT - LATER KOSHI, with the suit fully operational and charged, performs several maneuvers across ledges and using the natural terrain of the desert. The colors of the sky reflect vibrantly from the suit’s hull. NU looks on. NU The suit is optimally functional. KOSHI You think? KOSHI spin jumps from a small rock plateau onto the ground next to NU. KOSHI (CONT’D) You must be right. As usual. Time to take this fight to their doorstep. INT. LAB - EVENING At his desk, KOSHI studies some schematics while continuing to review the prototype arm. An incoming phone call distracts. KOSHI Hello? BIGIEU You’re supposed to be halfway around the world right now. 37. KOSHI Why’re you tryin’ to hustle me outta here? BIGIEU scoffs. KOSHI (CONT’D) Is the government involved? BIGIEU You’ll find out soon enough. KOSHI All right. You’re driving. And stop haranguing me about this stuff. Several minutes later, BIGIEU arrives in a new hovercar, beckoning to KOSHI to come in. Bringing NU, they depart into the streetway and make a turn, out of sight. EXT. A.U. MILITARY BASE ENTRANCE - LATER Arriving in the hovercar, BIGIEU arrives at a checkpoint and sees a guard on duty. BIGIEU It’s Bigieu and Koshi along with our research partner Nu. We’re here to talk to Valerian. GUARD Yes ma’am. We’ll open it up. A huge, lofty vaulted door opens, and BIGIEU waves at the guard in acknowledgement. They descend down into an underground structure. CUT TO: INT. A.U. MILITARY BASE - MOMENTS LATER BIGIEU walks up a long hallway alongside KOSHI. NU follows behind, carefully studying the surroundings. KOSHI Whatever happens in the next 20 minutes, just go with it. BIGIEU Go with what? 38. KOSHI Like that. A hydraulic vertical door opens and VALERIAN and JACOB HARGREAVE stand at the entrance to a conference room, smiling. VALERIAN Hello, everyone. Glad you could make it. KOSHI I’m not a joiner but I’ll consider secretary of defense if you ask nice. We can amend the hours a bit. All laugh. VALERIAN So Bigieu says your all right? BIGIEU He is. KOSHI Am I? KOSHI prepares the suit for a brief momentary fly through and begins surveying the room. KOSHI (CONT’D) Looks like you guys could upgrade the alloys you use for building materials. Seems dated. VALERIAN (scoffs) Koshi, we need you to help us. You know the target. KOSHI The target is something we haven’t seen yet. How do we know it’s even operational and how are we going to take it down? VALERIAN Join us at the table? Let’s talk about it. KOSHI flies around momentarily, continuing to study the window. KOSHI lands next to a chair adjacent to the conference table and takes a seat. 39. KOSHI Boy, I’m good. VALERIAN As you’ve seen, this is Koshi everyone. All applaud. VALERIAN (CONT’D) We also have Jim Raynor, one of our contractors. Beside him is Jacob Hargreave, an ex-financier of Genova Biotech, now on the good side. In our joining party, we also have Bigieu and Nu. Both are out of Genova as well, and can provide us with additional intel as we see fit. KOSHI looks at his team and then back at the table. On a monitor placed on the wall, a video appears showing a schematic of the Genova Biotech base, as well as a map describing the route there. On an adjacent monitor, several portraits appear. VALERIAN (CONT’D) Here is what we know. The operating locus, and the people. This man, HIRSCH, is at the top echelon of the group. He is believed to be one of the chief executive officers of the company as of now, although we can’t be sure because public records went dark after the company went rogue. The screens change to showing a rendering of the D/GENERATION, along with key attributes on the right screen. VALERIAN (CONT’D) Here it is, people. This is it, at any cost. If it is not eliminated, we-- KOSHI Kaboom. A lot of fallout and no room for a treaty. VALERIAN Exactly. It’s doomsday, and on a large scale. 40. (MORE) We’re talking permanent chaos, clones that can be spawned at will, regenerative capabilities. No one is safe, not our families, nor the cars parked underground 5 levels. KOSHI What are the points of weakness? VALERIAN Since we have so little intel on this thing, we don’t know yet. All we know is that from all of the assets we have, you’re really the only military opportunity to take this thing down. KOSHI I don’t want to be a martyr. VALERIAN You won’t be. We will plan this thing through. We have to be vigilant. KOSHI notices his cell phone flashing on the table, and picks it up looking at a text from home. GIRL (text messaging) What the fuck is going on over there? KOSHI (text messaging) I’m causing a row at the A.U., be there in 20. KOSHI uses the suits propulsion to throttle towards a window, open it, and fly out. All watch in awe. BIGIEU He’s all right. JIM RAYNOR You think? VALERIAN If he’s not, we’re in for it. We will, the lot of us, burn. Would someone brief him? VALERIAN picks up a dossier with information on the mission to attack Black Mesa, tentatively looking at BIGIEU. 41. VALERIAN (CONT'D) BIGIEU (sighing) Yeah. INT. KOSHI’S HOUSE - THE NEXT DAY KOSHI sits on a sofa overlooking the balcony, staring through the window. An incoming call arrives. SUPERIMPOSE TEXT FADE IN: INTERVAL 04, THE L.Z. IS HOT BIGIEU You don’t have to do this alone. You can drop the lone gunslinger act. KOSHI You know I wish I could believe that. I really do. But you gotta trust me. Contrary to popular belief I know exactly what I’m doin’. What do you people want from me anyway? BIGIEU Just e-mailed you a brief. Read the whole thing.. no skimming. KOSHI I don’t do well at reading so I’ll just have NU recite it. BIGIEU What are you.. KOSHI Yeah.. I have a peeve. Ever since I was I kid I hated reading anything unless it was a technical manual. BIGIEU Just.. be careful. All right? KOSHI scoffs softly and hangs up, putting the phone back on the table. INT. BLACK MESA LAB - AFTERNOON Now under heavy guard, the D/GENERATION remains under restraint in the test chamber. Looking on, HIRSCH studies the figure of the D/GENERATION. 42. HIRSCH Yes, it is powerful. HIRSCH briefly looks at one of the scientists. HIRSCH (CONT’D) You know we were all let down about the loss. SCIENTIST # 1 Was a good man. DERRIDA, still at gunpoint, looks on in dismay. HIRSCH So make it count, gentlemen. SCIENTIST # 2 Now, the subject is stable. From what we can tell. SCIENTIST # 1 Release the prototype droid. SCIENTIST # 2 Acknowledged. A small droid flies in from a small opening in the wall of the test chamber. Almost immediately the moving object catches the glance of the D/GENERATION. The D/GENERATION raises its arm and lobs a charged bolt of lighting at the droid. It flies to the floor, destroyed, before finally exploding. DERRIDA, sitting at a console nearby, looks up at the test chamber in dismay, still vehemently against the progress being made. DERRIDA looks on at HIRSCH, deeply concerned at the outcome. HIRSCH continues admiring the test chamber, pleased. HIRSCH Yes, yes. It recognizes a threat, and does not attack unprovoked. EXT. DESERT - LATER Adjacent to KOSHI’S lab, the group are in the middle of a small desert training station, surrounded by a barbed fence. KOSHI Ok guys, just.. Do what you need to. And be quiet about it. 43. MIKE THE COWBOY This thing is not firing. MIKE THE COWBOY attempts to fire a laser weapon, but the safety is still on. BIGIEU It has dual safeties. KOSHI I don’t mean to clip your wings here but you gotta use the sleight of hand technique. KOSHI quickly reloads an AK-47 and fires the entire magazine, and drops it and does the same with a uranium core laser weapon. KOSHI (CONT’D) Depleted core, depleted magazine. Same thing. MIKE THE COWBOY Yes but the reticle? BIGIEU points to the reticle’s targeting sight enabling button and turns it on. BIGIEU Here. KOSHI Mike, could you please not do something awful for 5 seconds? MIKE THE COWBOY laughs and fires at several distant trees, hitting them all with the weapon. KOSHI (CONT’D) Better. But now you’re out of ammo. KOSHI tosses another uranium core magazine to MIKE THE COWBOY who reloads and fires again. WIDE SHOT - THE ENTIRE SCENE KOSHI fires at two distant targets and this them both, quickly reloading with a sleight of hand technique. TIME CUT: BIGIEU fires a series of mines in the air that fall to the ground and run towards a laser painted target, detonating. 44. ANGLE ON - HORIZON The team continues training. The skies darken and a smattering of city lights turn on as the evening approaches. EXT. BLACK MESA LAB - EVENING Several cloaked drones patrol a lush, remote jungle region. Heavy canopy cover fills the skies, and rays of sun travel through to the cloaked entrance of Black Mesa. INT. BLACK MESA LAB - MOMENTS LATER The D/GENERATION walks along a long, reinforced corridor. At the other end is a door, which opens, revealing a scientist with heavy armor. Upon seeing the scientist, the D/GENERATION initially raises defense. The D/GENERATION lets out a raspy snarl at the scientist, before remaining idle. HIRSCH and another scientist monitoring from another test chamber discuss their findings. HIRSCH She’s ready. SCIENTIST # 1 Yes. Temperance at the sight of one of ours. HIRSCH Release a few of the drones. Some test drones, bearing enemy designations, are released into the corridor. The D/GENERATION immediately assumes offensive positioning and fires electrical arcs at one of the drones. The scientist uses a depleted uranium laser rifle to take down another drone. The final drone fires at the D/GENERATION, briefly stunned. The D/GENERATION raises its arm and psycho-kinetically draws the drone nearer, before crushing it in mid-air as it falls to the ground. The scientist exists the corridor, receding behind the armored door after it closes, breathing heavily, terrified. HIRSCH (CONT’D) The odds are in our favor. But every rose has it’s thorn. Let’s try to keep this one short trimmed. SCIENTIST # 1 Yes sir. 45. DERRIDA, at the console, stares abysmally into the test chamber. HIRSCH Derrida, come here. I want to talk to you, son. DERRIDA walks up to HIRSCH, a guard carefully tracking him from a nearby ledge. HIRSCH You did really good, son. HIRSCH pats DERRIDA on the shoulder. DERRIDA looks at HIRSCH’S hand, and back at HIRSCH, expressionless. DERRIDA Yeah. I don’t have a whole lot to say. HIRSCH The worst is over. We may just get out of this yet. HIRSCH walks out of the room. DERRIDA looks back at the test chamber, hopelessly looking on at the controlled destructive power of the D/GENERATION. INT. KOSHI’S HOUSE - THE NEXT DAY KOSHI sits on the sofa, exhausted. The GIRL is sleeping on a table outside on the balcony, covered in a green Miley Cyrus blanket. An incoming call arrives, and the girl perks her head up, in a daze. GIRL Oh, that’s not me. KOSHI You really need to change your incoming call tone to be different from mine. Seriously. KOSHI picks up the phone. KOSHI Hello? VALERIAN Hey there, it’s me. KOSHI And who might that be? 46. VALERIAN Valerian, from the A.U. KOSHI You have a really memorable voice I totally remember you now. VALERIAN All right, all right. Listen, we’re going to fly you in with your team to the Black Mesa outskirts. It’s located in the Caquetá region of Colombia, northwest of Brazil. Triangulated that locus from both DERRIDA’S transmission as well as intel from BIGIEU. Neither knew the original location themselves but had tracking devices miles from the target. KOSHI You guys did your homework. VALERIAN Look, are you going to go along with this thing or not? KOSHI I just don’t want to see any of my people get hurt. I can go as far as taking that thing down, but as soon as the target is incapacitated I'm outta there. What are the targets? VALERIAN The D/GENERATION, HIRSCH and any high level officers in the lab. There are rumors there is a a DIRECTOR OF GENOVA BIOTECH as well, but we have no further intel on him. KOSHI Got it. VALERAIN That’s all we need. We’re counting on you, son. KOSHI It’s gonna be fun. Relax about it. And don’t call me son, it doesn’t make sense. 47. Hanging up, the GIRL eyes KOSHI suspiciously. GIRL What do they want? KOSHI They want me to go kill some bad guys. GIRL Oh my god! The GIRL runs towards KOSHI and hugs him. KOSHI looks at the GIRL. KOSHI I love Miley Cyrus. GIRL Do you love me? KOSHI (looking at the blanket) Yeah. GIRL You love me? KOSHI Yep. Staring at the blanket, KOSHI is lulled into a comfortable sleep. INT. A.U. MILITARY BASE - MORNING At the main conference room, JIM RAYNOR, VALERIAN, and JACOB HARGREAVE all sit looking at the communications terminal. A green light signals on the left side of the display. KOSHI I’m here. All leave the conference room. EXT. A.U. MILITARY HANGAR - MOMENTS LATER KOSHI, BIGIEU, and MIKE THE COWBOY raise their hands in greeting to VALERIAN, JIM RAYNOR, JACOB HARGREAVE, and a few munitions / transport agents. 48. KOSHI Trip was good. VALERIAN Yeah. I know you’re not a morning person. KOSHI Never have been. That’s why I look so glazed over. Been training though. MIKE THE COWBOY re-checks the safety on his laser rifle and studies the barrel before looking back at the party. VALERIAN Ok. We’re here to make sure this goes to plan. And unless I’m very mistaken, we will go down in history as the first and only paramilitary group to ever neutralize a terror threat, at least for some time. You aren’t formally trained by any A.U. organization and yet you are our best, our only hope at this juncture. KOSHI What’s the expected presence at the L.Z.? VALERIAN Maybe a dozen or so. It’s cloaked, so you’ll need to use infrared goggles to detect them. We have the element of surprise, but within a few minutes, they’ll be on full alert. So we have to move quickly. We’ll be guiding you from our HQ here, but once you’re inside, our communication channel will be cut because of the shielding on the metal walls of the base, so you’re on your own. We can get you there, but we can’t walk you through. Good luck. KOSHI Yeah. BIGIEU Thank you. 49. EXT. BLACK MESA LAB - AFTERNOON The lush jungle surrounds the horizon. After reaching the target coordinates, the team rappels down from a stealth helicopter to the ground, about 500 meters from the entry point. Immediately sensing danger, BIGIEU transforms into her feline self. All of the members of the team put on their infrared goggles. KOSHI We have about 3 drones, all cloaked. Looks unmanned. BIGIEU I’ll scout ahead. KOSHI nods, and BIGIEU walks quietly ahead, using infrared binoculars to scan the distance. Suddenly, two drones appear behind KOSHI, coming out of tree cover and de-cloaking. MIKE THE COWBOY suddenly notices the decloaking. KOSHI looks at MIKE THE COWBOY and his sudden reaction. KOSHI What do we got?! MIKE THE COWBOY aims the laser rifle at the drones. KOSHI quickly ducks his head. MIKE THE COWBOY fires the rifle, and the drones go careening off to the side. One hits the ground, exploding on contact, and another hits a tree and sustains an electrical explosion before landing on the ground and crashing in a larger fiery blast. KOSHI looks up at MIKE THE COWBOY, surprised. MIKE THE COWBOY You’re welcome. KOSHI regains composure and walks forward slowly, leading behind BIGIEU. BIGIEU Wait. The team pauses behind a dead wooden log in front of the base entrance. 50. BIGIEU (CONT’D) We need to disable all the armored defenses, and take out the mobile drones. Best bet is to use emp rockets for the defenses, and use heat seeking emp rockets on the drones to guarantee a hit. If we can take them all out in under 30 seconds, they wont have time to react. I have the normal EMP missiles. KOSHI And I, the heat seeking. On my count.. 3.. 2.. 1. BIGIEU and KOSHI simultaneously fire their rocket packs. Several rockets fly towards the defensive turrets. The turret manages to lock on to one of the missiles and it explodes on impact. The other makes a direct hit. The heat seeking missiles target towards the drone and manage to make a hit. The drone goes careening to the ground in a fiery explosion. BIGIEU One down. BIGIEU fires another missile and it manages to eviscerate the remaining turret. KOSHI aims and fires another heat seeking missile at the remaining drone, now scanning the destroyed drone. It faces towards the missile and begins firing a semi- automatic pulse rounds at the missile, but misses. The remaining drone is hit by the missile, and destroyed instantly. INT. BLACK MESA CORPORATE OFFICE - MOMENTS LATER HIRSCH runs up to the door of the office and knocks loudly. GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR Come in. The door opens and HIRSCH is out of breath from running to get there. HIRSCH We have a breach. Entry point. GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR Good. Is the D/GENERATION defensive protocol in effect? It was plotted? HIRSCH Yes. 51. GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR Let’s let them duke it out. Get DERRIDA in here, now. INT. BLACK MESA LAB - MOMENTS LATER The D/GENERATION, aware of the threat, spawns several A/Generations instantly at the entrance. EXT. BLACK MESA LAB - MOMENTS LATER BIGIEU looks around in the distance, sensing danger. BIGIEU What the hell? KOSHI Take them out! All fire at the A/Generation creatures until they are taken down. BIGIEU cautiously treads towards the entrance, looking around for targets. BIGIEU Clear. All move towards the entrance and make their way in. BIGIEU (CONT’D) They are probably on alert by now, we need to be careful. KOSHI You’re still a cat. BIGIEU Yeah, the adrenaline. They walk down a long corridor into a larger, vaulted hallway. Suddenly, the D/GENERATION appears and knocks BIGIEU unconscious. BIGIEU (CONT’D) Argh! KOSHI I got him, get back Mike! MIKE THE COWBOY looks at KOSHI. KOSHI (CONT’D) Get back! 52. MIKE THE COWBOY quickly recedes back into the corridor near the hallway. KOSHI aims the particle accelerator at the D/GENERATION, firing several pulses. Unharmed, the D/GENERATION fires an electrical arc at KOSHI and cloaks. KOSHI spin jumps out of the way of the arc before impact, landing next to BIGIEU. The D/GENERATION re-appears and fires a bolt of chain lightning at BIGIEU. KOSHI uses the particle accelerator to bounce some of the lightning away from BIGIEU, but is hit with the remaining energy. KOSHI falls backwards. KOSHI (CONT’D) Ahh! KOSHI, on his back, looks up as the D/GENERATION approaches slowly. MIKE THE COWBOY Koshi! The D/GENERATION and KOSHI both look at MIKE THE COWBOY from the corridor. MIKE THE COWBOY tosses the core of his laser rifle towards the center of the room, and KOSHI uses the particle accelerator to propel it towards the D/GENERATION. The D/GENERATION attempts to cloak but is hit before fully cloaked. The D/GENERATION is momentarily pushed backwards. D/GENERATION Urrgh! Several arcs of light coalesce in front of the D/GENERATION before a single orb of light flies towards KOSHI. The D/GENERATION stands up and begins to run from the hallway, cloaks and is no longer seen. MIKE THE COWBOY walks in from the corridor to join the party. KOSHI What the. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. The orb enters into the biosuit. An electrical pulse emanates from the turret arm, pulling KOSHI towards the far wall. KOSHI (CONT’D) What? The beam dissipates. KOSHI (CONT’D) A grappling beam? 53. KOSHI aims the turret arm towards a ledge in the hallway and fires another round of the grappling beam, almost intuitively. KOSHI (CONT’D) Yep. A grappling beam. Nice. BIGIEU That thing’s still alive. KOSHI Yeah. So let’s find it. You’ve used these terminals before right? Try to get to a map of the complex. BIGIEU Unless they changed the code I used, I can still get in. But we have no way of knowing which way it went, the map wont track it. KOSHI Maybe we won’t have to. If we can get to the HQ, it will attack out of self-preservation and trained instinct. Right? BIGIEU I really don’t know. Suddenly, two B/Generations appear from the corridor. MIKE THE COWBOY quickly looks in their direction. MIKE THE COWBOY We got company! MIKE THE COWBOY fires a laser pulse at one of the B/Generations, and it falls to the ground writhing before coming to a stop. The remaining B/Generation jumps in the air and prepares to attack BIGIEU, who jumps up and uses a claw attack to critically wound the B/Generation. She then uses her tail and throws it to the ground, crushing it. The party walks out of the main hallway into the newly opened door they saw the D/GENERATION flee into. Suddenly, an inanimate object on the left side transforms into a walking, zombie-like creature. With a sharp, pincer claw, the creature lunges at MIKE THE COWBOY. BIGIEU Watch out! 54. BIGIEU’s fast reflexes allow her to block the attack with her forearm and knock the creature back with a kick. KOSHI quickly fires a cryo-grenade, freezing the creature and causing it to shatter. KOSHI We gotta make sure these things don’t re-animate. For any masquerading targets use cryo ammunition. Freezes ‘em. The party walks across a weapon storage room entrance. KOSHI (CONT’D) There’s gotta be stuff we can use in there. Help me get this door open. BIGIEU I have door breach packs, stand back. BIGIEU plants door breach incendiaries on the door and the team moves back behind a far wall, and detonates the door, causing the door to fall backwards. BIGIEU (CONT’D) Okay. Easy enough. KOSHI Wait. Let me go in alone, don’t want to get you guys infected with anything in there. My suit can handle it. KOSHI walks in and sees several different canisters, experimental in nature. In the canisters are living organisms, likely the result of experimentation. KOSHI (CONT’D) (jokingly) If I can get a couple boxes of this stuff I’ll be right as rain. As KOSHI walks towards the canisters, small beams of light attach to KOSHI’S suit and eventually absorb. KOSHI (CONT’D) Argh! Feeling a sudden weakness, KOSHI falls backwards and collapses in the center of the storage room. 55. BIGIEU Koshi! BIGIEU and MIKE THE COWBOY run in the room and drag KOSHI back into the main hall. MIKE THE COWBOY Maybe he just needs recover. BIGIEU Let’s wait here for him. We need him in case we run into the D/GENERATION again. MIKE THE COWBOY Got it. In the distance from the corridor, the D/GENERATION decloaks and begins spawning B/Generations which run towards the party. As soon as the D/GENERATION decloaks, KOSHI gains awareness. KOSHI sits upright and looks at the oncoming threat. KOSHI Bigieu get up on that ledge and take Mike with you. BIGIEU crouches and high-jumps up on a nearby ledge, and puts down a grate for MIKE THE COWBOY to crawl up on. KOSHI gets up and fires incendiary grenades at the oncoming B/Generations. Looking to his left, he sees another canister with a purple organism, which appears to come in and out of visibility. KOSHI (CONT’D) Damn! I missed that. Didn’t even see it. KOSHI runs to the canister and stands near it, and suddenly begins to phase out of visibility momentarily. As the grenades explode, KOSHI runs up on the ledge and grabs onto the grate, joining the party on an adjacent ventilation shaft. KOSHI shifts briefly from invisibility before becoming completely visible. KOSHI (CONT’D) (whispers) Tangos down. BIGIEU How did you do that?! 56. KOSHI There was a sample in the other room, I absorbed it. But it looks like it’s temporary, and I don’t think I can do that again unless we find another sample. Let’s keep going, taking down anything else we find in here. BIGIEU Through the vent. The party proceeds through the ventilation shaft to the entrance of a science bay. Several scientists are huddled behind furniture. SCIENTIST # 1 Please! Don’t shoot! SCIENTIST # 2 They kept us here. It was them. KOSHI Relax. Your company has unleashed a terror threat that, unless I take it down, will pose a serious threat for national security. Do us a favor and do what we say, and you’ll all go home in one piece. Understood? The scientists nod in affirmation. SCIENTIST # 1 Okay, here is a schematic map to the entire lab. You’ll need to use this tunnel here to get to the D/GENERATION. KOSHI How do you know it’s in there? BIGIEU He doesn’t. BIGIEU pushes the scientists face on the control panel with her paw aggressively. BIGIEU (CONT’D) Talk! SCIENTIST # 1 Argh! All right! 57. BIGIEU releases the scientist. SCIENTIST # 1 (CONT’D) Here. SCIENTIST # 1 gets a keycard and hands it to BIGIEU. BIGIEU What the hell is this? SCIENTIST # 1 You’ll need that to access the restricted areas. BIGIEU Just cough up the maps. Hurry it up. KOSHI looks around and hears something in the distance. BIGIEU looks around, in a similar manner. KOSHI We got company. Hide behind the control panel unless you wanna get yourselves killed. The scientists horde behind a control panel while several armed guards appear. BIGIEU These must be the security team in the lab. What took you guys so long? KOSHI They were probably evading the spawns. Come get it you limp-dick fuckups! BIGIEU laughs and pounces on a nearby wall throwing a spider grenade at the opposing force. The grenade runs towards one of the soldiers and explodes, knocking him backwards to his death. One of the soldiers tosses a fragmentation grenade at the center of the room in front of the party SOLDIER # 1 Clear! As the grenade flies towards the ground, BIGIEU bats it back to the same soldier with her tail, and it explodes, leaving behind a gnarled husk. 58. KOSHI Nice one. The scientists walk up from the control panel and go to a storage bin full of schematics and maps, handing them to BIGIEU. SCIENTIST # 1 Here! Take it! What good is this to us now? KOSHI It’s not. Now be quiet about it. Unless you want to get eaten. SCIENTIST # 1 What makes you think I’ll get eaten? KOSHI stares at SCIENTIST # 1 briefly. The party walks out of the science bay. BIGIEU The D/GENERATION was kept in the testing chamber. That’s all I know about where it was before they got me. KOSHI Ok that’s where we’re headed. VALERIAN told me about two other guys, HIRSCH and the DIRECTOR OF GENOVA BIOTECH. BIGIEU (flashing upon a recall) Yeah! Of course. We have to tie up those loose ends. I have an attack droid here, if we set it to follow the map schematic it will find and tranquilize the targets. We can probably bet DERRIDA is in the same room as the others. They wouldn’t abandon their prize so easily. KOSHI Do it. BIGIEU reaches back into her pocket and takes out a armed sentry droid, removing the sentry prongs and attaching a small jet attachment to the reverse of the unit, configuring it to be an ATTACK DROID. 59. She programs the map configuration to the BLACK MESA CORPORATE OFFICE into the ATTACK DROID transport relay and programs instructions in before turning it on. The ATTACK DROID slowly levitates into the air and cloaks, a dim red light barely visible at its forward bow area. The party watches the ATTACK DROID’S faint light disappear behind a corner, and begins walking again. BIGIEU So how do we know the D/GENERATION is gonna be there? KOSHI We don’t. I really don’t care. Let’s just go that way. BIGIEU looks at KOSHI while they walk towards the test chamber. KOSHI (CONT’D) (agitated) What are you lookin’ at? BIGIEU You better be right about this. KOSHI Let’s hope. BIGIEU Are you in a bad mood? KOSHI pats BIGIEU on the shoulder and smiles and the party keeps going. INT. KOSHI’S HOUSE - EVENING The GIRL looks through the window in the house, surrounded by dim lights. The high, vaulted ceiling glisten with faint sparkles from the moonlight as it shines through the windows in a dim volumetric fog. Sighing, she gets up. Walking towards the counter to get water, she accidentally runs her foot into the cat lying on the floor. GIRL Ahh! Fuck! The cat suddenly wakes and scampers away. 60. GIRL (CONT’D) Fucking bag of shit! See if I feed you again. The GIRL pours water for herself and drinks it slowly at the counter, looking at the cat. The girl walks over to the cat and pets it. GIRL (CONT’D) You little fucker. Fuck, where is he?! The cat sleeps in the GIRL’s lap, and the girl rests her head on the sofa, scanning through her cell phone before letting it drop to her side and falling asleep. INT. BLACK MESA LAB - LATER The ATTACK DROID approaches a locked door marked as the entrance to the BLACK MESA CORPORATE OFFICE. The ATTACK DROID jettisons some door breach canisters and they affix to the entrance. As soon as the door is breached, the ATTACK DROID flies in and decloaks, targeting HIRSCH and the DIRECTOR OF GENOVA BIOTECH, firing xenon lasers at them both. HIRSCH Argh! GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR Ah! Both are killed instantly. Scanning further to the left, the ATTACK DROID targets DERRIDA, designated as a friendly. The droid does not fire, and speaks in a automated message. ATTACK DROID Please remain here until evac. Thank you for your cooperation. DERRIDA, still in shock from the incursion, nods at the ATTACK DROID in seeming understanding and remains barricaded behind the table of the GENOVA BIOTECH DIRECTOR. DERRIDA Looks like they got the message after all. A faint smile glistens on DERRIDA’S face, as he looks out into the courtyard from the upper levels of the lab. 61. INT. BLACK MESA LAB - LATER BIGIEU picks up a transmission on her headset. BIGIEU Just got confirmation, HIRSCH and the director are down. DERRIDA is secured. KOSHI nods. The party approaches a large containment door. BIGIEU holds up the keycard given by the scientist. BIGIEU Here. KOSHI takes the card and allows the door mechanism to read it. The party walks into the room and sees the D/GENERATION facing the other way behind a glass containment block, along with several B/Generation and C/Generation spawns. KOSHI Cover the exit! MIKE THE COWBOY stands near the exit door behind a large pillar, behind the containment entrance door. BIGIEU runs into the main chamber. As she runs, the D/GENERATION turns slowly. Several B/Generations run towards her as she throws several cloaked grenades on the ground, detonating them with a switch. The B/Generations fall backwards and disintegrate. A remaining spider mine runs towards the D/GENERATION. D/GENERATION Urgh! The D/GENERATION lobs a single arc of lightning at the mine and it explodes. Suddenly, the D/GENERATION disappears momentarily and re-appears on the adjacent side of the room. The D/GENERATION lobs a bolt of chain lightning at BIGIEU. BIGIEU jumps on the wall nearby and then down again, narrowly missing the bolt. The D/GENERATION spawns 3 C/Generations in front of it before charging KOSHI. KOSHI fires cryo rounds at the C/Generations, causing them to freeze and fall backwards, shattering on the ground. The D/GENERATION reels its arm back and then throws it forward, hitting KOSHI and causing him to fly backwards. MIKE THE COWBOY throws a flash grenade at the D/GENERATION, momentarily blinding it. 62. KOSHI Give me a couple boxes of that and I’ll be right as rain. KOSHI regains a foothold and fires several plasma rounds at the D/GENERATION, causing it to slowly stagger backwards. BIGIEU Give me the railgun! MIKE THE COWBOY tosses a railgun to BIGIEU, and throws several depleted uranium slugs at her one after another. BIGIEU catches the gun and the first 2 slugs with her hand, and the remaining slug with her tail. BIGIEU aims the railgun at the D/GENERATIONS chestplate firing, momentarily stunning it. KOSHI reels back and goes forward to fire more plasma rounds at the D/GENERATION before reeling the right arm back and punching to the left, and reeling the left arm back and punching to the right two times in quick succession. The D/GENERATION falls to the ground with the large thud. As the D/GENERATION falls, all the remnants of the B and C Generations disappear. KOSHI That was easy. BIGIEU (laughing) For some of us anyway. I-- KOSHI Look out! A BLACK MESA GUARD hiding in a nearby ventilation shaft charges BIGIEU and aims his laser rifle at her, prepared to fire. KOSHI quickly fires a cryo round at the BLACK MESA GAURD, causing his arm to freeze. BLACK MESA GUARD Ahh! BIGIEU reels back and primes a kick before unleashing a kick from the right to left. The right arm of the BLACK MESA GAURD is severed and flies to the left before shattering on the ground. BIGIEU throws an upwards kick and punch in quick succession, causing the BLACK MESA GAURD to fall backwards. KOSHI I gotta get home. Now would be good. 63. BIGIEU I like this place more than home. KOSHI Well you’re the one who worked here before, the novelty wore off for me though. And I think one of those C/Generations had the sniffles because I feel like I have strep throat. All laugh, as they walk out of the test chamber. EXT. BLACK MESA LAB - NIGHT Several large work lights are put up by the A.U. crew near the entrance of the BLACK MESA LAB. KOSHI, BIGIEU, and MIKE THE COWBOY all walk out tiredly, before stopping at an open patch of jungle near the entrance. VALERIAN walks up to them. VALERIAN studies BIGIEU. VALERIAN So you really are a cat. BIGIEU Blame it on Genova Biotech. VALERIAN laughs. VALERIAN looks at KOSHI. VALERIAN You did good. KOSHI Yeah, thank you. For the, approval and everything. Really. I need that. VALERIAN And the first thing I’m going to do now? Inform the press about this. We’ve won and no one could be happier. KOSHI Won’t they be wondering why you didn’t tell them the moment you knew of the threat? There is a brief silence. VALERIAN Let me worry about that. 64. VALERIAN dials JIM RAYNOR’S number on his cell phone. VALERIAN Jim, tell the news sources. We won. JIM RAYNOR (excitedly) You got it! VALERIAN hangs up the phone. VALERIAN Let’s get you healed up, you can take that medical barge to the nearest facility. KOSHI I just wanna go home actually. Thanks. The D/GENERATION is rolled out of the entrance to the BLACK MESA LAB in a large, shielded containment chamber. Still unconscious in the chamber, several guards accompany the crew carrying it out. BIGIEU I guess the fate of the D/GENERATION remains unknown. Shortly afterwards, the party watches DERRIDA walking out of the lab. EXT. KOSHI’S HOUSE - LATER KOSHI arrives home shortly after midnight. The GIRL is asleep. KOSHI receives an incoming call. JACOB HARGREAVE Congratulations. Great job! KOSHI Thanks. How did you get this number. JACOB HARGREAVE How do you think? KOSHI Bigieu? 65. JACOB HARGREAVE (jokingly) You did great, everyone is clamoring about the newly assured safety. Why don’t you come by. Let’s talk about it, get a bite to eat. KOSHI Yeah, as long as you watch me eat, and I pay. JACOB HARGREAVE But I’m older than you are. It’s only-- KOSHI Drop it. JACOB HARGREAVE (laughing) All right, deal. 525 Bridgewater. Green walls. KOSHI Green doesn’t look good as an exterior color. JACOB HARGREAVE What are you an exterior decorator? KOSHI No, she is. JACOB HARGREAVE laughs and hangs up. KOSHI gets back in his hovercar and types in 525 Bridgewater into the nav system and is taken there. INT. PRESS ROOM - MOMENTS LATER ARISTIDE is again faced with a panel of the press in the same room she spoke last, this time with a different demeanor. The reporters are clamoring, only this time with accusations and tones of anger. ARISTIDE Gentlemen, please. You have to understand that your investments are secure with us! Our stock price fell only a few points, and it will surely come back up. 66. From the far doorway, several police officers approach ARISTIDE and immediately detain her with handcuffs. POLICE OFFICER # 1 Ma’am, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand? ARISTIDE looks at the officer with a blank stare as she is escorted from the room. EXT. JACOB HARGREAVE’S HOUSE - LATER JACOB HARGREAVE You made it! KOSHI Yeah. Really excited to be here. KOSHI coughs. JACOB HARGREAVE Let’s take a little trip to a nice Italian place I know. KOSHI All right, go ahead I’ll follow. JACOB HARGREAVE gets in his hovercar and KOSHI trails along. The cars pass several houses, all luxuriously designed in an upscale neighborhood. Several people are celebrating in their houses after hearing the news. WIDE SHOT - HORIZON The horizon is lit with fireworks and people are clamoring from their homes and skyrises. As KOSHI and JACOB HARGREAVE drive past a house, they observe a small child. PARENT Calm down! Don’t hurt yourself. CHILD I’m Koshi, the savior of the union! The CHILD’S arms fully extended, he runs through the field of grass as if he’s soaring like an airplane. KOSHI laughs while driving. 67. KOSHI Guess that kid’s gonna be a pilot. TIME CUT: The skies turn to a pale blue as the dawn approaches in the early morning. EXT. ITALIAN RESTUARANT - MORNING KOSHI walks in with JACOB HARGREAVE. When they enter the restaurant, VALERIAN, JIM RAYNOR, and a few of the A.U. team await. ALL Surprise! KOSHI Oh boy. KOSHI looks excitedly at the crowd and keeps walking to the table. JACOB HARGREAVE You know, there is a possibility of a recurrence. If all the loose ends weren’t tied this thing could spiral out of control. KOSHI We did what we could. KOSHI drifts off into a peaceful sleep, despite all the fanfare around him. Suddenly, the GIRL appears at the restaurant and walks towards KOSHI, prodding him. Surprised, KOSHI looks up KOSHI Hey. GIRL Where the hell have you been. Get back home now. We need to talk. And fast. KOSHI (laughing) Sounds like you’re angry about something. By the way I might have the sniffles. One of those damned spawns infected me. 68. GIRL I don’t care get back there right now. KOSHI Ok but you gotta carry me. KOSHI falls back on the chair, motionless. The GIRL sighs and grabs KOSHI’s left arm with all her strength and slowly pulls him away from the table. JACOB HARGREAVE laughs. The GIRL keeps pulling KOSHI, dragging him along the floor. Eventually, they reach KOSHI’s hovercar. She begins to prop him up through the passenger side door. KOSHI How did you get here anyway? GIRL Taxi. KOSHI Ah. The GIRL finally manages to push KOSHI all the way in the passenger side door and the car is seen speeding off into the distance. INT. KOSHI’S HOUSE - THE NEXT DAY KOSHI gradually wakes, slowly walking towards a window. An incoming call arrives. BIGIEU Hey. KOSHI Hey there. How’re you holding up? BIGIEU I don’t have fur at the moment but I’m still pretty bruised up. I’m okay. KOSHI Back to your old self. Great. I’m fucking tired. BIGIEU You looked it when you walked out of the BLACK MESA LAB. 69. KOSHI Yup. So what’s up? I’m a little busy here. BIGIEU (laughs) I bet you are. Well.. I kept the map schematics we found in the science bay. Looks like they had something going on in a secure base somewhere. Might be off-planet. I don’t know a lot about it but we need to be careful there isn’t a recurrence. KOSHI Hargreave used that same word. How can we know what they have anyways? BIGIEU We just gotta get a few eyes up there and not scare the public with any unnecessary rumors. KOSHI Sounds like a job for probe droids. BIGIEU Yeah. KOSHI I gotta get some rest. Talk to you. KOSHI hangs up and looks out the window. A warm, glowing light shines in rays through the window as he looks up into the horizon. INT. KOSHI’S HOUSE - MOMENTS LATER Gradually dollying away from the house, a warm morning light is seen glistening through the window towards KOSHI. The GIRL slowly walks down a long staircase on the upper part of the frame and stands next to KOSHI looking out of the window. FADE TO BLACK. SUPERIMPOSE TEXT FADE IN: THE END 70.