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  • Week 3Diem

  • Welcome back to Silver Bend for week three! Its the Diems first up. Pony and Ambi are getting more settled in. Little Delilah was born and another baby on the way.

    This week the goal is to make a few family friends. Ponys pretty much kept to herself so far, but that needs to


  • Good boy Bane. Ambi said patting the dog on the head. The big dog learned

    another trick. They were slowly making progress. Ambi and Pony couldnt take

    jobs yet, but if they got the dogs trained they could.

  • Okay now Roll Over! Ambi encouraged. Bane just wagged his tail. Ambi sighed, putting his hands over his head. Hed

    never fulfil his lifetime want at this rate.

  • I was also up early. Toddler demands started early and my Delilah was no

    different. Nothing like a smelly diaper and a cuddle to get the morning going.

  • Ambi was head over heels with our baby girl too. I watched them fondly. It was still hard to believe I was starting a family with

    him again.

  • Delilah always made a beeline for little Courage when you set her on the floor. Courage would come find her too. They make a great pair. Shes definitely a dog

    person like her momma.

  • Ambi did most of the work in the garden. I think he liked being out there as much as I

    did. But being pregnant again kept me exhausted.

  • He went to Ambian Sounds during the day too. Diem Digs would have to wait a little

    bit until the baby was born.

  • Ambi managed well enough on his own. Pony would of made things easier, but he

    managed. It was nice to get to talk to guys for a few hours.

  • Ivy Cooper gave Ambian Sounds rank 1. Ambi puffed with pride. His business was gaining some notice in Silver Bend at last.

  • He purchased a second jukebox for his inventory with the reward for rank 1.

    Ambian Sounds ended up in the red at the end of the day, but gaining rank 1 was

    worth it.

  • Ambi returned midafternoon. Delilah and I joined him in the garden. The expanded rows needed planting and I was feeling better after a nap. Delilah played in the grass watching us work. The afternoon sunshine warm on the


  • Darkness fell and it was time for Delilahs birthday. Our little girl growing up fast. We splurged for a birthday cake, I cant

    resist spoiling kids.

  • In a burst of sparkles Delilah popped into childhood. Now we can put her to work in the garden. Teach her about nature and

    growing things.

  • Of course have fun with her too.Higher Daddy!As you wish!

  • Ambi tucked Delilah into bed after awhile. And sat down with Bane again.

    Bane shake!Bane smiled and wagged his tail.

  • Ambi! I called, woken up in the night by labor pains. Its time!

  • Little Heather was born first. She looked a lot like Delilah with her fathers red hair

    and dark blue eyes.

  • No sooner than I had Heather settled in the crib when Jonah was born. He also

    had red and deep blue eyes.

  • Ambi scooped up Heather as I fed Jonah a bottle.

  • My noise woke up Delilah. I joined her building a sandcastle on the beach. Before

    sending her back to bed.

  • I could tell her new siblings were on her mind when she headed off to school. Her first day, I hoped she would love being a

    big sister.

  • I left shortly after the school bus. It started to rain, a heavy spring rain.

    Puddles forming on the grass. Hopefully it wouldnt last long.

  • The rain stopped once I got to work at Diem Digs. It was a beautiful day. A reporter came in a pretty pink

    dress.Congratulations Pony, Im giving Diem Digs the best

    of the best award!Really, I dont even have four walls up yet.

    Doesnt affect your great customer service.

  • To make things even better Amin Sims gave me Rank 4. I decide to go for a whole

    sale discount to help restocking the permanent stock items.

  • I closed up a left as soon as darkness fell. I hung out my Best of the Best award with

    pride. Who needs walls anyways?

  • I arrived home at the same time as Delilah.Mom will you help me with my

    homework?Sure thing.

  • After slogging through common core math with Delilah, I escaped to the garden. My cucumbers had been harvested and it was

    time to replace them.

  • The twins managed to soil their diapers and need bottles at the same time. Twins, gotta love em. I took care of Jonah while

    Ambi tended Heather.

  • Ambi and I fell into a exhausted sleep shortly after midnight.

  • All to begin again in a few hours.

  • Delilah loved the small pond. She spent every moment before school fishing in the


  • Courage grew up promptly at ten. He takes a lot after Bane. But look at his little

    white tail tip.

  • After hearing about runaway dogs in BACCs I slapped a collar on Courage. I

    didnt want to lose Delilahs best friend.

  • It was Ambis turn to work again. He was really getting the hang of things.

  • Katy Mcgraw gave Ambian Sounds a rather sly rank 2.

  • The garden was thriving. Both tomatoes and strawberries ripened to bear

    mouthwatering fruit.

  • Infancy flies by so quickly. We got cakes for the twins and sung happy birthday


  • Heather grew up to be just like her big sister, down to a single nice point. The first born effect. I had never

    thought my own children would be victim to the condition.

    Jonah was uniquely himself. Very active and playful, with three nice points. I did like the new years baby look he

    had going on.

  • I gave them both a little make over. Jonah got Heathers green suit. I dressed

    Heather up in a cute little dress, perfect for summer.

  • Like clockwork the big garden needed constant work. Baby plants with twin

    toddlers and managing both businesses kept Ambi and I on our toes. I hadnt had

    time to work on my weekly goal at all.

  • The twins kept up their synchronized schedule of diapers changes and feedings.

    Ambi and I werent in a good enough mood to make smart milk. So potty

    training was slow going.

  • Summer threw us a little surprise rain on my way to work.

  • Diem Digs was making a little bit of money and the few digs I had time for provided some extra stock. I added an extra shelf

    for the long term stock items. Though my vase strangely disappeared.

  • Ethan Barrett gave my business rank 5. I could add a few more wall section and have money left over for Reno day on


  • Then rain continued at home. Ambi and I tried to have a date when Delilah came

    home from school.

  • We shooed all the kids out of the garage. I wanted to try for another baby. Silly

    given the heavy demands on us already. But Ambi was a family sim too, he readily


  • Delilah entertained herself by making paper airplanes out of the newspaper.

  • The date rejuvenated Ambi and me. The twins could have smart milk at last.

  • Let Todder Training begin!!!

  • Courage took up the family habit of wave watching.

  • Ambi took his turn to work. I did my fair share in the garden. Things were a little easier with Heather and Jonah being a

    little more independent.

  • Joe Graham gave Ambian Sound its third rank.

  • Ambi added two more inventory items with the money reward. Pony would

    pleased, they had almost $20,000 for the renovation to the beach house. And a hefty contribution to the college fund.

  • Delilah had no toys of her own and paper airplanes were only so exciting. She sat down dubiously with

    Jonah. She usually played with Heather. Sissy! Jonah squeaked happily.

    Delilah smiled, it was hard not to with a sweet little brother.

  • I fell face first out the energizer. Something had gone probably wrong, I felt

    completely drained. And starving. Not good for the growing baby inside me.

  • Delilah and Courage spent as much time together as possible. She was very patient

    teaching him to shake. He was a quick learner.

  • My fourth child made itself known, waking me up from a much needed nap. I drank a simfast to take the edge off my hunger and

    went back to sleep.

  • Saturday morning, another one my children woke me from much needed

    sleep. Poor Heather had gotten quite dirty crawling around outside.

  • Sharing a room with the whole family had its down sides. Heather woke Delilah up

    too. She made a beeline for the pond.

  • The hobby leaders made their first appearance. Delilah earned a membership

    to Peerless Park.

  • As the sun rose, Ambi and I cleared out the kids and the dogs to make room for Reno Day. We had roughly $17,000 to

    throw at the house after taxes.

  • I added a second story. My original floorplan idea wouldnt work so I had to

    modify it a bit. Eventually there be a third floor for more bedroom. But our funds ran dry. Right now the kids will have to

    share the front room.

  • I planted an apple tree in the garden. Fruit trees at last.

  • The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout I sang gently coaxing Heather to sing with me. Ambi was doing the same with Jonah, the last skill our two needed