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Studies show that the new generation will not live as long as their parents. The reason being the alarming rate of childhood obesity with children growing up to be obese adults. Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals is trying to rectify the problem by introducing a wide array of recipes to help eliminate obesity in the family. The product is promising to offer both weight loss and good health. About the Author The productâs author is Diana Keuilian who has two young children. The heart and soul behind, Diana has always been really passionate about creating her own recipes. Her years of experience combined with the natural desire to keep her kids eating healthy, Diana came up with the Family Friendly Fat Burning meals combining everything she has learned over the years. What is it? Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals is designed to help parents cook healthy and delicious food for the whole family. Not only are the meals healthy but the author promises that the recipes promote the burning of fat, therefore making it easier for the family to lose weight. Specially put together to meet the needs of the entire family, the product contains more than 100 recipes to help parents on their way to a healthy lifestyle. How it works In a nutshell, Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals is a cookbook that contains healthy recipes without sacrificing any flavour. The author explains that even fussy children will love the succulent recipes. Another bonus for this product is that all of the recipes are made with food intolerance's and allergies in mind. None contain gluten, refined sugar or dairy. The author also includes an eBook that contains very vital information about foods such as the five most fattening ingredients today. What does it include? You get the e Book containing the recipes plus you also get informational publications as well as a number of bonuses designed to compliment the product. Some of the things you expect with this product include: Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals  â 50 pages worth of meals from breakfast to dinner 110 Fat Burning Meal Recipes  â complementary to the Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals, this particular book boasts 175 pages worth of recipes 8 Weeks of Dinner Menus  â a bonus product, this particular e Book is accompanied with a complete list of grocery items needed per week 27 Fat Burning Desserts  â love the sweets but unsure of what to serve? This e Book should be able to offer you excellent recipes of healthy and delicious desserts Your Fast Start Guide  â another bonus product, this e Book contains information on how to start your eat healthy campaign by cleaning your kitchen, acquiring good ingredients and ditching the bad ones 10 Foods Not to Let Your Kids Eat  â the title says it all, containing a list of food items and why theyâre bad for your children 10 Real Food Smoothies  â offers a list of smoothies containing sufficient vitamins and minerals for a complete meal Apparently some of the bonuses are only available for a limited time. The value of the âfreeâ products are around $115. Pros Easy to use Very detailed explanations for each recipe Explanations about each recipe and its effect on weight loss Reasonably priced Tasty recipes Bonuses Payment security Fast and no-cost delivery Cons Not all recipes are quick to make and may not fit a quick- paced lifestyle Product is only available online Conclusion The Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals seems a very good choice for Momâs who are concerned about the health of their family. The recipes contain only natural recommendations, the product promotes a healthy diet that is great for the whole family.
Studies show that the new generation will not live as long as their parents. The reason being the alarming rate of childhood obesity with children growing up to be obese…