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  • 1. Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Britain International Marketing Prof. Daniel Vidal 13th of December 2010 Erika Raigoso Hernandez Olli Lainto Adriana Mancilla MagallonCharise MasonNataliya MogilevskayArief Budiman Njonoriswondo Paul-Valentin Pitou 1

2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY..3PHASE 114HISTORY.14PRODUCT...15PRICES16 PLACE.16SERVICE.....16ISSUE..17MAIN TERRITORIES....17MAIN WANTS AND NEEDS OF PARTICIPANTS..20CHANNEL MIX...21INTERACTION...22MARKET.23BUSINESS GOALS...23CREATIVE CONCEPT..24PHASE 2...24TARGET TERRITORIES..24TARGET PARTICIPANTS...27FIELD AND DOMAINS.....29ALIGNING GOALS WANTS/NEED31OPPORTUNITIES..31CHANNELS....32PHASE 334REACH OPTIMUM DEFINITIONS..34ANALYZE THE CHANNELS...34EXTRACT A BLOCKED MISSION.34UNBLOCK TO OBTAIN MISSION SOLUTION35TRANSFORM THE MISSION SOLUTIONS INTO PLATFORMPROPOSITION (S)....40JOURNEY...41ATHMOSPHERE41SEGMENTATION..41FRANCHISING MODEL FOR HTI..43CHANNEL MIX...49WEBSITE....51DIGITAL AWARENESS PLAN SEO..53SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN.60VIRAL MARKETING PLAN.....61CONTENT PUBLISHING PLAN.....69PHASE 473CHANNEL SYNCHRONY73PLATFORM PROPOSITION..75COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTITATION...76CONTENT OUTLINE (COMPANY PROVIDED).78CONTENT OUTLINE (CONSUMER CREATED)79STEEPLE ANALYSIS..80GEERTS HOFSTEDE CULTURE INDEX...80APPENDIXES...87APPENDIX 1..88APPENDIX 2..89APPENDIX 3..90APPENDIX 4 STEEPLE..92REFRENCES..132 2 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYHTI is a leading Clinical Hypnotherapy training company mainly Located inLondon, UK which provides different levels of training courses includingcareer training and personal application with supporting teaching materials(Books, CD`s) for people who want to Achieve several goals as:- Upgrade their skills- Improve Mental and Emotional condition.- Turn in a positive and benefit way Professionals Career- Change people lives by providing an effective and educativetherapeutic methodAcross the following phases 1&2 relevant information is going to be providedto learn how HTI is using now and will use digital channels to promote, sell,and provide its qualified service as an educative company by a high-qualifiedbody of professionals which is represented by Dr John Butler who has morethan 20 years of experience in this field.So the target market for HTI is a student from wide range of age from 20 to 55years with a predominant preference by women corresponding to almost70% and it is segmented in three different groups:1.Professionals with any clinical Background who want to improve theirprofessional enhancement.2.People who want to make a change in their careers or lives.3.Students who start Hypnotherapy as a career from Europe, United States,United Kingdom and Asia.PHASE 1Phase 1 gives a current overview of howHTI is promoting, selling and creatingbrand awareness with its clients throughdigital channels as: The Main, twitter and LinkedInAccount and a Blog, which are stillundeveloped. Here is released thestrategy HTI is using to connect currentand future customers by providing ahigh qualified education service andproducts through the digital channels mentioned previously.Although business goals are presented allowing HTI measure the gapbetween HTI actual strategy and the future strategy. 3 4. Some of the important goals for HTI are: Increase sales of courses and teaching materials substantially Increase numbers of students by at least 50% over the next 12 months Increase the sales of teaching materials by 70% over the next 12 months Draw more students from continental Europe and the USA Expand the market to medical, dental and nursing professionals Increase our visibility and activity on the Internet Increase the rate of conversion from online enquirers to committed trainees Market hypnotherapy products (CDs, DVDs, books, etc.) Disseminate information and increase discussion on hypnotherapyBased on the creative concept the digital channels should be adjusted toachieve the goals and satisfy customer needs.Know Yourself Better, this is a training course to let you know aboutunderstand, learning and healing.PHASE 2On the contrary Phase 2 proposes a complete turnover for the company inorder to obtain more advantages of the current digital channels for engaging,interact sell and promote the brand and product with the customers.After searching the opportunities and threats important results were providedand considered as relevant to create a new digital marketing campaign forHTI based on the following channels:- SEO: Ranked in the top 5 Search engine used by people in United Kingdom.- Facebook: Statistic results show that Americans spend nearly to a quarterof their time online on social networking sites corresponding to 43% ofincrease.- Twitter and LinkedIn Account: Considered as useful channels to provide clue information and instant messaging about HTI in real time to clients.- Main Web site: Redefined the creative and usability of the website wherethe clients can interact more with the company such as forums ,blogs but also tohave relevant content and information based on their main needs and wants,also videos to show successful hypnotherapies and possibly even portions ofclasses, Create a feeling of being part of HTI as a member, relatehypnotherapy content with sense of nature ,relief and healing sense. 4 5. Even if HTI want to have an outstanding behaviour within the market it shouldtake into account the competitors, if we take a look forward we will see howthese companies differ from HTI, the most important are:London College of Clinical HypnosisThe UK college of HypnosisFor finalizing, Its important before implementing any digital marketingcampaign to search the market and see how my clients are responding to mychannels, but also its relevant to evaluate how aligned my goals are withcustomers needs and wants, for the case of HTI Is important to evaluate thechannels that are going to be implemented to exposure potential customers tolearn Hypnotherapy ,And the strategy that will be used to make customersinteract with the main website but also to maintain professional status andhighly qualified image of HTI.Phase 3To come up with a new channel mix and the solutions for how approach theproject we first wanted to reach the optimum definitions for all the different keyfactors i.e. product, participants and concept. We continued on to do thefollowing: - ANALYSE THE CHANNELS - EXTRACT A BLOCKED MISSION - UNBLOCK TO OBTAIN MISSION SOLUTIONS - PROVOCATION - CONFRONTATION - SENSORY TOUR - TRANSFORM THE MISSION SOLUTIONS INTO PLATFORM-PROPOSITION (S)From this we came up with the new channel mixs benefits:Emotional Benefit: Self Confidence, Achievement, Relief, Endurance,Freedom- It makes you a sustainable human being (you become confident inyourself you know that you have the ability to endure anything that livespresent you) 5 6. Functional BenefitMain benefits: Clears your mind, Control your mind, Heals your mind Clears your mind because the process erases any past experience and perception that may be blocking your life or holding you back not allowing you to be self aware of your inner capabilities.EMOTIONAL + FUNCTIONAL:HTI makes you a self-confident (endurable) person because it clearsyour mind from your perceptions.SEGMENTATION:- Professionals (NEO PLUS) Medical practitioners, Therapists, Doctors etc.- Personal growth NEO GROW) People seeking personal growth to improvetheir lives- Alternative careers (NEO PRO) People seeking for an alternative career orpost retirement career in helping othersFranchising Plan for HTIFranchising HTI alumni will enable the Institute to expand its brand name andservices in a quick and effective way. The objective is to build a network ofhypnotherapists that would share the same standard of practices and tomaximize profits thanks to the fees and royalties the company will receivefrom the franchisees.When we look at Patrick Holfords Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION), werealise that the two Institutes are essentially the same as they are both on anunstructured market (i.e. no official certification in their respective sector)dealing with wellness and offering courses to nutritionism professionals andnon-professionals. The main difference is that IONs marketing is moreeffective in a sense that Holford succeed in "promoting" his company to thewild public via radio, TV, etc. IONs alumni are also part of the Institutenetwork which gives the impression of a serious and wealthy oranisation.By franchising its alumni, HTI will give the impression to the public that thecompany is well structured and the Institute will also look more credible. Thecompany will look more attractive which should be traduced by an increase ofthe number of clients, and thus an increase of its revenue.However, franchising requires John Butler and HTI to provide regular supportto the franchisees, such as webinars and articles broadcasted via the websiteand social media. Efficient digital marketing campaigns are thus necessary. 6 7. Channel Mix for HTI:- SEO- Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)- Blogs- Content Publishing- Viral PlanSEOIn order for HTI to expand their business and increase awareness of thecompany and the benefits of the services they offer, they need to set up asearch engine optimization plan, which will be one of their long-termstrategies. The plan presented here gives a general outline into the basicsteps required for the successful optimization of the HTI website and theirranking in search engines. The team assessing SEO will require both aserver-log file based solution and a browser-based solution for completeanalysis of SEO effectiveness. This strategy requires a long-term cost /benefit analysis, so that the correct amount of investment can be optimized(Econsultancy, 2009).The objective will be to have HTI appearing highly ranked on the naturallistings of the first page of Google, when certain keywords are searched. Thepaid and sponsored listings, which appear when searching for informat