Rbc disorders 2

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Target: UG students of medicine.


  • 1.RBC Disorders - 2Dr.CSBR.Prasad, M.D.,

2. Iron Deficiency Anemia 3. Importance of ironIron is quantitatively the most importantbioactive element in human enzymology withroles in: Oxygen transport and storage Oxidative metabolism Cellular growth and proliferation 4. Haem - Proteins Hemoglobin 70% Myoglobin 5% Tissue specific haem proteins Cytochromes Eg: P450 Oxygenases Hydroxylases Peroxidase Catalase Ribonucleotide reductase Aconitase 5. Proteins of iron TRANSPORT & STORAGE TRANSFERRIN: Single chain glycoprotein with twoiron binding sites, responsible for iron transportin plasma and extra-cellular fluid TRANSFERRIN RECEPTOR: Transmembraneglycoprotein with two transferrin binding sites FERRITIN: Spherical protein of 24 subunits whichbinds 4500 atoms of iron IRP: four domine cluster protein which co-ordinates translocational regualtion of ironproteins 6. Iron Distribution in Healthy Young Adults (mg)Pool Men WomenTotal3450 2450Functional Hemoglobin2100 1750 Myoglobin 300250 Enzymes 50 50Storage Ferritin, hemosiderin 1000 400 7. Iron metabolism 8. Iron balanceAbsorption Excretion 7mg/1000kcal Exfoliated epithelial cells of 20-30% of haem iron is the GI tractabsorbed Exfoliated cells of the skin