Top 14 New Illinois Laws for 2014

  • 1. New laws for 2014 you don’t want to miss
  • 2. Starting in 2014, drivers caught holding cell phones up to their ears could be subject to a $75 fine. Using a Blue Tooth headset or speakerphone are both still acceptable as long as they can be activated by a voice command or single-button touch. Read more. House Bill 1247
  • 3. Recognizing that some conditions respond better to therapeutic qualities of cannabis than traditional medication, the General Assembly passed legislation allowing patients suffering from certain specific conditions to use medical marijuana with their doctors’ permission. The Illinois Department of Public Health is in charge of setting up the system. Learn more. House Bill 1
  • 4. Under previous Illinois law, young people were allowed to tan with their parents’ permission. However, study after study has demonstrated that tanning – particularly during your formative years – greatly increases the risk of cancer. The new law prohibits all commercial tanning facilities from allowing people younger than 18 to tan unless they have a doctor’s prescription. Underage tanning in private homes is still allowed. House Bill 188
  • 5. The idea is that if you’re going to be able to vote in the General Election, you should be able to help select the candidates you will be voting for. For example, if you will be 18 in November of 2014, you can vote in the March primary in addition to the General Election. House Bill 226
  • 6. Some restrictions apply. Read more here. Senate Bill 1639
  • 7. House Bill 3081 and House Bill 3243
  • 8. And, you no longer have to fear eavesdropping lawsuits from your little angels if you read their text messages. House Bill 64 and House Bill 3038
  • 9. Counties in Chicagoland and suburban St. Louis have the ability to opt out. Senate Bill 2356
  • 10. Now there are higher penalties for speeding by workers and lower penalties when the worksite is empty. House Bill 1814
  • 11. Senate Bill 923
  • 12. However, schools still have the ability to opt out of sex ed all together, and parents can take their kids out of the classes if they find the content objectionable. Read more here. House Bill 2675
  • 13. House Bill 2992
  • 14. The winery can cork it and send it home with you. Illinois already has a similar law for restaurants. The wine must be re-corked and placed in a tamper-evident bag. Senate Bill 722
  • 15. The Illinois Tollway will be allowed to post names of people with the highest outstanding tolls on its website, much like a Most-Wanted list. Senate Bill 1214
  • 16. Read a complete list of all new laws taking effect on January 1.