USDA food pyramid vs paleo food pyramid

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  • 1. USDA Food pyramid USDA food pyramid is a pyramid shaped guide ofhealthy foods divided into sections to show therecommended intake for each food group. The food pyramid course outlines a five major foodgroups which are Vegetables Fruits Oils Dairy Meat and beans

2. Vegetables: A vegetable is a part of a plant consumed by humansthat is generally savory but is not sweet. Vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals;however, different vegetables contain different spreads,so it is important to eat a wide variety of types. Vegetables are very low in fats and calories, butingredients added in preparation can often add these. 3. Fruits: fruits are the sweet-tasting seed-bearing parts ofplants, or occasionally sweet parts of plants which donot bear seeds. These include apples, oranges, plums, bananas, etc.Fruits are low in calories and fat and are a source ofnatural sugars, fiber and vitamins.Oils The food pyramid advises that fats be consumedsparingly. Butter and oils are examples of fats. 4. Dairy: Dairy products are produced fromthe milk of mammals, most usually but notexclusively cattle. They include milk, yogurt and cheese.Meat and beans The meat group is one of the major compacted foodgroups in the food guide pyramid. Many of the same nutrients found in meat can also befound in foods like eggs, dry beans, and nuts, suchfoods are typically placed in the same category asmeats, as meat alternatives. 5. Paleo food pyramid The food pyramid course outlines a five major food groupsin the paleo diet which are Lean Meats and Fish Vegetables Fruits Nuts and Berries Spices, Herbs, Oils, and Supplements 6. Lean meat and fish: Lean meats and fish are high in protein, whichcontain amino acids and are the building blocks toa healthy lifestyle. The natural fat in fish will even help us burn offmore fat during those intense workoutsVegetables: Vegetables are very important to use the paleo dietweight loss because they are low in fat, but arepacked with vitamins and minerals. 7. Fruits: Eating fruit on a daily basis will make your path to a leanbody just that much faster. Most fruits are packed with dietary fiber, which helps thebody ward off cholesterol and fats in the bodyNuts and berries: Nuts and berries are just about the healthiest snack on theearth Berries are low in calories, and high in benefits 8.