Viruskenner einddag 2016 - Helinium Hellevoetssluis - Ultrasoudn bracelet for Rabies

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HFDBy: Yvette van de berg, camile kivits, Julia van de werken & Fabinne Hoogendam

IndexWhat is rabiesOur prevention method

What is rabies?LyssavirusInfected animal salivaFatal

Our ideaHFDUltrasound braceletEmits ultrasoundsScare and keep animals at a distancePrice: 19,95

Our prototype3 buttons with illustrations underneath, ultrasound speakersDog (30 Khz), Raccoon (45 Khz), Bat (60 Khz)All together -> reapeating rythm 30 Khz 45 Khz 60 Khz

Discussion pointsPregnant women Could damage hearing No precise info

This was our presentation. Are there any questions?