6 ways to make more of summer at work

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1. because with Banner you can be smart be confident be inspired 6 ways to make more of summer at work 2. because with Banner you can be healthy As we approach the summer months, working during this season can be a challenge for many of us. However much we love our jobs , July through to September can be difficult. Whether we’re working parents wanting time with the kids over the school holidays or outdoor enthusiasts wishing we could go for a walk, bike ride or run, the weekends alone often don’t feel like enough. Although most of us will take at least a week off at this time of year, there are other tweaks some of us can make to our routines, to get the summer we want, Here are a few ideas. 3. becausewithBanneryoucan 1. Flex your hours If flexi time is offered in your workplace then explore the option of working even more flexibly for a few days a week over the summer. What about starting early in the morning and leaving early afternoon, to free up the rest of the day, or taking a morning off to enjoy the outdoors before returning to work in the afternoon? Although employers will generally want you at work during 'core hours' as part of any flexible work arrangement, a temporary relaxation of these might be possible. It's important to present a good business case, explain how you'll keep on top of work or perhaps put in extra hours once the holidays are over. 3 4. becausewithBanneryoucan 2. Temporary ‘job share’ Another possibility is finding out if there are other colleagues in a similar position (such as other parents) that you can temporarily and partially 'job share' with over the summer, each covering for the other for a few hours each week. This will take some thought and negotiation and will need to be planned with the needs of your employer front of mind, but could be worth exploring. 4 5. becausewithBanneryoucan 3. Work in advance Depending on the kind of work you do, look into the possibility of working more in the weeks leading up to summer, so that you can 'accrue' time for the holiday season. This won't of course be possible for everyone, but if you're self employed or conversely, part of a large team, it may be more achievable than you think. 5 6. becausewithBanneryoucan 4. Partial home working Technology is helping many more of us work from home, with an all time high 4.2 million mobile workers in the UK in 2014. If you do an office based job then think about any elements of your work that could be done from home. Perhaps a combination of a couple of longer days at the office in the week, followed by a few hours from home on a Friday could then 'buy' you an afternoon off. 6 7. becausewithBanneryoucan 5. Use your lunch break If you can't negotiate any of the above, make the most of your work breaks. Get outside at lunchtime for a walk, go to a nearby park if there's one nearby or eat your lunch outdoors. 7 8. becausewithBanneryoucan 6. Enjoy whatever you end up doing! Even if none of the above is achievable for you, the lighter evenings and longer days on your regular days off are still a fantastic opportunity to get out and do more, so enjoy them. Here's to a long, happy summer! 8 9. becausewithBanneryoucan bebanner.co.uk Visit our resource centre at bebanner.co.uk for tips, trends and the latest on workplace topics. Or why not follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter? 9
1. because with Banner you can be smart be confident be inspired 6 ways to make more of summer at work 2. because with Banner you can be healthy As we approach the summer…