The Benefits of Botox on Migraines

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The Benefits of Botox on Migraines The Benefits of Botox on Migraines If youre like most people, then you probably know a little bit about Botox. Most people know that its a cosmetic procedure often used to treat wrinkles. Did you know that Botox can also be used to treat migraines? If you suffer from chronic migraines, these benefits may appeal to you.Headache Prevention First and foremost, treating the headache is important. With Botox, you treat the problem before it begins. With some migraine treatments, you have to wait until you have a headache to take the treatment. With Botox, it can help prevent migraines.Easy Treatment The Botox injections are practically painless. For chronic migraines, only a small needle is used and most patients report no pain at all during treatment. Additionally, the treatments dont take long to deliver. They take about fifteen minutes on average in your doctors office.Few Treatments Despite how quick the injections are, most people dont want to spend their time going back and forth to the doctors office. With Botox for migraines, you only have to visit the doctor once every twelve weeks. Initially, you only need two treatments to see how well itll work for you. For many, Botox may be just a cosmetic procedure, but it also has many benefits for migraines. If you would like more information on botox in Reno, check out this site.