Case Study - shaking up the E-commerce business

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DESCRIPTION, the most popular price & product comparison engine in Greece, is a case study for the Greek E-commerce. In its 10 year course, the website has incorporated many innovations which have helped the website to become the leader in the E-commerce business and establish a strong user base. Powerful search engine, user centric (UX) philosophy, contextual design (responsive web design) and innovative mobile apps, are some of its competitive advantages. Let's take a quick tour through the challenges, the best practices and the company's achievements since its beginning.


Shaking up the E-commerce Business The case of Communications & Marketing Director @tsakali_gr / 2 #Projects 3 #Investment 4 Lots of coffee cups 1 announcement @ 12 merchants #Skroutz Awesome Factory 5 #People 6 beginning of Greek crisis #Merchants Growth 7 #Webpage Traffic 8 #The most popular website in Greece 9 1.200+ merchants 6.2 million products 95 mil. pageviews 340,000 searches/day 3.4 mil. unique visitors #Greek E-commerce market 10Sources: E-commerce Europe / ELSTAT 61% growth (vs 2012) 1.9 mil. Online buyers 1,500 Average spend per e-Shopper 2.5 billion E-commerce turnover (2013) GR ranks #4 in Southern Europe 2.5 mil. Skroutz Annual turnover #Challenges Market immaturity Mistrust User loyalty Shipping & Payment 11 #Company Achievements 12 Synonymous to E-commerce & online shopping experience (top-of-mind) High ranking website Liquidity Strong relationships w/ stakeholders BECOMING THE #1! #Users Benefits 13 Introduction to online purchases / E-commerce Powerful search & price comparison Advisor for online shopping SAVING MONEY! #Users Communication Organic search & word-of- mouth Skroutz user features Social Media Blog Offline activities 14 EARNING MONEY! #Merchants Benefits 15 Gateway to E-commerce High & effective visibility Trustworthy service Sales increase / Conversion Rate #Merchants Communication Skroutz for Merchants CRM Workshops One-to-one or one-to-few meetings E-commerce Journal Newsletters 16 #Competitive Advantages Long-term expertise (one site, one business model, 10 years) User centric philosophy Contextual design Strict participation policy & procedures 17 #Contextual Design 18 #Skroutz Mobile App 19 350.000 downloads #One-click shopping (patented) 20 #Innovative Advertising Model 21 The road/secrets to success 22 Sustainable business model Excellent working environment Passionate for E-commerce Happy creative people 23