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  • 1. The Internet of ThingsThe ‘Internet of Things’ willgenerate $14,400,000,000 of valueover the next decade1.There will be 40 times moredevices than people on theInternet in 20202.IDC estimates there will beapproximately 212 billion thingsglobally by the end of 2020.Extreme Networks estimates that5 billion people will have Internetaccess.1 | 2
2. HAPIforkThe HAPIfork is an electronicfork that helps you monitorand track your eating habits.It also alerts you with the helpof indicator lights and gentlevibrations when you are eatingtoo fast. 3. MyVessyl CupIt can hold 13 ounces of liquid.The battery takes 60 minutes tofully charge and will last for 5-7days. Also has wire-free charging. 4. Smart Tooth BrushThe Beam Brush is a connectedtoothbrush that engages userswith their daily hygiene routine. 5. Smart Egg TrayEgg Minder syncs with yoursmartphone to tell you how manyeggs you’ve got at home (up to 14eggs) and when they’re going bad. 6. Smart Propane TankThis super smart propane tankgauge connects to an app on yourmobile device so no matter whereyou are, you’ll always know whenit’s time to refuel. 7. Glucose MonitoringA cellular-powered glucosemeter transmits each test resultto a secure server and providesinstant feedback and coachingto patients. This equips doctors,nurses, diabetes educators withreal-time clinical data. 8. Smart Washing MachineSmart Aqualtis is the first IndesitCompany washing machinedesigned to be integrated in‘Smart’ ecosystems, covering awide range of use cases. 9. Smart Piggy BankThe Porkfolio wirelessly connectsto an app on your device so youcan track your balance and setfinancial goals from afar. Its noselights up in celebration everytime a U.S. coin is inserted and itholds up to $100 in quarters. 10. Hydroponic SystemNiwa is the first fully automatedhydroponic system that attendsto all of your plants’ needs andwater them, feed them and makesure they have optimal growingconditions 24/7. 11. Smart Sprinkler ControlLono lets you control yoursprinkler system anywhere,anytime with your smart phone.And the things that should beautomated, finally are. 12. Fiction Arcade MachineThe Choosatron is a fun kit thatassembles into a small interactivefiction game box, great for socialreading and playing. As you play,you make decisions that affectthe outcome of the story, and isprinted on a paper scroll. 13. Smart Home SecurityCanary is a complete securitysystem packed into a single,device. It adapts to your homeover time and sends intelligentnotifications with HD videodirectly to your smartphone. 14. Smart Pet GameCleverPet is a smart WiFi-connectedgame console for yourdog. Automatically entertain andeducate your dog, even whenshe’s home alone. 15. Smart LightingControl your bulbs one at a timeor altogether. Find just the rightshade of white. Pick that perfecttone to match the moment. Orrecreate any color from a photo. 16. Analyze with NODE+Analyze speed, acceleration,movement, direction, shock, tilt,magnetic fields, and more. 17. Smart A/CAros learns from your budget,location, schedule, and usageto automatically maintainthe perfect temperature andmaximize savings for your home. 18. Bluetooth-Enabled InsolesShares navigation, directions andorientation. 19. Swing AnalyzerMake your Zepp Sensor multi-sport,all you need to do ispurchase additional sport specificmounts and download the app. 20. Smart Sleep SystemVisualize your sleep cycles,understand what wakes youup, and compare nights. Fromthe palm of your hand you cancontrol your personalized wake-up,and fall-asleep programs. 21. Smart PlaneThe SmartPlane works with thelatest BluetoothSmart wirelesstechnology for long range andflight time – and there is nocumbersome pairing. 22. Sense MotherSense Mother is at the head of afamily of small connected sensorsthat blend into your daily lifeto make it serene, healthy andpleasurable. 23. Blood Pressure MonitorSimply slip on the cuff, turn onthe Wireless Blood PressureMonitor and the Health Mate appwill automatically launch. 24. Smart Weather StationThe Netatmo Weather Stationallows you to use indoortemperature, relative humidityand CO2 readings to live in ahealthier home. 25. Smart Slow CookerEnjoy remote access to all yourslow cooker’s functions, no matterwhere you are. 26. Dancing Robotic SpiderThe TX8 is now Wi-Fi enabled,this opens up a lot morepossibilities to the number ofthings you can do and the waysthe robot can be controlled. 27. Internet-Connected MirrorWe are looking to bring a productto market that can make your lifeeasier, while doing something youalready spend time doing eachday, looking at a mirror. 28. Smart Tennis RacketTrack your game with Babolat’sbreakthrough innovation. Seewhere you stand in the globalranking and by category withinyour online community. 29. Smart BikeValour by Vanhawks givesdirections, reroutes to avoidtraffic, and tracks riding metrics. 30. Smart Garbage CansBigBelly alerts when it needs tobe emptied so smarter collectiondecisions can be made. 31. DropBaking assistant that givesrecipes, directions, substitutions,shopping lists, etc. 32. PetnetPetnet will control your pet’sfeeding from anywhere and trackstheir nutrition. 33. Smart MirrorA reflective mirror withprogrammable applications anddigital display for the home, officeand public environments (hotels,hospitals, retail shops). 34. Smart GardeningBitponics gives data on plantsand conditions surrounding themfor better gardening. 35. Smart CardioeCardio is a single component,dual-modality remote cardiacmonitor. 36. Smart DoorlockThe Genie Smart Lock - A doorlock that allows you to lock andunlock your home using yoursmart phone, bluetooth keyring orcomputer. 37. NodNod transforms your movementsinto commands. It brings theworld around you to life, as youcontrol everything from yourlaptop to your living room lightswith a wave of your hand. 38. Smart SocksSocks infused with proprietary100% textile sensors. They arepaired with a Bluetooth Smartcool and detachable ankletthat delivers accuracy in stepcounting, speed, calories, altitudeand distance tracking. 39. Sense by HelloSense makes smart devices totrack sleep behavior and monitorsleeping environment. 40. Budweiser Red LightWhen the user’s team scores, thelight flashes and a horn sounds.Just connect it to WiFi, pick yourfavourite city. 41. Smart ShirtMonitors how your body behavesover time, includes heart raterecovery and breathing at rest, tomonitor improvements in health.