Klöckner & Co - Global Steel Conference 2009

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December 2-3, 2009 in New York


  • 1. Goldman Sachs Global Steel ConferenceGoldman Sachs Global Steel Conference December 2December 2--3, 2009 in New York3, 2009 in New York KlKlckner & Co SEckner & Co SE Gisbert RGisbert Rhlhl CEO/CFOCEO/CFO A Leading Multi Metal DistributorA Leading Multi Metal Distributor

2. 2 Disclaimer This presentation contains forward-looking statements. These statements use words like believes, assumes, expects or similar formulations. Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors could lead to material differences between the actual future results, financial situation, development or performance of our company and those either expressed or implied by these statements. These factors include, among other things: Downturns in the business cycle of the industries in which we compete; Increases in the prices of our raw materials, especially if we are unable to pass these costs along to customers; Fluctuation in international currency exchange rates as well as changes in the general economic climate and other factors identified in this presentation. In view of these uncertainties, we caution you not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. We assume no liability whatsoever to update these forward-looking statements or to conform them to future events or developments. This presentation is not an offer for sale or a solicitation of an offer to purchase any securities of Klckner & Co SE or any of its affiliates ("Klckner & Co"). Securities of Klckner & Co, including, but not limited to, rights, shares and bonds, may not be offered or sold in the United States or to or for the account or benefit of U.S. persons (as such term is defined in Regulation S under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act")) unless registered under the Securities Act or pursuant to an exemption from such registration. 3. 3 Agenda 1. Company overview and market 2. Crisis management and strategy update Appendix 4. Outlook 3. Financials Q3 2009 4. 4 Klckner & Co at a glance Klckner & Co Leading producer-independent steel and metal distributor in the European and North American markets combined Network with around 250 distribution locations in Europe and North America Sales split by markets As of December 2008 Sales split by product As of December 2008 Sales split by industry As of December 2008 Eastern Europe; 1% USA; 19% The Netherlands; 6% Spain; 8% UK; 9% Switzerland; 13% France/Belgium; 21% Germany/Austria; 23% Construction; 42% Industrial machinery and equipment; 24% On-sellers; 10% Appliances/ durable goods manufacturers; 7% Automotive; 6% Other; 11% Tubes; 10% Quality steel/stainless steel; 9% Aluminum; 6% Other; 12% Long products/ sectional steel; 32% Flat products; 31% 5. 5 Distributor in the sweet spot Local customersGlobal suppliers Suppliers Sourcing Products and services Logistics/ Distribution Customers Global Sourcing in competitive sizes Strategic partnerships Frame contracts Leverage one supplier against the other No speculative trading One-stop-shop with wide product range of high- quality products Value added processing services Quality assurance Efficient inventory management Local presence Tailor-made logistics including on-time delivery within 24 hours ~185,000 customers No customer with more than 1% of sales Average order size of 2,000 Wide range of industries and markets Service more important than price Purchase volume p.a. of >5 million tons Diversified set of worldwide approx. 70 suppliers Klckner & Cos value chain 6. 6 Results improving although volumes are still low, but through the trough Highlights Q3 2009 and until today First quarter since beginning of the crisis with positive EBITDA of 11m Volumes on same levels as in Q1 and Q2 Gross margin increased from 16.8% in Q2 to 22.3% in Q3 Cost cutting ahead of plan with almost fully achieved 100m net cost savings target for 2009 Successful placement of a rights issue with net proceeds of 193m Net debt position converted into net cash position with 139m due to further release of NWC and rights issue Back on acquisition track to strengthen Klckner & Cos position in flat steel: Becker Stahl-Service Groups SSC with around 600m sales and constantly higher EBITDA-margin than Group target * Adjusted for inventory devaluations 7. 7 Prices in general improved during Q3 but came again under pressure in last weeks in EU/ NA Chinese prices picked up after weakening in October Producers ramped up idled capacities too fast Steel inventories remaining on low levels especially in the US Source: SBB Source: Metals Service Center Institute Prices after recovery again under pressure 5,500 6,500 7,500 8,500 9,500 10,500 11,500 12,500 13,500 Feb08 Apr08 Jun08 Aug08 Oct08 Dec08 Feb09 Apr09 Jun09 Aug09 Oct09 Inventories(Tto) 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 Monthsofshipments Inventories Months 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1,000 1,100 1,200 Feb06 Apr06 Jun06 Aug06 Oct07 Dec07 Feb07 Apr07 Jun07 Aug07 Oct07 Dec07 Feb08 Apr08 Jun08 Aug08 Oct08 Dec08 Feb09 Apr09 Jun09 Aug09 Oct09 Dec09 Steelprices(/t)inEuropeand($/t)intheUS HRC-Europe HRC-US Medium sections-Europe Beams-US Steel inventories in the US near all time lows and back to H1 2008 levels in terms of months of sales Steel prices volatile 8. 8 Agenda 1. Company overview and market 2. Crisis management and strategy update Appendix 4. Outlook 3. Financials Q3 2009 9. 9 Effective crisis management Crisis management Managing growth again Cost cutting NWC- / debt-reduction Safeguard financing Waves 1 and 2 Wave 3 Efficiency program Continuous improvement Acquisition strategy Organic growth Growth capital ( ) 10. 10 35-40m fixed cost savings in 2009, annualized fixed cost savings of 50-60m Cost cutting ahead of plan 100m net savings target 2009 Personnel 50% Shipping 20% Operating supplies/ tools 15% Repair/ maintenance 10% Other 5% Reduction of >1,500 jobs or >15% of total workforce 11. 11 1.21 1.32 1.25 1.01 0.89 0.75 0.74 Q1/2008 Q2/2008 Q3/2008 Q4/2008 Q1/2009 Q2/2009 Q3/2009 -0.14 0.12 0.32 0.57 0.69 1.07 0.90 Q1/2008 Q2/2008 Q3/2008 Q4/2008 Q1/2009 Q2/2009 Q3/2009 Fast adaptation of NWC- / Net-debt to current situation Destocking Net debt Monthly shipment levels / NWC bn Stock levels of KCO in million to -44% -113% Jan 08Feb 08M ar08Apr08M ay 08Jun 08 Jul08Aug 08Sep 08O ct08N ov 08D ec 08Jan 09Feb 09M ar09Apr09M ay 09Jun 09 Jul09Aug 09Sept09 Receivable days Payable days Receivable / payable days 230 280 330 380 430 480 530 Oct 08 Nov 08 Dec 08 Jan 09 Feb 09 Mar 09 Apr 09 May 09 Jun 09 Jul 09 Aug 09 Sept 09 650 850 1050 1250 1450 1650 Turnover (Tto) NWC (T) 12. 12 Financial structure Bank debt Securitized debt Capital markets debt AcquisitionsNWC 43% 26% 31% 325m Convertible Bond 2007 400m Bilateral Facilities 505m ABS 300m Syndicated Loan 98m Convertible Bond 2009 Funds for future growth 193m Rights Issue 912m Equity pre Rights Issue >600m predominantly for growth through acquisitions incl. expected outflow for acquisition of Becker Stahl- Service Group in 2010 1,105m 616m Strong financial power for growth through acquisitions Equity BSS 13. 13 After managing the crisis back on track with Wave 3 Crisis management Managing growth again Cost cutting NWC- / debt-reduction Safeguard financing Waves 1 and 2 Wave 3 Efficiency program Continuous improvement Acquisition strategy Organic growth Growth capital ( ) 14. 14 Acquisitions1 Acquired sales1,2 As of announcement Figures refer to the latest fiscal years, prior to the acquisitions of the companies 3 Subject to due diligence and the approval by the antitrust authority Successful acquisition-led growth re-established Country Acquired1 Company Sales (FY)2 Early 20103 Becker Stahl Service Group ~600m Mar 2008 Temtco 226m Jan 2008 Multitubes 5m 2008 2 acquisitions 231m Sep 2007 Lehner & Tonossi 9m Sep 2007 Interpipe 14m Sep 2007 ScanSteel 7m Aug 2007 Metalsnab 36m Jun 2007 Westok 26m May 2007 Premier Steel 23m Apr 2007 Zweygart 11m Apr 2007 Max Carl 15m Apr 2007 Edelstahlservice 17m Apr 2007 Primary Steel 360m Apr 2007 Teuling 14m Jan 2007 Tournier 35m 2007 12 acquisitions 567m 2006 4 acquisitions 108m ~600m 141m 567m 108m 2 4 12 2 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 1 231m Acquisitionstrategysuspended 15. 15 Overview Becker Stahl-Service Group (BSS) OverviewFacility BSS is the largest single site SSC in Europe Privately owned business ~600 million sales in 2008/2009* Consistently higher EBITDA margin than Group target 460 employees Located in Bnen (Ruhr area) BSS has a unique market position based on size and flexibility Covers all applications up to 4 mm thickness supplying to automotive OEM, Tier 1, white goods and other manufacturing Cost leadership with significant scale advantage vs. all EU SSC including mill tied locations Only SSC that has flexibility to deliver on short notice almost all specifications Modern location with exceptional logistical concept recently completed expansion Werk Nord is most likely the world leading SCC site BSS enjoys an excellent market reputation for flexibility, reliability and quality *preliminary figures business year ending in September subject to due diligence 16. 16 Recently completed expansion most modern site Total property of 74.900 m2 Covered site area: 14.500 m2 Total invest of ~ 30 million Cut to length and slitting line Fully automatic coil storage and handling Expansion > 4mm possible 17. 17 #1 independent SSC in GER and #1 single site in EU Market share of Top 10 SSC in Germany ThyssenKrupp SSC 14.0% Becker Stahl-Service (BSS) 11.5% ArcelorMittal SSC 8.2% EMW Eisen- und Metallwerke 6.8% Salzgitter(1) 5.6% Tata Corus 5.4% Stahlo / Starcon 5.0% Knauf Interfer(2) 4.7% DM-Stahl(3) 3.8% OKS (Stemcor) 3.3% Others 31.7% (1) Hvelmann & Lueg (2) Max Baumann Stahlservice, W. Patz, Delta Stahl (3) Inkl. Bandstahl-Service Hagen Source: Handbuch Stahl 2008 / 09 Company/Group Site Location Production t/a Becker Stahl-Service Gmbh Unna-Bnen Germany >1,000,000 Voestalpine, Linz Linz Austria >500,000 MCB International BV Valkenswaard NL >500,000 CLN 7 Sites, split na Italy, EEC 50,000-500,000 EMW Neunkirchen Germany >250,000 Hoevelmann & Lueg GmbH Schwerte Germany >250,000 Stahlo Dillenburg Germany >250,000 ROS CASARES Victoria Spain >250,000 Mi-King Kolln Czech Republ. >250,000 Corus Gelsenkirchen Gelsenkirchen Germany >100,000 Corus Degels Neuss Germany >100,000 Corus Service Centre Maastricht NL >100,000 Namascor Moerdijk NI >100,000 Unitol Corbell France >100,000 Layde Spain >100,000 ThyssenKrupp Stahl-SC Bochum Germany >100,000 ThyssenKrupp Stahl-SC Breyell Germany >100,000 ThyssenKrupp Stahl-SC Leverkusen Germany >100,000 ThyssenKrupp Stahl-SC Mannheim Germany >100,000 Herzog Coilex Stuttgart Germany >100,000 ThyssenKrupp SA Fosses France >100,000 Stahl-Metall-Service GmbH Fellbach Germany >100,000 Walter Platz GmbH Mudersbach Germany >100,000 Starcon Gera Germany >100,000 Atlas-Blech-Center GmbH Mauthausen Austria >100,000 ThyssenKrupp SA Jeumont France >100,000 ThyssenKrupp Stahl-SC Radebeul Germany >100,000 ThyssenKrupp SC UK Newport UK >100,000 Voestalpine, Polska Polska Poland >100,000 Koenig Feinstahl AG Sennwald Switzerland >100,000 Merkur Naklo Slovenia >100,000 NASS Group UK na PUDS Group Poland na Spanish Group/Transid Spain na Italian Group Italy na 18. 18 Constant high profitability even in tough environment Normalized EBITDA margin Note: Becker Group closes on 30/09 every year. 2009e based on first nine month plus budget last three months. Customers Split Others (White Goods, Metal Goods, etc.) Distributors ~60% ~20% ~20% Automotive Constant high EBITDA margin EBITDA-margin above Groups target margin Source: Eurometal 2008 * Subject to due diligence EBITDA margin* FY 05 FY 06 FY 07 FY 08 FY 09 19. 19 BSS will be the core of KCO EU Flats SSC Division Internal sheets supply to KSM and other distribution workhouses would reduce NWC, expand product portfolios and significantly improve competitiveness BSS know how and processes would be rolled out to existing SSC in UK, F, ES and CH Synergies from capacity adjustments expected Klckner & Co SE ASD (UK) DKH (CH) KSM (D) KDI (F) CDL (ES) BSS (D) Armstrong KFS Targe Cortichapa Tournier Flats SSC 20. 20 Internal supply from BSS would increase effectiveness Current Material Flow in Value Chain New Material Flow in Value Chain SupplierKCOCustomer Mill-SSC Independent SSC C1 C2 C3 C4 C6 Warehouse3 Various Steel Mills C5C5 Warehouse2 Steel Mill C1 C2 C3 C4 C6C5 Warehouse2 C7 C8 Steel Mill Warehouse3 Steel MillSteel Mill Warehouse1Warehouse1 21. 21 Becker Stahl Service expands Groups flat capabilities entering into SSC segment EU-27: Market share steel products* / suppliers 2008 100%50%0% StructuralSteel/Beams90%10% MerchantBars90%10% Reinforcingproducts/mesh80%20% Stainless60%40% Tubes50%50% CRC / HRC Hot dipped/galvanized sheet 15% 45%40% Heavy plates26% 50%24% Wirerod Railway Marketshare/shareofsupply Market volume of 153 million t Stockholding steel and metal distribution Steel mills Steel-Service-Centers *w/o primary material for tubes Source: Stahlmarkt 11/2009 22. 22 Overall attractive set of synergies Overall EU purchasing power in flats would significantly increase Combined normal purchasing volume would increase from about 500 Tto to more than 1.500 Tto Existing SSC production capacity with equipment could be shifted permanently to BSS supply Total EU capacity based on 2 shifts per day about 100 Tto Detailed analysis to be carried out divestments to be considered Sourcing from BSS with short lead times would allow for reduced inventories Assuming a doubling of inventory turns and direct supply would result in significant NWC reduction 23. 23 Attractive valuation within target range of 4x-5x EBITDA Perfect fit to our acquisition criteria *Deal is subject to due diligence and competitive authority approvals and expected to be closed beginning of 2010 Achieve a leading EU-position in sheets in one single step with largest most modern single site Steel Service Center operation (SSC)* Leverage to Groups flat procurement Leverage to Groups SSC activities and know how Realize synergies in purchasing Customer diversification outside construction Stabilize Group earnings volatility Constant EBITDA-margin above Group target (6%) EPS-accretive from year one 16 Achieve profitable growth Strengthen purchasing power vs. suppliers for core group products Strengthen country specific market positions Expand footprint outside construction industry Focus on geographical core markets in EU, NA and EEC to leverage existing network Western Europe NAFTA Steel ProducerSteel Distributor Steel Distributor Top 6 -20 Top 5 65%17% 18% Others Top 5 31% 69% Steel Producer Others Top 5 39% 61% OthersOthersTop 6 -20 Top 5 18% 32% 50% Klckner & Co: Acquisition strategy2 Source: Company data, Eurometal, broker research Consolidation among steel producers is well ahead of highly fragmented d...