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Government Engineering College BhavnagerGovernment Engineering CollegeBhavnagerSub:- Contributor Personality Development ProgramAbout my selfName:- BHATT KARTIK H.Branch:-Production EngineeringSem:-2Enroll. No:-140210125005Im studying engineering to being useful to the society.. & want to create something new..Contributors ProfileName:- BHATT DARSHANBHAI H.LIVE AT SIHOR.WORK AS TEACHER SCIENCE 5 YEARS ATSIHOR :- L.D.MUNI HIGH SCHOOL BHAVNAGAR :- DAKHINA MURTI HIGH SCHOOL.ID:- bhattdarshan99@yahoo.inMo. No. :- 9979240009 CONTRIBUTORA person or thing that contributes something in particular.A person who donates to a cause.PERSONALITYThe combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individuals distinctive character.There Are Two Types of Personality :1.Dynamic Personality2.Static PersonalityVision Of SuccessWhen I asked mr.darshan that how you do your work in your workplace.He told me very nicely, that he do his work as one new challenge & always accept and try to solve all things what he can able to He believed in internal satisfaction.Qualities to become successful.To be gentle with your subordinates, Dont work so hard , work smart & think positive.To be honest with your work, dont blame other for your mistakes.OPPORTUNITIESAccording to him you have to accept all challenges as opportunitiesFace it with your qualities & abilities. Job satisfaction He believes in Internal satisfaction.CHALLENGES He dont have more challenges because of his kind nature but he told that if he have to face some challenges like juniors & seniors ..He told the truth of honest working and to be helpful for anything what is available to do the work.PERSONAL EXPERIENCE In his teacher life he experience many things. But the fillings of I can do"," overcome , fear of failure had in there child hood and now he just believed in I can do & never give up.In future,.. He want to open their own school for poor students , who want to become successful and helping hand for society. Once in college life he gave an speech & anchoring the whole program at that time he fills like a success full person.According to me , he is contributor.Guided By:Himanshu SirChetan SirThank you13