EUROASIA - Stainless Steel Bowls & Colanders

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<ul><li><p>EUROASIA SA - BOWLS &amp; COLANDERS</p><p>Besin Bowls Regular Mixing Bowls Deep Mixing Bowls - Mirror</p><p>Deep Mixing Bowls - Satin Deep Mixing Bowls - Anti-Skid Deep Mixing Bowls - Colors</p><p>Footed Bowls German Bowls - 2 Tone German Bowls - Anti Skid</p><p>German Bowls - Color German Bowls with Silicon Bottom German Bowls with P. Lid -W</p><p>German Bowls Color with P. Lid Measuring Bowls Inner Bead - Salad Bowls</p></li><li><p>Storage Bowls with Plastic Lid Storage Color Bowls with P. Lid Fruit Bowl - 04</p><p>Salad Bowls - Satin Salad Bowls - Mirror Hammer Bread Baskets</p><p>Bread Basket with Colors Fruit Bowl - 01 Fruit Bowl - 03</p><p>Deep Colander - Mango Deep Colander with 3 Finish Deep Colander with Colors</p><p>German Colanders Extra Deep Colander with Colors Delux Deep Colanders</p></li><li><p>Cheery Colanders Pasta Colanders Spaghetti Colanders</p><p>Regular Colanders Premium Colander Deep Colander with Wire Stand</p><p>Vista Deep Premium Colanders Line Colanders Pine Apple Colanders</p><p>Leaf Colanders Rice Colander - Mirror Rice Colander - Colors</p><p>Capsul Colanders Long Handle German Strainer Tublar Handle Deep Strainer</p><p>Product Feature : 100% Food Grade &amp; Dishwasher Safe</p><p>Production Time : 30 Days</p><p>F.O.B Port in India : Mumbai Port</p><p>Payment Mode : 30% T/T advance &amp; 70% T/T after final Inspection before shipment</p><p>For more information, Email us :</p><p>For more information, Whatsapp : +919891327454</p><p></p></li></ul>