Digital Marketing This Week Episode 41: A Marketer's Guide To Security

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<p> 1. Episode 41: A Marketers Guide To Security 2. Chris Mercer Analytics &amp; Optimization Content Development Host of DMTW Call me Mercer Who Am I? 3. This Weeks Focus Topic 4. Your Goal: Get ONE Idea Act On That ONE Idea Repeat! 5. Why Should You Care? Because Today Youll Get Quick tips on securing your site A review of SSL certificates A Security checklist And more 6. A Marketers Guide To Security 7. WordPress Security Are You Updated? 8. WordPress Security Passwords Secure? 9. WordPress Security Using A Security Plugin? 10. WordPress Security Check For Zombies! 11. SSL Certificates 12. SSL Certificates 13. SSL SHA-1 Issue 14. Tool: Why No Padlock 15. Security is a process. Its NEVER Set and forget. 16. What Was Your One Idea? Why No Padlock? SSL Certs? WordPress Security Checklist? Action Brings Results! 17. Click Here To Watch The Recording Of This Episode </p>


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