Digital Marketing This Week - June 21st 2014

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<ul><li> 1. Digital Marketing This Week June 21st , 2014 </li> <li> 2. For this week, we tackled Marketing Experiments fascinating opt-in conversion technique The value of automation according to Duct Tape Marketing The new look of Facebook ads Pro Bloggers video optimization tips </li> <li> 3. Marketing Experiments Uncovers A Fascinating Opt-in Conversation Technique Marketing Experiments shared three simple tips that can improve the conversion rates of an opt-in form: 1.Focus on conversational elements this encourages people to fill in the fields 2.Make the submit button more personal and engaging 3.Add proof that will reinforce their decision to opt-in via a testimonial optimization/optimizing-web-forms.html </li> <li> 4. Duct Tape Marketing Talks About The Value Of Automation Automate your leads using Lead Pages, Unbounce or Optimize Press Automate your email to remove the tedium of handling this yourself using Aweber, Mailchimp or Infusionsoft Automate your social media to be consistent with your posts using IFTTT, Zapier and Buffer Automate your service to improve customer relationships using canned responses, Zendesk and osTicket Automate your analytics using Google Analytics and Clickyhttp://www.ducttapemarketing .com/blog/2014/06/20/autom ate-marketing-efforts/ </li> <li> 5. Facebook Finally Rolls Out Their New Look For Facebook Ads Facebook is changing the look and feel of their adsits bigger, image driven making them more noticeable and eye- catching Two potential implications for marketers: 1. It can potentially drive ad cost 2. Those who have not done Facebook advertising need to start learning the ropes on how to target ads to get better ROI ness/news/The-Value-of-Ad- Impressions-on-Facebook </li> <li> 6. Pro Bloggers Shows Us How To Optimize Videos Use relevant keywords Add a complete description with attendant links Use tags Post videos in HD quality Offer transcription as a way to improve SEO Promote your video and tell people about it </li> <li> 7. Join Me In The Next Episode of Digital Marketing This Week Click here to sign up </li> </ul>