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Acharya Bal Krishna established Patanjali Ayurveda Limited in the year 2006 taking inspiration from Yoga rishi Baba Ramdev for the objective of establishing science of Ayurveda in accordance and coordinating with the latest technology and ancient wisdom.Patanjali Ayurveda was first started by manufacturing medicinal products. Gradually they have expanded their range from medicines to food items and cosmetics.

Baba Ramdev chose the path of swadeshi and by establishing Patanjali Ayurveda he presented an indigenous option to buyers, on the other side he gave competition to different FMCG companies.

In March 2012, whenRamdevannounced his entry into the fast moving consumer goods and herbal retail markets with his 'swadeshi' line of products, the yoga guru today has emerged as one of Indias more successful brands in the otherwise less penetrated rural markets too as his150-200 dedicated outlets in 2012 have grown to almost 4,000 now, prompting Ramdevto sell theFMCG range in the open market too.

The fast-growing Patanjali is eyeing Rs 10,000 crore with a stupendous 150 per cent growth expected this year.The global herbal market is growing fast, about 15-20percentage points faster than the rest , and the premium segment is growing even faster.

VisionTo be a top Ayurveda company among all MNCsTo Re-introduce the Indian AyurvedaTo crack the worlds attraction to our IndiaTo work for the welfare of HumanityTo reinvent our traditional knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda

1.To reach the great heights2. To restart the swadeshi movement3. To produce good quality products at cheaper rates4. To introduce Indian Ayurveda to this modern world5. To crack the maximum market share.



1. Launched too many products in a short time2. Issue with advertising council of India1. Can tap overseas market as Ayurveda is increasingly getting awareness2. Can enter more segments in personal hygiene, FMCG etc.3. Can also diversify in apparels1. Prominent FMCG players coming up with their own variants of Ayurveda products2. Big players have their existing model which is sturdy, which can overcome new competition from Patanjali1. Extensive marketing has pulled people into accepting its products as a healthier and safer option2. Strong brand ambassador with Baba Ramdev as its face helped boost the business3. New products, new style of marketing etc has changed the market dynamics S w O T

The company is planning to venture in to packaged cow milk, khadi & animal feed this year . Patanjali uses natural ingredients and herbs to manufacture its products .they have state of the art R&D facility, involved in the latest research in the products which can benefit their target market .it has few star products In the products portfolio .Patanjali cow ghee was worth RS1380 crore in FY 2015-16,the herbal toothpaste dant kanti was worth 425 crores. Shampoo and hair oil under the brand name kesh kanti,did a turnover of RS325crores. SOURCE:


Patanjali special Chyawanparsh RS 115Dabur chyawanparsh RS 160

Patanjali Honey RS 135Dabur honey RS 199

Patanjali Soundarya face cream Rs 60Pears face wash RS 80

Patanjali corn flakes mix RS 145Kellogg's corn flakes original RS 182Patanjali products are sold at a price of 15 to 30% lower than that of competition .except for Patanjali cow ghee, which is sold at premium in the market, every other product has a market penetration pricing strategy . the pricing strategy has helped Patanjali establish itself in the market place.Establishing Brands which did not consider Patanjali a competition initially , are now forced to sit and take notice .HUL has reported slowest growth in revenue in the last 6 years .Colgate ,one of the MNCs worst hit by the growth since last 4 years .A comparison of few well known brands of Patanjali Ayurveda with competition SOURCE:

PROMOTIONBaba Ramdev through his yoga shrivirs not only talks about the different yoga postures and their benefits in curing the diseases but also about Patanjali ayurved products adding in a healthy life style and a disease free life .this is one of the most potent promotion tools also used by PALWord of mouth communication

PALS advertisement in print & digital media is readily seenPAL has also embraced digital marketing and has a well designed facebook page & twitter account Public RelationPatanjali ayurved has its channel on youtube which features more than 200 videos on yoga and product information

DISTRIBUTIONPatanjali's Distribution Muscle There is a huge gap between demand and supply, admits Acharya Bal Krishna, MD of Patanjali Ayurveda, who's recently been in the news for his 94% stake in the organization. (A development touted as a strategic move to take the limelight off Baba Ramdev who has been the face of the company all this while). Bal Krishna tells us that besides 1200 Patanjali Chikitsalayas, 2500 Aarogya Kendras, 7000 open stores in villages, and 5600 marketing vehicles, his team is working ..

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In addition to that, Patanjali has modern trade tie ups with Big Bazaar and the likes of Reliance Retail, Hyper city, Star Bazaar (Tata Group), D-Mart, Spencer Retail, More (Aditya Birla Retail), Apollo Pharmacy, which allows it to cover over 4500 stores across India. Not to mention now you can order Patanjali products via e-comm sites/apps like Amazon, Big Basket, and Grofers. But here's the thing: Modern trade only forms ~10% of the FMCG sales pie, says Vijay Udasi, SVP - sales effectiveness

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Group sale, profitability & financial positionAccording to brickwork ratings Patanjali has bagged Rs.154.70 crore in FY14 on profitability front and doubled its profits in FY15 at Rs. 308.79 crore.The company's Dant Kanti toothpaste posted sales of Rs 450 crore in 2015-16 and Kesh Kanti shampoo and hair oil posted Rs 350 crore sales in less than a year.From the year 2014-2016 patanjalis sales have been scorching, with revenues growing at a 55 per cent annual rate when the FMCG market was inching up at 8-9 per cent.

Patanjalis market share is just 5 per cent to Colgates 55 (Danti kanti).In FY15, Patanjali Ayurved reported a 23 per cent operating profit margin with a 16 per cent net profit margin.5 products of patanjali have played a crucial role in companys revenue growth:Patanjali Cow Ghee:Revenue generation of Patanjali Cow Ghee was Rs 1308 crore FY15-16Patanjalis Dant Kanti (toothpaste):posted sales of Rs 425 crore in 2015-16.Patanjali Kesh Kanti: Achieved Rs 325 crore sales in less than a year.Patanjali Noodles and the final product is aloevera gel.Future Plans-Patanjali aims to hit the target of 10,000 crore annual revenue by the end of Year 2017.Company is going to look at an e-commerce strategy and focus on strengthening our exports to at least 10-12 countries FY17

Brand building & Marketing Tactics of Patanjali.Patanjali is Indias fastest consumer growing brand.According to Nielsen Health & Ayurvedic market is of 33,000 crore & has increased by 6%. Niche Product Strategy- Shishu care, Herbal Kajal etc.Aggressive Product launch- Patanjali Corn flakes, shaving cream,jeans Shoes etc. Advertisement are based on information & awareness driven rather than promotion.Patanjali Advertisement budget 100Cr V/s H.U.L. 2,500Cr.100% profit will go for charity.SWADESHI Strategy. Targeted audience by fear of diseases & Patriotism. Environment is created where an alternative is problem solver. Baba Ramdev & his team tells the evils of MNCs, Corruption of corporates & exploitation of farmers & country

Co- Branding. Marketing through spirituality. Marketing through Yoga Camps.Data base of people visiting camps & pitching them. Powerful Partnership with T.V. & telecasting Yoga world wide. Ex-Aastha Channel early morning Branded house strategy v/s House of Brands. All product in one advertisement. Packaging showing the leaves & herbs. Strong Brand Association. Tied up with Amazon to sell its products.

Efficient Content & Digital marketingCase of content & Digital marketing. The brand Patanjali was associated to Only health conscious & women's but company wanted this to be also adopted by age group of 12-35. Company gave C.Marketing to POKKT- video adds who created video adds in mobile games as people need to watch videos of Patanjali & get extra life or power etc in the game environement.The add unit was optional not intrusive which resulted in brand recall & +ve association with the brand.Results Impression delivered with in a month was 31,50,935 out of which the completed full video views were 28,44,215.(90%)

Disruptive & Unconventional Marketing Techniques.Video

Eye openers (Source-ET-NOW)

Recommendation & conclusion Strengthen their distribution cha