Guest satisfaction surveys webinar

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<ol><li> 1. Guest Satisfaction Surveys Webinar Buysse Alexia MBA2B </li><li> 2. - Importance of guest feedback - Difference between surveys &amp; online reviews - The way that the surveys have to be designedThemes developed In the Webinar ! </li><li> 3. In order so see what work or not in the hotel Help to access how good your performance is To know what can be improved To know what action to take a It helps engage our guests Importance of guest feedback </li><li> 4. Its equal in terme or importance They are complementary Traditional surveys are more a message to the hotel &amp; the manager and online reviews more a message to people who are interested in booking a room in this hotel Surveys &amp; online reviews </li><li> 5. - Embed a tripadvisor comment box - Make a short comment so as to get many answers - Make them available on most used devices such as smartphones, iphones, tablets, pcs.. - Have part of the surveys dedicated to free comments (not only Yes/NO questions) How to design a survey? Sample text </li></ol>