Presenters Tool Belt - What Every Presenter Should Carry - by @jairuscope

1. /// What every presenter should carrypresenters TOOLBELT 2. /// ever wonder how the world’s greatest structures are Built? 3. there are many hands that go into Building THEM. 4. carpenters, architects, engineers, 5. RESULTING IN many professionALS BEING contracted AND... 6. no matter the scope of the project, 7. THEY were completed carpenter had the right tools. Because the 8. should carry tool Belts of their own. presenters and just Like any good carpenter, 9. presenters can make a powerful impact! with the right tools, 10. here are the 10 things all presenters should have under their tool Belt. 11. 1.POST-ITS 12. allows you to... POST-ITS By starting WITH 13. CONSTRUCT YOUR FOUNDATION OF STICKY IDEAS 14. AND PICK THE BEST ORGANIZE AND HELPS YOU TO BUILDING BLOCKS 15. Beginning to end. OUT YOUR STORY from so you can lay 16. 2.mac a 17. mayBe a little Biased, But we’d Be lost without them. 18. slides fast and efficient. it makes creating your 19. Macs save you time, and when you have more time, you can focus on polishing your presentation. 20. oh!and DON’T FORGET IT ON THE DAY OF YOUR PRESENTATION!that would Be Bad. 21. 3.keynote 22. BEST TOOLS One of THE A PRESENTATION DESIGNER CAN HAVE. 23. KEYNOTE MAKES CREATING PRESENTATIONS SIMPLE and Beautiful. 24. with a Beautiful presentation Backing you up, your audience will Be even more impressed. 25. 4.projector 26. to a great presentation. projector is crucial and size of the Knowing the type 27. If you design for the wrong dimensions, information may get cut off. 28. may also need to Be colors and Brightness adjusteddepending on the projector. the 29. Before hand test the presentation on the projector if possible. 30. speakers 5. 31. Depending on how Big the audience is, it may Be a good idea to have speakers. 32. can’t hear you, and tune you out. If the audience they will lose interest 33. This isn’t very comforting for the presenter. 34. if THERE ARE no speakers, practice speaking loudly. 35. 6.SMART phone 36. TO ENGAGE LIVEWITH YOUR AUDIENCE CAN BE USED 37. NOT TO ANSWER CALLS, OR TEXT SOMEONE BUT... 38. ON SOCIAL MEDIA! TO PROMOTE 39. and generate interest That’ll drive traffic to your presentation, for a possible round 2. 40. 7.clicker 41. hardhat for a carpenter. The clicker for a presenter is like a 42. ease of mind... it either offers protection and 43. or leaves the speaker nervous and vulnerable. 44. seamless, IT’s the tool that makes your presentation you have control. Because 45. Without a reliaBle clicker, may suffer. your presentation 46. 8.water Bottle 47. and they haven’t even spoken yet. Before a Presentation, many people get dry mouth, 48. 3 OUT OF 4 people have puBlic speaking. fromAnxiety 49. an average presentation ranges from 4-20 minutes. 50. during can help quench the palette and Having a water Bottle relax the nerves. 51. 9. confidence 52. most important of all. Not a physical tool, But proBaBly the 53. the OUTCOME you want. your presentation will lack Without confidence, 54. and memoraBle. BelievaBle, your message is what makes Confidence 55. The key to Building confidence? PRACTICE! 56. 10.handouts 57. When necessary, make handouts for your audience. 58. W h y ? 59. BY NOT taking notes. focus on you, Handouts allow the audience to 60. you feel less nervous. When YOUR audience is engagedin your presentation, 61. 1. STICKIES & SHARPIE 2. MAC 3. KEYNOTE 4. PROJECTOR 5. SPEAKERS 6. IPHONE 7. CLICKER 8. WATER BOTTLE 9. CONFIDENCE 10.HANDOUTS recap: 62. RememBer, rome wasn’t Built in a day. 63. and neither is Being a presenter. great 64. you NOW KNOW the tools necessary to BUILD something great! 65. solid structure, to Build a right tools just like a carpenter needs the 66. YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY presentation... IN YOUR TOOL BELT, with these 10 tools TO BUILDING A great 67. CONSTRUCTED BY JAIRUS 68. VIEW more presentations:VIEW more presentations:
1. /// What every presenter should carrypresenters TOOLBELT 2. /// ever wonder how the world’s greatest structures are Built? 3. there are many hands that go into Building…