How to find your 1st job (for Java dev. course)

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How to find your 1st jobHow to find your 1st jobOlya KarpaBe PERSISTANTBe PROACTIVEBe MOTIVATEDPlan:1. How to find a job or opportunity2. CV 3. How to pay attention on your CV4. Useful social nets5. InterviewHow to find a job or opportunity:Recruiters (LinkedIn, Dou)Social nets (LinkedIn,, djinni)Companies WebsitesJob sites (,,, (softserve, eleks, epam, globallogic)Friends, relatives etc.CV1. ONLY English 2. Targeting CV3. Photo (casual) 4. Contact info5. Summary/ Objectives 6. Experience (next slide)7. Skills 8. Education9. Languages 10. Interests11. Affiliation 12. References13. Links 14. Cover letter15. Well structured 16. PDF format17. Grammar 18. Sell Yourself EXPERIENCE-Freelance sites (,,,,freelance.,, etc) -Real project for relatives or friends-OpenSourse, Sprints (Ubuntu)-To help mentor with his project-Own Project, Start Up, Idea, Coworking-Sport programming (,, Structure- / Years- / Company- / Position- / Role description- / Project description- , / Tools and technologiesSkills and tools LIST- (String, Collections API, Threads, I/O.Threads, I/O.)- Debug ( Enterprise )- ( QUIZFUL)- Servlets ( Java web Enterprise, 50% )- SQL-Spring Hibernate ( , MUST HAVE!) , : 100% Git, JIRA, Scrum, XML, JSON, REST api, HTTP . CV Example LinksCover letter:, google etc.CV templates:,, google docs etc,,, .Crash test on builder tools:, http://resume.linkedinlabs.comSome advices , ( Coursera,, IT- Github Stackoverflow CodilityCheckioUseful social netsUseful social netsLinkedInTwitterFacebookDou.uaGoogle+DjinniStack overflowSlideshareGithubLinkedIn Tips Real Name and SurnamePresentable photoUse ENGLISHAdd skillsAdd peopleAdd contactsAdd video, publication, imagesFollow groupsFacebook Tips Adequate photoFill informationFollow companies, technical persons, recruitersJoin groupsShare interesting linksCheck inBe activeInterview TipsDont be scared of your interviewer Lear theoryPractice on another interviewsBe on time (10 min before interview)Your appearance (clothes - smart casual, smile, shower)Think about your motivation and plansLearn companys profileInterview TipsDURING: AFTER:Be yourself * Pay attention Be enthusiastic to the weaknessesBe polite * Ask feedbackSell yourself * Ask advicesDont lie * Keep in touchAsk questions with RecruiterInterviewTHANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION!HOPE IT WAS INTERESTING