How to Write a Resume That Rocks

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1. Resume How toWrite a that ROCKS 2. Resume writing? What do youknow about 3. TOP8 RESUME ADVICE FROMESSAYSHARK TEAM 4. 1.KEEP IT SIMPLE. Recruiters usually spend from 1 to 3 minutes on one resume. Make sure that you tell only important information. 5. SAY NO to big descriptions 6. SAY NO to overused phrases: 7. to overused phrases: detail oriented SAY NO 8. SAY NO to overused phrases: responsible for detail oriented 9. to overused phrases: responsible for team player detail oriented SAY NO 10. SAY YES to your real experience and accomplishments 11. 2.KEEP IT UP- TO-DATE. Your employer doesn't want to know what high school you have attended and why your phone is not working. 12. ADD relevant social profiles 13. DON't list your high school 14. 3.CHOSE THE RIGHT DESIGN. If you seek for a creative job, your resume should also be extraordinary but at the same time easy to read. 15. YOU CAN PICK ONE OF THE FOLLOWING DESIGNS ACCORDINGLY TO YOUR PROFESSION AND INDUSTRY 16. Resume on job-search sites like Traditional resume Services for creating resume Infographic LinkedIn profile Your own , 17. 4.USE READABLE FONTS. Yes, nothing annoys recruiters but bad fonts. 18. Times New Roman Georgia Old Standard Lato Helvetica Merriweather 19. 5.SHOW YOUR RESULTS. Your resume should prove with examples that you are a real professional. 20. Excellent communication skills PHP development experience A professional in promotion, who knows how to give attention to details. 21. Serving approximately from 80 to 100 calls per day. Have organized 11 press- conferences for the last year. Wrote six instructions for 15,000 users two weeks before the project was delivered 22. 6.CREATE AN APPROPRIATE EMAIL ADDRESS Don't use emails with nicknames or those that doesn't contain your full name. 23. 24. 25. 7.DON'T TELL THE REASONS FOR DISMISSAL There is no need to describe it in resume. You will have an opportunity to talk about it on the interview if you will be asked. 26. Resigned at own request The company was closed due to the funding problem 27. My responsibilities were changed from the first day: I have applied to position of the marketing manager, had to perform the duties of assistant. The new manager has reorganized the team with his old team, so I think this is my chance to seek for new opportunities. One the job interview you can say: 28. 8. EXPLAIN YOUR CAREER BREAK Describe the reasons that forced you to make a pause in your career. 29. Apr 2014 - Present Maestro Jazz Junior Marketing Analyst Work Experience: May 2008 - Oct 2011 Jessops Marketing Assistant 30. Feb 2013 - Present Maestro Jazz Junior Marketing Analyst Work Experience: May 2008 - Oct 2011 Jessops Marketing Assistant Nov 2011- Dec 2012 Looked after severely ill relative. 31. THE STORY OF SUCCESS LOGIC The structure of your resume should be logical and simple. REWRITING RESUME FOR 20 TIMES A good resume is one that is constantly improved. ACHIEVEMENTS You should mention all achievements for every position. 32. 1 PAGEIS THE GOLDEN LENGTH FOR EVERY RESUME 33. BONUS 34. FREE S O U R C E S T O C R E A T E A N O U T S T A N D I N G R E S U M E 35. 36. 37. 38. And make your resu me ROCK!