Induction and Orientation

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2. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 2 Induction ♦ The act or process of inducting or bringing in, introduction; entrance; beginning; commencement. HR Success Guide Copyright © 3. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 3 ♦ It is the process of introducing a new situation or environment HR Success Guide Copyright © Orientation 4. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 4 ♦ To familiarize new employee to the organization, people, departments, work, teams, organization chart, designation, hierarchies and company Process and Policies. ♦ Orient new employee to work protocols, work environment, team culture, how to behave in situations, escalation modes, detailed process familiarization. HR Success Guide Copyright © Need to conduct Induction and Orientation 5. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 5 Objective ♦ To cut down recruitment cost ♦ To Improve job satisfaction, morale and motivation ♦ To ensure that new people become independent sooner on routine operations so that other members of staff don’t have to spend much time on formal guidance. ♦ To Reduce absenteeism and staff turnover ♦ To Promote a safe and equitable work environment through an awareness of policies and responsibilities in these areas ♦ To aid the staff member in establishing effective working relationships and social networks ♦ To Create a positive attitude and commitment to the organization HR Success Guide Copyright © 6. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 6 ♦ Induction is responsibility of HR. ♦ Responsibility of orientation is shared with concerned team leads. HR Success Guide Copyright © Who does Induction and Orientation? 7. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7 Style of Induction Program ♦ Class Room Lecture ♦ Conference Room Power Point Presentation ♦ Online Module ♦ Site or client visit ♦ Handout Reading ♦ Ice-breaker exercise to inducting team ♦ One on One Induction with Team heads ♦ Days, week or month program HR Success Guide Copyright © 8. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 8 Induction Presentation Sequence ♦ Introduction to HR Dept ♦ Business Mission, Vision and Scope ♦ Quality Policy ♦ Organization Culture ♦ Organization Structure ♦ Responsibility ♦ Company Policies (Salary | Leave Mgmt | Appraisal | Work Culture) ♦ Trainings HR Success Guide Copyright © 9. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 9 Process of Induction and Orientation ♦ Similar to event management ♦ Link with Recruitment team for Joiners ♦ Scheduling of programs ♦ Fixing number of participants ♦ Drawing program contents ♦ Coordinating with other teams for PPT ♦ Arrange Venue, Food, Handouts and Stationery ♦ Sending Communication Mail to participants & Concerned teams making PPT ♦ Prepare your HR PPT ♦ Prepare for Presenter back-up ♦ Prepare for participant back-up ♦ Feedback System ♦ Department specific orientation module finalization HR Success Guide Copyright © 10. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 10 Checklist for Induction and Orientation ♦ Have appropriate rooms been booked ♦ Are the rooms big enough for all course activities ♦ Is the level of heating | cooling appropriate throughout the venue ♦ Is the light right for slides, overhead projector ♦ Is material available if required? Or Are there enough seats ♦ Is the sound right? Or Is amplification required ♦ Are the seats comfortable enough for the whole period of the course ♦ Are adequate power points available ♦ Have you considered possible interruptions and guarded against it ♦ Telephones in training room Or Noise from adjoining rooms ♦ Noise from outside | Unrestricted entry ♦ Do participants need to bring anything Continued.. HR Success Guide Copyright © 11. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 11 Have you sent joining instructions: ♦ A map | details of how to get to venue or Has attendance being confirmed ♦ Details of Start | Finish times or Train | Play times and Dietary requirements ♦ Names of Course Leaders or Contact address and telephone numbers ♦ Is the preparation completely professional? HR Success Guide Copyright © Checklist for Induction and Orientation 12. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 12 Challenges in Induction and Orientation ♦ Scheduling program with other presenters ♦ Number of participants – Carry forward ♦ Venue Issues ♦ Seriousness to this process HR Success Guide Copyright © 13. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 13 Contents of Induction Policy ♦ Need for Induction Policy ♦ Strategy to cover Induction Plan for each level (Days | Levels | Focused Plan) ♦ Key Responsible teams for Induction ♦ Review | Feedback Mechanism of Induction HR Success Guide Copyright © 14. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 14 Induction and Orientation MIS Maintenance ♦ Attendance ♦ Coverage of New Joiner ♦ Induction Module with updates ♦ List of Trainers | Presenters for Induction and Orientation for each team ♦ Back up of trainer in case first person is not available due to some reasons HR Success Guide Copyright © 15. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 15 End of Presentation HR Success Guide Copyright ©
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