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  • 1. THE SOCIAL SALEadding value beyond the transaction
2. £the value of a customer used to bea fairly simple calculation 3. They would buy your product, perhaps tell afriend or two if they were particularlyimpressed or disappointed.Then they were forgotten, until they walkedback into your store 4. NOT EXACTLY ASOCIAL PROCESS... 5. THIS OLD WORLD OFCONSUMERISM HASCHANGED 6. THE SALE IS NO LONGER THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THETUNNEL BUT THE BEGINNING OF A ‘SOCIAL’RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN A BRAND AND CONSUMER 7. It’s an opportunity to engage withconsumers in a way that is not onlyinteresting, but also rewarding andexciting 8. SO WHAT EXACTLY IS ASOCIALSALE? 9. A SOCIAL SALE IS INCREDIBLYSIMPLE 10. A SOCIAL SALE IS A PURCHASE THAT’S SHARED BY ACUSTOMER BECAUSE OF AN INCENTIVE FROM A BRAND,LETTING THAT PERSON’S SOCIAL COMMUNITY KNOW WHATTHEY’VE BOUGHT AND WHEN THEY’VE BOUGHT IT 11. A SOCIAL SALE RAISES AWARENESS AMONGSTOTHER POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS WHO THEN HAVEA REASON TO DO THE SAME 12. CONSUMERS IN THEIRHUNDREDS OFTHOUSANDSARE ALREADY DOING IT ACROSSTHE COUNTRY 13. SOCIAL SALESARE A FAMILIARSIGHT ON E-COMWEBSITESSUCH ASAMAZON 14. SOCIAL SALESARE ALSOHAPPENING INTHE OFFLINEWORLD 15. THIS EXAMPLESHOWS THECONVERSATIONABOUT THEPRODUCTEXTEND BEYONDTHE PURCHASEITSELF 16. BUT FOR THE MOST PART, BRANDSARE UNAWARE OF IT OR IF THEY ARE,THEY ARE NOT HARNESSING THISBEHAVIOUR AND MAKING IT WORKFOR FOR THEM 17. THIS IS THETRICKYPART 18. IT INVOLVES KNOWING HOW TOAPPROACH CONSUMERS IN ARELEVANT WAY, WITH A REWARDTHAT INCENTIVISES THEM RATHERTHAN ANNOYS THEM 19. ADMITTEDLY THIS IS A HARD NUT TO CRACKBUT THAT’S WHERE WE COME IN 20. SO HOW DOES ASOCIAL SALEWORK? 21. WHETHER THEY LIKE TO ADMIT IT OR NOTPEOPLE ARE CURIOUS BYNATURE 22. THEY WANTTO KNOWWHERE THEIRFRIENDS AREEATING ANDDRINKINGWHERE THEYHOLIDAYIF THEY’REMAKING A BIGPURCHASE LIKE ACAR OR HOUSE 23. BUT THIS IS JUSTTHE START 24. PEOPLE ARE ALSOUSING THEIRPHONES TO CHECKINTO VENUES ANDLOCATIONS IN THEIRMILLIONS EVERY DAY 25. USERS OF LOCATION BASED SERVICES HAVE NOWREACHED AROUND 3 BILLION WORLDWIDE 26. WHICH MEANS YOU POTENTIALLY HAVE INSTANTACCESS TO OVER SEVEN BILLION MOBILESUBSCRIBERS GLOBALLY 27. CONSUMERS HAVE MORE WAYS OF SHARING THEIREXPERIENCES, MOST SIGNIFICANTLY THROUGH THE RISEOF SOCIAL MEDIA 28. FACEBOOK’S ‘POPULATION’ MAKES IT THESECOND LARGEST CONTINENT IN THEWORLD 29. WITH TWITTER THE 6TH LARGEST, AND BOTHARE BUILT AROUND SHARING INFORMATION 30. ADD TO THIS TO THE GROWINGPOPULARITY OF SMARTPHONES,MEANING MORE CONSUMERS AREPURCHASING ON THE MOVE WITHOVER ONE BILLION OF THESESMARTPHONE USERS ACCESSINGFACEBOOK VIA THEIR DEVICE 31. THE EXCITING THING ABOUT SOCIAL SALES ISTHAT CONSUMERS ARE ALREADY DOING IT IT’SJUST A CASE OF KNOWING WHERE TO LOOK 32. OFTEN, THERE’S NO NEED FOR ANYCOUPONS, PRINTOUTS ORPROMOTIONAL CODES 33. IT DEPENDS ON THE BRAND AND THE TARGETCUSTOMER, BUT THE REWARD CAN BEINSTANT RATHER THAN PREMEDITATED 34. THE MAIN REASON TO CARE, HOWEVER, ISTHAT IF YOU’RE NOT TAKING STEPS TOMAKE YOUR SALE SOCIAL WHAT YOU HAVEIS A ‘DEAD SALE’… 35. …A TRANSACTION WHERE THE VALUE TOYOUR COMPANY ENDS AT THE POINT OFPURCHASE, WASTING THE OPPORTUNITY TOENGAGE WITH THOUSANDS OF POTENTIALCUSTOMERS WITH ONE SIMPLE ACTION 36. WITH THE RECENT LAUNCHOF APPLE PAY ANDGOOGLE WALLET, THE ACTOF PAYING AND SHARINGCOULD BECOME PART OFTHE SAME BEHAVIOUR – IFBRANDS CREATED THEINCENTIVE 37. BRANDS HAVE BEENEXPERIMENTING WITHTHE SOCIAL SALE ONVARIOUS SCALES 38. WE’VE PULLED TOGETHER AFEW SECTOR SPECIFICEXAMPLES OF HOW AND WHY ITCOULD WORK 39. ALCOHOL 40. Alcohol brands areconsumed in a strongsocial context: with friendsand in pubs or duringparties. This creates twovery different arenas forsales, including in a bar /restaurant situation and inthe supermarket / shop 41. However the moment ofconsumption is often thesame, by-in-large this is asocial situation andbecause of this, drinkingmoments are naturallythose that people share andtalk about on socialnetworks, mostly throughtheir smartphones 42. HERE, YOUR SOCIAL SALE COULD BE ASSIMPLE AS A ‘BUY ONE GET ONE FREE’DEAL ON YOUR FIRST DRINK IF YOUCHECK IN. OR IT COULD BE SOMETHINGFAR MORE CREATIVE, LIKESTRONGBOW’S STARTCAP CAMPAIGN 43. Budweiser launched 2programmes onFacebook ‘Bud LightBirthday’ and ‘Bud forBuds’, so people canhand out and send beervouchers as gifts forpeople’s birthdays. Allthey had to do wasshow ID and the link onmobile to redeem theoffer 44. Carlsberg’s #happybeertimecampaign encouraged fans topost on Instagram using thecampaign hashtag, the morepeople posted the longerhappy hour lasted 45. EVEN IF THIS SCALE OF ACTIVITY ISN’TWITHIN BUDGET, IT DEMONSTRATESHOW MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES CANHELP BRANDS TO INSTANTLY REWARDTHEIR CUSTOMERS FOR SHARINGSOME BRAND CONTENT 46. TRAVEL 47. This isn’t news to travelcompanies, but it does makeit a perfect target for thesocial sale. while people lovesharing the fact that they aregoing on holiday, they areeven more likely to with areward or incentive 48. Again, a simple way of making the salesocial would be an offer of 10% off theirnext holiday booking in return for aFacebook share - or even something assmall as a complimentary drink onarrival at their destination 49. THE USHUAIA IBIZA BEACH HOTEL RFIDWRISTBAND IDEA MIGHT BE A COUPLE OFYEARS OLD, BUT IT’S STILL A GREAT EXAMPLEOF HOW A BRAND USED MOBILETECHNOLOGIES TO MAKE ITS CUSTOMERSSHARE CONTENT THEY CONTROL ON THEGO, INSTANTANEOUSLY 50. The party resort gave some of itshosts an RFID enabled wristbandlinked to their facebook accountand sensors were installedthroughout the hotel (pool, bars,restaurants, etc) so thatcustomers could swipe theirwristband to upload pictures,update status and check-in 51. GOING ON HOLIDAY IS ONE OF THEFEW TIMES IN THE YEAR THAT YOUGET A BREAK FROM WORK ANDTIME TO DO WHATEVER YOU LIKE.THIS MAKES HOLIDAYS ONE OF THEMOST ENJOYABLE PIECES OFCONTENT TO SHARE 52. IN FACT, AIRPORTS ARE THE MOSTPOPULAR VENUES ON FOURSQUARE ANDFACEBOOK PLACES! 53. In 2012, the hotel enabled RFIDpayments so their customers canpay for drinks by swiping theirwristband - it’d have been nice toadd a loyalty program here! withthe tagline “make your facebookfriends jealous”, this campaignhelped the Ushuaia Ibiza Beachhotel facebook page to reach the180,000 fans milestone early2013 54. This idea would work well withski resorts, as ski passes areRFID enabled - that’s what theVail Resorts did with theepicmix platforms 55. Skiers can track their movements andperformances by pressing their RFID-enabledski pass at the top andbottom of slopes, ski lifts, etc. at theend of the day, they get a dashboardwith their performances that theycan share if they want to 56. AUTOMOTIVE 57. Buying a new car is a big andexciting moment in someone’slife. it’s also a long purchasedecision process, so there is morethan one opportunity for carmanufacturers to push for shares 58. THERE ARE TWO DISTINCT WAYS TOPURCHASE A CAR; EITHER DIRECT FROMTHE MANUFACTURER OR SECOND HAND,WHETHER ITS A DEALER OR PRIVATE SALETHESE WOULD HAVE VERY DIFFERENTTACTICS FOR THE SOCIAL SALE 59. AS A CAR IS NOT A FREQUENTPURCHASE, AUTOMOTIVE BRANDSCAN’T OFFER ‘BUY AGAIN’DISCOUNTS, BUT THEY CAN HELPCUSTOMERS “SHOW THEIRSTATUS” BY PROMPTING POST-PURCHASESHARES. THEINCENTIVES COULD INCLUDEDISCOUNTED SERVICING ORBRAND MERCHANDISE (SUCH ASCAR MATS) 60. You may not think that buying a caron social would be somethingsuccessful, but Mercedes did justthat earlier this year when itcelebrated the year of the snakewith an 8hr flash sale of a limitededition version of its Smart cars 61. The sale took place via Chinesemicroblogging and Twitterequivalent, Sina Weibo. thosethat purchased the car were onlyasked for a small deposit of 1.5%of the cost of the car to secure it -surely a good tactic to ease theblow of such an ‘impulse’ buy! 62. IT SOLD AN ASTONISHING 666 CARS -THAT’S MORE THAN 1 CAR PER MINUTEAND ACCOUNTED TO 4% OF MERCEDESSMART CAR ANNUAL SALES IN THE LUXURYCAR MARKET AN INCREASING NUMBER OFTHOSE PURCHASING ARE OF A YOUNGERGENERATION AND WHERE IS THISGENERATION SPENDING MOST OF THEIRTIME? SOCIAL MEDIA 63. MAKE AN EVENT, MAKE IT LIMITEDAND MAKE IT EXCLUSIVE! 64. RETAIL 65. When it comes to big fmcgbrands, loyalty is the name of thegame. it can be a crowdedmarket with little differentiatorsoutside of price, this is whererewarding a customer for apurchase comes into its own 66. Birds Eye took the diningexperience to a whole newlevel with a pop-uprestaurant. The branddiscovered 52% of diners‘Foodstagram’, and so hadtheir diners pay for mealsby taking a photo of it onInstagram and tagging#BirdsEyeInspirations 67. Christmas is fastapproaching, so Debenhamsembarked on a social sellingstrategy that turnedcustomers into brandadvocates, encouraging themto share special offers withfriends in return for rewards 68. I’M SOLD.WHAT NEXT? 69. JUST GET IN TOUCH WITHUS. WE’D BE HAPPY TODISCUSS HOW THE SOCIALSALE WOULD WORK FORYOUR BRAND. WE’LL EVENCOME UP WITH SOMESPECIFIC EXAMPLES TOSHOW OFF OUR CREATIVE &STRATEGIC THINKING 70.
1. THE SOCIAL SALEadding value beyond the transaction 2. £the value of a customer used to bea fairly simple calculation 3. They would buy your product, perhaps tell…