How To Find The Best Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

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Phoenix Injury Lawyer, Chris Zachar of Zachar Law Firm discusses how to find the best Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer for you. Know your rights. Protect them.


  • Whats the best way to choose a Personal Injury Lawyer? Learn how to choose the right Attorney for you.
  • The Beginning How do you find the best personal injury lawyer to represent you or your loved ones after an accident? Most of the best personal injury attorneys do little or no advertising. You will not see their names or faces on TV, billboards, buses or in the yellow pages. Their cases come largely as referrals from other attorneys, from doctors and from current and former clients. These attorneys earn these referrals with their hard work and past successes. They have earned reputations for doing good work and getting good results. But how do you find one?
  • The Truth About Most Law Firms If you look the yellow pages, you will find that many of the biggest ads are from personal injury law firms who believe that their large ads will bring them large numbers of injury cases. They rely on getting lots of cases indeed, they need lots of cases just to pay for the expensive ads on TV, radio, in the yellow pages, etc. Many attorneys buy the largest ads to make their practices appear better than they really are. In fact, a look in the yellow pages reveals that most lawyers claim to practice personal injury law. In truth, many of these lawyers have handled very few personal injury cases, and some have never even handled one. Why is this? Because there is a mistaken perception amongst these advertising lawyers that personal injury cases are easy.
  • Experience Matters In reality, as experienced personal injury attorneys know, personal injury cases are not easy. The reason good personal injury lawyers receive referrals from other lawyers is because when push comes to shove, and it is time to fight, most lawyers don't know where or how to begin the fight. True personal injury trial lawyers (litigators) are seasoned veterans in this area. Their colleagues know it, and insurance companies and defense attorneys know it. The best way to get your case resolved and avoid court? Hire an experienced personal injury trial lawyer.
  • What To Look For When looking for a Phoenix personal injury lawyer, look for one recognized by the State Bar of Arizona as a Certified Specialist in Injury and Wrongful Death. These attorneys know the law, have proven track records, and years of experience. All have taken many cases all the way through trial and have won favorable results for their clients. They have the professional respect of their colleagues, opposing counsel and judges. Certified Specialists work hard to gain and maintain their certification, by fighting for their clients, in and out of the courtroom.
  • Where To Look Where do you find a Certified Specialist? It is easiest to find these attorneys online, or though These attorneys don t charge any more for their time and services, but they will provide you the best representation there is, and the best opportunity for success for your personal injury case. When choosing a lawyer for yourself and your family, choose wisely. Find an Arizona State Bar Certified Specialist in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Law.


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