Online Fundraising 101

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  • Online Fundraising 101 Richard Dietz, Nonprofit R+D
  • Agenda1. Why Online Fundraising2. Tools of the Trade3. Online Fundraising Strategies4. Next Steps 2
  • Dont Panic 3
  • Always look for whats working Other Nonprofits The business world Internet Marketing ShamWow! 4
  • Consultants have all the answers No, not really There are best practices, but you must test in your organization Testing is the key, much easier to do online If it works do more, if not try something else We are also the worst at following our own advice 5
  • What you talkin about Willis? SaaS, CRM, CMS ROI, API, wysiwyg Open-Source Fundraising Platform Tweet, ReTweet, Twit? Blah, Blah, Blah 6
  • Why Online Fundraising? 75%+ of donations are still coming from individuals 50% growth year over year 2011 Cygnus Donor Survey ( 65% said they will make an online gift this year Young donors (86%) 35 64 year old (68%) Over 65 year old (53%) ** Direct mail donors 29% made their gift online 69% prefer electronic over print communication 7
  • Online Fundraising Tools 8
  • Tools of the TradeYou only need four tools to run a good online fundraising campaign: Place to make your case website Way to take money donation form Way to connect with potential donors Email marketing Way to track results online analytics 9
  • Tools of the Trade Website Use what you already have Wordpress - Joomla - Online Donations Many, many choices out there overwhelming really (searchable) Sage Fundraising Online ( Online donations AND event registration Flexible, powerful and can do things the others cant 10
  • Tools of the Trade Email Marketing Again, many choices and you may already have this in place Sage e-Marketing launching in August Analytics Google Analytics free and very powerful Need to track what is working and what is not 11
  • Online Fundraising Strategy Ideas, Tactics and Lessons 12
  • Fundraising Campaign Traffic (Email, Direct Mail, Social Media, etc.) Engagement Landing (Funnel) Page Thanks / Action Follow Up (Donate, Sign up, etc.) 13
  • 1 Sound Fundamentals Clean, attractive website Simple and easy donation process Wheres the Checkout? Prominent Donate button Capture Emails Most Wanted Response (MWR) The Funnel 14
  • 2 Fundraising Campaigns A coordinated effort that includes: Specific Goal Clear call to action Timeline - create urgency Campaigns are compelling, donation pages are not People give to People Childhood Hunger v. Mary Individual stories are much more powerful 15
  • 2 Fundraising Campaigns Emotion first >> Then Rationality Dan Ariely Predictably Irrational What donors want to hear about: Organizational Impact (80%) Success Stories (74%) More details about the organization (71%) Info on financial accountability (43%) Community Philanthropy 2.0 survey (age 30-49) Contextual Giving See 5 Contextual landing pages Again, works best with the Funnel 16
  • 3 Email Marketing Email is still the most effective method 69% prefer electronic over print communication 2011 Cygnus Donor Survey One to One messaging Relevant and enticing subject lines Literacy eNews January 2011, OR 5 tips to create a life long reader Single Call to Action in every email If an issue converted a donor, then its important to them Note this for later use (Segmentation / Contextual Landing Pages) 17
  • 4 Text Focused Emails Generic emails or Newsletters no longer work HTML is pretty, but does it convert? Processing your inbox Relevant to reader, short, conversational Most email clients now block images Test, Test, Test Obama Campaign used mostly text based emails with links to video and their site very effective 18
  • 19
  • Example Email Short Simple call to action Video 20
  • Example Results Landing page #4 most visited for Dec Much higher avg. time on page Video link most popular click-through by far Click-through % higher in 2010 for the final Year End 37% click-through from landing page to donation form 21
  • 5 Contextual Landing Page Targeted for each appeal Keep the conversation going Email >> Landing Page >> Donation Segmentation and personalization Geography, interest, etc. The Environment Video can increase the context and the emotional connection 22
  • Example Contextual Landing Page 23
  • 6 Thank You, Thank You Say Thanks right away (auto-generated email) Thank them throughout the year Part of the Engagement / Funnel Provide program updates Let them know it could not have happened without them Highlight individual stories if possible Some can even include a soft ask 24
  • 7 Donor Engagement Its not just about the donation anymore Donor Funnel 7 touches More actions = more invested More cost effective to renew a donor Engaged donors extend your reach Social media, peer-to-peer fundraising, blogs Empower them to take actions Ask them / Events / Connect / Make it easy 25
  • Fundraising Campaign Traffic (Email, Direct Mail, Social Media, etc.) Engagement Landing (Funnel) Page Thanks / Action Follow Up (Donate, Sign up, etc.) 26
  • Action Steps Identify and set up a fundraising campaign Email > Landing page > Form > Follow up End of Year Campaign Webcast in September Select a few strategies or ideas and test Take action, collect results, evaluate results Take another action 27
  • Q&A Download the slides from todays presentation: Learn about new Sage Fundraising Online Learn about Sage e-Marketing Contact Richard Dietz: Contact Sage: Richardnonprofitrdcom 512-850-6501 800-811-0961 28